Integrated Report 2021

Volunteering and Social Commitment

You can count on me is the motto of the social involvement initiative at the Bank. True to its name, the project, launched in 2011, encourages employees to engage in social initiatives and support local communities.

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They cooperate with social organisations and launch their own initiatives. Each employee is entitled to 2 additional days-off per year for volunteering activity. The project participants can choose between individual volunteer initiatives and team projects, they can carry out their own initiatives or take part in social initiatives coordinated by the BNP Paribas Foundation together with other NGOs. Each employee is entitled to two additional days of paid leave per year for voluntary activities. Our efforts are part of an international initiative of the BNP Paribas Group #1MillionHours2Help. In Poland, this initiative is coordinated by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

2021 marks the year when BNP Paribas Foundation was one of the first organisations in Poland to be awarded the certificate High Quality Employee Volunteer Program, which was granted by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy after a thorough financial audit. The ceremony took place at the 9th Conference for Pro Bono Leaders.

How our employees volunteer:

  • Competition for Social Projects
  • Noble Gift
  • Bankers for the Financial Education of Youth BAKCYL
  • Mission: Education
  • Supporting a social organization of your own choice
  • Blood Donation Day
  • Good Kilometres
  • “Ubrania do Oddania” (clothes to donate)
  • I support all year long

Find out more about our volunteering projects here.

Competition for Social Projects

The annual Competition for Social Projects has become a fixture of our volunteer scheme. The BNP Paribas Foundation encourages employees from all over Poland to submit initiatives which respond to the immediate needs of their local communities. The winning entries are granted up to PLN 4,000. The projects are carried out in collaboration with local social organisations and the employees involved receive additional subject-matter support of the BNP Paribas Foundation.


editions of the Competition for Social Projects have already concluded


projects were completed in 2021 all over Poland


employees took part in the Competition for Social Projects in 2021


received support as the result of the Competition in 2021

>PLN 200,000

have been allocated by the BNP Paribas Foundation to carry out projects in 2021


hours of work logged for the Competition for Social Projects n 2021

Noble Gift

It is since 2018 that we have been a proud strategic partner of the Noble Gift campaign. Two factors allow our amazing volunteers to display their full potential: the official partnership itself and the nationwide scope of the project. The volunteers send out gifts, which respond to immediate needs of the beneficiaries, hence, the idea of smart support. Other volunteers also joined in: from other companies of the Group, as well as from the Association of Class Program Alumni – a scholarship scheme developed by the BNP Paribas Foundation. It is the largest employee volunteer program among all companies which take part in the Noble Gift in Poland.

It was possible also for the Customers to contribute and donate. Our website launched quick money transfer option to the campaign organiser: WIOSNA Association. Additionally, from 1.12.2021 to 25.12.2012 to the first 100 transfers to WIOSNA, the Bank poured another PLN 200. Together: the Bank and the Customers made a total of donations amounting to PLN 516,458.


employees of the Bank and of other companies of the Group were Noble Gift leaders


needy families received gifts by our employees in 2021


volunteers were involved in 2021

> PLN 4.1 m

The BNP Paribas Foundation has donated to Noble Gift in total since 2018, the beginning of our cooperation

PLN 1,000

is how much each the BNP Paribas Foundation donated to each gift by our employees

PLN 1 m

Is how much the BNP Paribas Foundation donated to Noble Gift in 2021

BAKCYL – Bankers for the Financial Education of Youth

BAKCYL is a sectoral educational programme managed by the Warsaw Banking Institute. The Bank has participated in the BAKCYL program since 2013. The aim is to provide the young generation with practical knowledge in the field of finance. Bank employees volunteer to conduct lessons and share their financial knowledge and experience.

In 2021 our employees carried out classes in primary schools, grades 6-8: Your money and Save money to invest money; grades 5-8: Security in the cyberspace. In high school the classes focused on Financial market – trust in business, My finances: think like an entrepreneur and Smart investments. The classes were conducted mainly online. The meetings were intended to lay foundations on finances and prepare pupils and students for adult life and active civic participation. The program is coordinated by the BNP Paribas Foundation.


trained volunteers took part
in BAKCYL in 2021


lessons carried out in 2021
by our employees


lessons have been carried out
by our employees since 2013


students have taken part in the meetings with our staff since 2013

In 2020, we started the implementation of our new interdisciplinary project, Mission: Education. Its aim is to improve public knowledge with regard to finance, ecology, security, entrepreneurship and psychology. Beneficiaries of the program gain new skills, discover their own potential, and broaden their horizons. In 2021 we continued activities within the project.

Mission Education

  • Financial education classes for senior citizens, primary school pupils and high school students, conducted by our employees based on their original ideas and materials.
  • Ecology for Families – a round of four workshops developed in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Centre.
  • Projects patronage: Children’s University at Home and Children’s University in Class. We carried out lessons in eight educational institutions on financial education, both stationary and online.
  • Parental Zone for the website Mission: Independence. We created a knowledge digest for parents who want to teach their children how to be financially independent.
  • Educational workshop for families: „Samodzielniaki ogarniają budżet” ( and Mrs. Independent go about their budget), conducted by experts invited by the Bank.
  • Cooperation with Kosmos dla Dziewczynek Foundation. Here we conducted a cycle of workshops online for families SUPERSHEROES: family choices and SUPERSHEROES in the classroom.
  • Parenting debate on the presence of women in the history of Poland and how girls need strong female figures to follow. We presented the SUPERSHEROES projects and their she-patrons and talked about the novel A Little Princess
  • A new podcast category BNP Paribas Talks EDUCATION, available at

Our initiatives within the project Mission Education were recognized and distinguished by the juries of two competitions: Złote Spinacze and Kreatura. The online workshops with cooperation with Kosmos dla Dziewczynek Foundation received two awards in Złote Spinacze: a Bronze Medal for Sustainability and CSR Communications and another Bronze Medal for Finance. The jury of Kreatura distinguished the website for Mission: Independence in the category Digital: Mobile Apps & Games. As part of this initiative, we have created a website with the same title, to promote financial literacy. The website includes the Parental Zone – a tab for parents with indispensable information, tips and ideas for fun creative games with children.


classes carried out in primary and high schools since 2020


students took part in meetings with our employees


SUPERSHEROES in the classroom workshops conducted in primary schools


students took part in the SUPERSHEROES in the classroom workshops

Good Kilometres

Employees of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. are also involved in social initiatives by being physically active. The Good Kilometres campaign is organized annually by the BNP Paribas Foundation. For one month, employees try to cover as many kilometres as they can while cycling, running or practicing other long-distance sports. They track their activities on the Bank’s social and gamification platform. Each kilometre is converted into funds transferred to an NGO selected by vote.


kilometres covered in 2021 for Good Kilometres


eemployees took part in the action in 2021

PLN 25,000

donated to Active Against Depression Association selected by our employees by vote


sport activities done by our employees, i.a. jogging, roller-skating, walking, plogging

Individual Philanthropy Program – I support all year long

Our individual philanthropy program I support all year long is based on a payroll mechanism and has been active since September 2017. All bank employees can participate in the program and it is them who decide which organisation to support. Employees can decide to make monthly deductions from their salary and donate them to a selected cause. In 2021 the employees chose to support SYNAPSIS Foundation and Active Against Depression Association. Not only were these organisations supported financially, we also asked them to co-prepare webinars for our employees for the Autism Awareness Month and Depression Awareness Week. In 2022 we will be supporting “Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę” (Giving children strength) Foundation and Mudita Association.

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