Integrated Report 2021

Green products, services and funding programmes

Our key commitment as regards environmental responsibility is to support the energy transition of our Customers. The Bank continues to develop its offer of products and services that help Customers transition to a low-carbon economy and develop sustainable and green investments.

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Sustainable financing in 2021 by main categories (value of loans granted)

Value of financing that supported the Sustainable Development Goals (social and environmental goals) PLN 3.9 billion
Value of green financing, including: PLN 3.8 billion (+ 284% YoY)
  • production of energy from renewable sources
PLN 662 million
  • ecological construction (BREEAM, LEED, thermal insulation of buildings)
PLN 1,492 million
  • ecological transport
PLN 57 million

Sustainable financing provided by the Bank in 2019-2021

Value of financing that supported the Sustainable Development Goals (social and environmental goals)

PLN 6.1 billion

Our experience and knowledge in the field of RES

Since 2008, we have been financing small and medium-sized renewable energy sources (RES) projects: wind farms, agricultural biogas plants, small hydro plants and photovoltaic installations. One of the first major initiatives in this area was an agreement with the EBRD for a Sustainable Energy Financing Programme in Poland, concluded in 2011. In 2018, the Bank significantly expanded its own know-how, i.a. by hiring engineers to support the bank’s Customers in their energy transition.

> 16 thousand

photovoltaic installations for individual customers in 2021 (+61% YoY)

EU 225 million

value of the first Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL) on the market for the Raben Group

> 5,000

employees took part in three editions of the Bank of Green Changes educational campaign

PLN 242 million

of financing for R.Power solar power plants

86,000 tonnes of CO2

by this much CO2 emissions will be reduced annually thanks to the operation of prosumer photovoltaic installations financed by the Bank in 2021. This is as much as 17 thousand hectares of forest (a forest the size of Bydgoszcz or Wigry National Park) or 8 million trees consumed annually

188,000 tonnes of CO2

by this much CO2 will be reduced annually thanks to the operation of prosumer photovoltaic installations of our 34,000 customers. This is as much as 37,500 hectares of forest/ (a forest the size of Kraków or the Kampinos National Park) or 17.5 million trees consumed annually

We offer products addressed to enterprises of various sizes, individual Customers and farmers. We support our Customers by providing financing – traditional loans and operating leases – for photovoltaic installations and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. We also support processes of obtaining EU funding for the aforementioned purposes.

The offer to our largest Customers, those particularly involved in ESG issues, includes the Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL). It is a general-purpose working capital loan, and its interest rate depends on the fulfilment of KPIs related to the field of ESG.

Our offer

  • Instalment loan for green energy sources
  • Green changes loan
  • Green Mortgage
  • Subsidised loan within the Clean Air programme
  • Long-term lease of devices financed by instalment loan
  • Loans financing photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy sources for farmers (for individual needs)
  • Loans financing profit-oriented renewable energy projects for farmers and other F&A entities
  • Green Energy Investment Loan / UNIA + Investment Loan
  • Renewable energy insurance (as part of the Generali Farm product)
  • Investment loan with a BGK renovation premium
  • The ECO-COMMUNITY programme
  • Green Energy Investment Loan / UNIA + Investment Loan
  • Technological loan
  • Loan with a free BiznesMax guarantee
  • The ECO-COMPANY programme
  • Leasing of photovoltaic installations
  • Sustainability Linked Loan

The following sections describe key eco-friendly products from the perspective of 2021 reporting. Other products, including those for customers from the Food & Agro sector, are presented in the Business Perspective chapter. The full range of our environmentally friendly products can be found at:

Corporate Customers

Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL)

In July 2021, a European logistics operator – Raben Group – signed an agreement for a five-year loan related to sustainable development: Sustainability Linked Loan. The loan amounted to EUR 225 million. Our Bank served as the Sustainability Coordinator during the transaction. It is one of the first SLL syndicated loans in the European logistics industry.

The Bank supports Raben Group with its capabilities and expertise in the first ESG-related financing transaction within the Polish transport and logistics sector. Decarbonisation, social impact and responsible management are becoming a strategic necessity. Therefore, companies will increasingly need sustainable finance as a lever for climate neutrality.

The SLL loan margin depends on the extent to which the company meets the conditions defined by five key performance indicators (KPIs). They include the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG) within the road transport and logistics sector. The set of five indicators focuses on ESG issues relevant to Raben Group’s operations, including greenhouse gas emissions, gender diversity and corporate governance practices. The loan is a milestone for the European road transport and logistics sector, as well as for the Polish financial market.

Renewable energy investments

In 2021, we financed the green investments of Qair Polska for the second time. As a member of a bank syndicate, we support the development of a renewable energy assets portfolio with a joint capacity of 106 MW. The total value of financing amounts to PLN 460 million, and the Bank’s share is PLN 184 million. The investment will result in the construction of 29 MW photovoltaic farms and 77 MW wind farms in Poland.

We signed the first loan agreements with Qair Polska’s subsidiaries and partners, worth PLN 630 million, in May 2020. The Bank participated in the agreement as part of a consortium with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

In 2021, BNP Paribas Bank Polska and Santander Bank Polska signed an agreement worth PLN 242 million to finance the portfolio of solar power plants constructed by R. Power, the largest Polish developer of photovoltaic projects. The funds will be allocated to the construction of 7 solar power plants with a total capacity of 91 MW.

The agreement requires the signing of 15-year contracts for difference, ensuring a guaranteed level of electricity sales prices. Each bank has a 50% share in the transaction. Both BNP Paribas Bank Polska and Santander Bank Polska act as the Lead Arranger, Party to the Hedging Transaction and the Original Lender.

My Electric programme

In October 2021, we implemented a solution addressed to corporate Customers. It facilitates leasing applications for the purchase of electric cars as part of the My Electric government programme.

The Polish electromobility support programme provides co-financing for new electric cars intended for both passenger transport and deliveries. The offer is available at car dealerships.

Since November 2021, the My Electric programme has become open to both corporate and individual Customers who choose to rent in cooperation with Arval.

Lease financing

On 30 June 2021, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and BNP Paribas Leasing Services, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., have signed a loan agreement of EUR 200 million to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs and midCaps) in Poland.

The first tranches of funding were released in September 2021.

The vast majority of BNP Paribas Leasing Services financing will go to regions covered by the cohesion policy, contributing to the reduction of disparities between various European areas. Moreover, around 20% of the EIB’s funds are to be allocated to projects supporting the fight against climate change. Financing for green investments may include photovoltaic installations, heat pumps and charging stations as well as the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles. They will contribute to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Poland and help achieve the target set in Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040.

Individual Customers

Subsidised loan within the Clean Air programme

Since September 2021, the Bank has been granting loans within the governmental Clean Air priority programme. The programme will be active until 2029.

It is the largest and most important project in Poland aimed at improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It offers co-financing for the replacement of heat sources and for thermal modernisation to owners and co-owners of single-family buildings as well as apartments within single-family buildings that are listed separately in the land and mortgage register. The total value of support to be provided between 2021 and 2022 is PLN 1.5 billion. The loan subsidy limit is PLN 37 thousand.

The Bank was a strong supporter of involving the banking sector in the Clean Air programme. The launch of the programme’s distribution in banking branches was possible, i.a. owing to our efforts within working groups of the Polish Bank Association and during talks with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the World Bank.

Green Mortgage

The Bank’s Customers can obtain attractive loans for the purchase of real estate with Green House certificates, awarded by the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC). The certificate has been included as one of the Bank’s criteria for granting loans with a reduced margin. Both institutions have also concluded an agreement that strengthens their cooperation. It defines the scope of initiatives for developing and promoting sustainable housing in Poland as part of the Green House and Green Mortgage programme.

Long-term lease of devices financed instalment loan

This new service was introduced by the Bank in mid-2021 and relies on circular economy principles. It was created in cooperation with the BNP Paribas Group Service Center and offers long-term lease of durable goods. At the beginning, the offer included Apple-branded smartphones, but the list of products offered for rental is gradually expanding.

The Bank’s Customers can obtain a long-term lease of the latest electronic devices models. The Customer pays monthly instalments only as long as the telephone is leased. For an additional fee, insurance and servicing are provided for the device.

When the contract ends, the Customer can return the device or buy it. A portion of the devices returned by Customers is renewed and donated to the Bank’s social partners or the BNP Paribas Foundation. Thus, we contribute to limiting digital exclusion. The remaining ones go to our partners to bring the devices back into circulation (on the secondary market) and give them a second life. We also develop consumers awareness as regards circular economy and support responsible consumption.

PolREFF programme

In December 2021, the Bank signed an agreement for green financing with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Its total worth is PLN 675 million, and it is intended to support energy-saving investments and the development of new technological solutions.

  • PLN 450 million – green loan from EBRD for BNP Paribas Bank
  • PLN 225 million – contribution of Bank BNP Paribas
  • Funds allocated to supporting the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Poland.

Individual Customers will be able to borrow funds to financing such projects as modernisation of heat sources, thermo-modernisation of the building shell, installation of photovoltaic systems and make a number of other improvements increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. The initiative aims to help combat the problem of high energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the Polish housing sector.

Housing communities

ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance)

In 2021, we continued our cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on the ELENA 1 and 2 project. These initiatives support the improvement of energy efficiency in the buildings within:

  • housing communities,
  • SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and
  • MidCAPs (companies employing over 250 people)

Programme beneficiaries receive a grant covering 90% of technical documentation costs, including:

  • an initial, simplified technical assessment report, which we offer as the only Bank on the Polish market,
  • an energy audit, basic and extended, as well as a range of technical expertise:
    • Basic energy expertise
    • Energy expertise for renewable energy sources integrated in the building
    • Expertise on heat pumps
    • Refrigeration expertise
    • Expert opinion on micro-cogeneration
  • and an analysis of the roof’s load-bearing capacity for PV installations..

In 2021, 186 housing communities benefited from ELENA 1 financing, and 169 completed their investments. The applied solutions reduced CO2 emissions by over 3,300 tons and energy consumption by over 16,450 MWh per year. About 50 companies benefited from ELENA 2 financing, and the total value of funding is almost PLN 80 million.

PF4EE (Private Finance for Energy Efficiency)

Bank BNP Paribas and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have signed a guarantee agreement within the PF4EE framework. Consequently, EIB reinsures the Bank’s portfolio of loans for energy efficiency improvements. The beneficiaries include individual Customers, housing communities and farmers who can obtain higher loans and extended financing periods for thermomodernisation projects and renewable energy micro-installations.

PLN 470,629,000

the total value of loans amounted in 2021

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