Integrated Report 2020

A solid bank for difficult times -
we support our Customers in times of pandemic

In 2020, we operated in exceptional circumstances in which our priority was to ensure the safety of our Customers and the full availability of products and services. We have rapidly adapted our organization to new circumstances, changing our working model and accelerating digitalization to make it easier for our Customers to use our services.

We have achieved historically high financial results despite the market situation

Despite a significant reduction in interest rates, economic downturn or lower customer activity, we generated historically the highest net profit and net banking income. This has been achieved thanks to the Bank’s solid foundations and ability to adapt to a changed market environment, supported by the great commitment of our employees.

We care for
the safety of employees and support the community

Our priority was to ensure the safety and comfort of all employees. Therefore, we immediately introduced special procedures to protect the health of employees and their loved ones. In pursuit of our social responsibility mission, we have actively taken up a number of actions to support our community partners and healthcare services in the fight against the pandemic.

Scale of operations and
business model tried and tested
in challenging circumstances

Scale of operations and
business model tried and tested
in challenging circumstances

In 2020, we proved that the scale of our operations and our business model, built up in recent years, allow us to generate solid results despite the difficult economic climate. We demonstrated strong resilience in the face of market challenges and a low interest rate environment, achieving net profit growth and maintaining a secure capital and liquidity position.

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Last year, we actively supported our Customers and initiatives aimed at restoring economic recovery. Due to the acceleration of digital transformation, changes in processes and ways of delivering services, we responded efficiently to our Customers' needs. Throughout the year, we maintained our full operational capacity while taking care of the health of our employees and Customers, as well as the safety of the funds entrusted to us.

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We responsibly manage the ESG (E - environmental, S - social, G - governance) aspects of our business to support sustainable development and create value for stakeholders.

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733 PLN

net profit  

119.6 PLN


6.3 %


13.55 %

Tier 1
capital ratio  

84 %

loans to deposits ratio  

79 PLN

Customers’ loans  

90 PLN

Customers’ deposits  

3.9 million


43 K

Customers who benefited
from credit moratoria  


anti-crisis shield programmes
transferred to Customers
through the Bank  

1 st

in the overall
Ranking of Responsible Companies  

993 PLN

million total value
of loans granted
under the "green" financing
in 2020  

62 %

of managerial positions
in the Bank held by women  


branches with the "Object without barriers" certificate  


hours worked by Bank
employees as part of
social involvement  

Strategy and outlook - we continue on the course we have embarked on

The past year has proven that the key assumptions of the Fast Forward strategy - smart and responsible growth, improved efficiency and quality, and a focus on people - supported by digitalization, are valid in the new reality.

Despite the pandemic, we pursued our strategic aspirations across all pillars of strategy and business segments, strengthening the Bank's position in a rapidly changing environment.

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+3.4 %

y/y growth in net banking income  

53.3 %

further improvement of Cost / Income (C/I) ratio  

5.6 PLN

record-high sales of mortgage loans  

1.3 million

Customers using remote channels  

2 nd

in Remote Banking category and 3rd place in Traditional Banking category in the Newsweek Friendly Bank ranking list  

We are the Bank of a changing world, we want to be an agent of positive change and a leader in sustainable finance.

We implement our activities under the CSR & Sustainability Strategy, integrated with the "Fast Forward" Business Strategy

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2.7 PLN

'green' financing granted so far by the Bank  


grants for local NGOs in 10 editions of the Local Grants Programme  

24 PLN

for the implementation of the "Class" scholarship programme over 18 years  


policies for CSR-sensitive sectors  

1.4 million

sheets of paper saved through paperless initiatives since 2018  

We are an innovative Bank that pursues digital transformation of products, services and processes to meet Customers' expectations.

In 2020, we continued the Bank's transformation programme, adapting our digitalization priorities to new challenges and market situations.

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287 K

documents in all areas of the organization signed via Autenti without the use of paper  

669 K

users of the GOmobile application  

26 million

mobile transactions  

743 K

users of the GOonline application  

299 K

corporate and SME Customers with access to the BiznesPl@net system  


We aim to counteract climate change by limiting the negative impact of our operations on the environment, developing our range of environmentally friendly products and services and promoting eco-friendly attitudes among our employees, Customers, partners and community.

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We want to be an agent of positive changes. We create a friendly working environment that supports the development and social involvement of employees and actively contributes to the community. It is thanks to our volunteer employees that we carry out initiatives for the benefit of local communities.

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We care for the highest standards of corporate governance. We base responsible banking on ethical principles, anti-corruption, respect for human rights and concern for sustainable development. We manage risks responsibly, taking into account ESG aspects.

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>20.5 K

household photovoltaic installations, thanks to financing from
our Bank  

100 %

of energy consumed by the Bank comes from renewable sources  


eco-driven cars
in the Bank's fleet  

3.5 K

employees involved in the Bank
of Green Changes Programme  

60 K

trees planted in 2020 thanks
to the commitment of Bank  


average number of training hours per employee  


employees involved in the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) project  


Local Ambassadors of the Bank  


scholarship beneficiaries of the
“Class” scholarship programme in 2020  


laptops donated to those
in need during the Covid-19 pandemic  


CSR sector analyses
conducted among Customers  


members of the
Sustainability Council  


since September 2020 Bank
has been included
in the index  


independent members of the Supervisory Board  

identified cases of corruption  

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