Integrated Report 2020

Training and development

At BNP Paribas Group, we believe that taking care of employee development is the best investment in the future of our organization. That is why we are constantly developing our offer of trainings and development programs at the global level and in local markets.

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Employees of the Bank and companies of the BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Capital Group have access to a wide range of initiatives supporting responsible and dynamic career management.

The development program offered by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. supports the implementation of the business strategy. Activities include programs dedicated to all employees, including specialized programs dedicated to the management. In addition, projects are carried out to support the development needs of individual units of the Bank.

Competency model

We have built a competency model on which we base all our development activities and our offer for employees. The model was created based on information we have received from employees, managers, Board of Directors, as well as resulting from GPS and Pulse Check surveys. We have identified seven key competences. Each of the programs offered in the Bank supports the development of these competencies.

7 key competences at BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.:

  • Customer orientation
  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Strategic thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Change management
  • Digital knowledge and culture
  • Networking

Our approach to employee development is based on the 70-20-10 method. We believe that 70 percent of development effectiveness comes from practice (your own experience), 20 percent from learning from others, and 10 percent from training. We want our employees to develop primarily through practice. We make sure that the programs offered, from training for the new hired, through experts and talents, to trainings for leaders, complement each other, constituting a coherent and substantive whole. We also support our employees in building competencies based on our competence model, especially such as Customer orientation, flexibility, knowledge and digital culture.

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Trainings completed in 2020 at BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.:

  • Introductory for new employees, the so-called onboarding;
  • Regarding new product offerings and operating system support for newly hired employees;
  • Soft competencies development: development activities in the field of team building, communication, remote work, specialized, personal and managerial competences;
  • Regarding EFPA EFA and certification of Premium Advisors for Retail and Business Banking;
  • Developing sales competencies and knowledge of product and process changes for the Personal Finance Banking sales force;
  • Raising PF product and process knowledge for Retail and Business Banking network employees, including insurance, cash credit, credit card;
  • Product and process-related, strengthening cooperation in teams, improving sales competencies for employees in the area of SME and Corporate Banking;
  • Supporting development paths in the area of RB – Premium Academy, Business Academy, Leadership Academy;
  • Enhancing the risk culture of compliance, financial security, insurance, information technology and cybersecurity risks, sustainability and social responsibility, risk management;
  • Developing soft competencies and key competencies of the future within Zoom for Development;
  • Supporting the use of modern technologies (conducting meetings, organizing teamwork, motivating, maintaining engagement) under the New ways of working program;
  • Enhancing the development of managers' leadership and communication skills, including feedback training, as a part of the Leadership Development Academy;
  • Knowledge sharing programs teaching the use of MS Office tools, SQL and developing industry knowledge in the area of finance as a part of the MamToDamTo program
  • CX Training, Agile Training, Digital Academy;
  • Training within the framework of the „Simple Language” project;
  • Foreign language learning – through the eTutor language platform supporting English language learning. The platform is available to all Bank employees free of charge.

Trainings to support employees during the pandemic:

  • Trainings to counteract harmful stress factors in the workplace: Anti-stress training, Mindfulness for beginners
  • Trainings and webinars supporting employees and managers: webinars on working in a home office mode, managing a dispersed team, communication in a dispersed team, and managing emotions in the face of sudden change
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The total number of training participants was over 125.9 thousand, including: 112.8 thousand. employees benefited from e-learning trainings, 632 people took part in external trainings, 9.4 thous. participated in internal training in the online formula (Skype, Webex), 3 thousand employees benefited from internal training in training rooms.

Structure of employment Woman Man Total
Board 9.9 9.9
Managers 22.0 17.7 20.1
Other employees 18.1 18.3 18.2
Total 18.5 18.2 18.4


E-learning, modular training, external and internal training are included in the calculation. The number of training hours collected for this calculation has been rounded to two decimal places.

Structure of employment Woman Man Total
Board 9.4 8.1
Managers 21.8 17.6 20.0
Other employees 18.1 18.2 18.1
Total 18.5 18.0 18.3


E-learning, modular training, external and internal training are included in the calculation. The minimum difference between the data illustrating the average number of training hours per employee in the Bank and the Capital Group of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. is due to the fact that employment in the Bank as a parent company is almost 50 times higher than employment in all other Companies combined.

Key figures:



average number of training hours per employee of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. 



average number of training hours per employee of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Capital Group 

Development Festival

In 2020 we organized the „Development Festival”, which was a part of the initiative of the entire BNP Paribas Group – the „Mobility Days”. The virtual event, which lasted three weeks, allowed employees to learn how to grow within our organization. As part of the „Development Festival”, numerous online meetings were held, aimed at informing about acquiring a specific skill that can be used on a daily basis at work. During this innovative event, employees were also able to talk to many inspiring guests. During the festival, trainings being a part of numerous development programs available at the Bank and initiatives giving opportunities to learn and improve skills on a daily basis were presented:

  • „Zoom on Development” program
  • Competence model
  • Development program for managers
  • Initiative #MamToDamTo (knowledge sharing)
  • eTutor app
  • „About Me” platform
  • Digital training offer
  • „Data and Agile Academy”

The festival was also an opportunity to launch many projects, which over the next months we will be intensively implementing in the organization.

All events have been tailored to the needs of the target groups. During the „Development Festival” we presented amongst others the new edition of „Zoom for Development”, developing the competences of the future and a talent support program, which is connected with the broad activities of the BNP Paribas Group. For new employees, in addition to the „Nice to see you” training, we have prepared special development modules that will help them to better find themselves in our organization. These modules are, for example, an introduction to Agile or Customers Experience. We promoted a competence model based on a set of key competencies and inspired to build one’s own brand.


Each of us is a specialist in some field. We have many skills and they are often associated with the specific areas of our everyday work. Sometimes they might as well result from our passions and interests. Therefore, it is easy for us to perform certain tasks, and for other ones we need to devote some more time. In 2020, we launched recruitment for a new #MamToDamTo knowledge sharing program, where employees train and share knowledge and experience with others.

Development programs

In addition to training, we also enable our employees to participate in long-term development programs.

The N-WOW („New ways of working”) training program was developed in response to the needs of employees, which were identified during the diagnostic phase of the Petrus Project (the new multifunctional headquarters of the Bank). It also addresses the organization’s new needs related to the work model transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Project Team, in cooperation with the Department of Development and Career Management, has developed a comprehensive program that aims to address the most important areas related to work in a new reality. It is aimed at all employees, in particular employees and managers who are included in the move to a new location and those who work remotely.

The N-WOW training program consists of three modules:

  • Remote and hybrid remote-work techniques
  • Leadership role in distributed and hybrid teams
  • Elements of emotional intelligence in practice

The program is being implemented remotely. All activities can be found on the electronic platform MyDevelopment (the Bank’s e-learning platform). The program is also being implemented in the form of podcasts, so that the employees can use the materials at any time. Additional webinars are available for managers.

The Zoom for Development program supports the development of a learning organization and is based on the 70-20-10 development model. As part of the program, employees learn how to develop the competences of the future and have the opportunity to shape their careers independently with the help of experts and tools available in the Bank. As part of the program, employees choose the scope and form of development that interests them, plan activities using the Individual Development Plan in AboutMe, and using proposals for development activities and programs supporting development develop themselves through projects available in the Bank.

In 2020, we launched the „Leaders for Tomorrow” talent program. It has nearly 200 employees. It covers almost 200 employees. These people achieve above-average results and, most importantly, have potential for further development and taking up senior managerial positions within the BNP Paribas Group. Leaders for Tomorrow follows the 70/20/10 model, where the greatest emphasis is placed on learning through experience. We engage our leaders in projects of business and strategic importance. As part of cross-functional projects, we strengthen cooperation between areas, taking into account different experiences and perspectives.

As part of the development of managers, we run a leadership development program called „the Academy of Leadership Development – Well Leading”. The Academy’s mission is to shape consistent leadership attitudes so that they inspire employees to act effectively. We also want to shape consistent behaviours among the managers. We make sure that they are conscious and harmonious at the level of well thinking, well doing and well feeling. The program is based, among others, on developing the following competencies: Customer orientation, strategic thinking, change management, as well as motivating and inspiring. It also supports building a management model based on Agile.

The program is intended for two target groups:

  • New Born Leaders – Managers up to one year of seniority
  • Team Leaders – Team Managers

The aim of the program is to build a digital culture in the Bank by empowering employees with digital competencies. Digital Ambassadors play a key role in this process. Their task is to acquire digital knowledge and skills, including:

  • promotion of social tools and digital solutions supporting distance work and business efficiency
  • transfer of knowledge to colleagues
  • participation in the testing and implementation of new solutions
  • promoting new work techniques, collecting and communicating information about employees' needs to the IT department
  • tracking market novelties in order to implement them in the Bank

In 2020, the second edition of the Digital Ambassadors program, which was attended by 51 Digital Ambassadors, was completed.

Employee assessment

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In BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., employee assessment covers persons who have worked in the Bank for at least 4 months. In 2020, 8,224 people employed in the Bank under an employment contract were subject to an employee evaluation, 5,400 of them were women, and 2,824 were men.

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