Integrated Report 2021

Awards and distinctions

  • Distinction of the „DOBRZE” programme in the category of Best Wellbeing Practices in „The best of Wellbeing 2020” #pozytywnywpływ (#positiveimpact)
  • The title of Top Employer Polska for an HR policy developed in line with best market practices
  • The Bank receives bronze for „POCIĄG DO ZMIAN”     in the 18th edition of the „Złote Spinacze” competition
  • 5-star rating for BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Forbes magazine’s private banking services rating
  • Refinitiv Award for Forecasting Economic Indicators for Poland for the best forecasts for Poland in 2020 was granted to the Economic Analysis Department of BNP Paribas Bank
  • BNP Paribas Lokata Kapitału fund managed by BNP Paribas TFI awarded as the best Polish corporate paper fund with a Alpha 2020 award by to Analizy Online website
  • the Bank receives distinctions (TOP3 nominations) in the Polish Debt Securities sub-fund category for BNP Paribas Konserwatywne Oszczędzanie and in the Polish Long-Term Debt Securities sub-fund category for BNP Paribas Obligacji
  • 9th place in the Forbes Banking Innovation of the Year ranking for cooperation with Booksy
  • The bank was awarded in six categories of the 6th edition of the Institution of the Year competition: the bank became the leader in „Best service in remote channels”, „Best bank for companies” and „Best bank in Poland”; other statuettes were awarded for „Best service in a branch”, „Best internet banking” and „Best remote account opening process”
  • BAKCYL programme, Bankers for Youth Financial Education – distinction at the 5th Congress on Financial Education and Entrepreneurship for volunteer activity in 2020 in the in the categories: the highest number of trained volunteers and the highest number of conducted lessons.
  • Przemek Gdański, President of BNP Paribas Bank Polska ranks third in Forbes’ Banker of the Year ranking
  • Mastercard World Elite, issued by BNP Paribas Wealth Management, in 3rd place in Forbes magazine’s black credit card ranking
  • For the third time, the Responsible Business Forum places the Bank on the Diversity IN Check The list includes companies that best manage diversity and build an inclusive organisational culture
  • 4th place in the Ranking of institutions caring for professional and social equality of LGBT+ people published in the report „Cashless for equality” (highest classification among banks)
  • Distinction of Srebrny Listek CSR award of “Polityka” weekly awarded to companies that maintain the highest standards of social responsibility and sustainable development
  • First prize for the „DOBRZE” programme in the „training and development” category of the “HR of Change” competition
  • First prize in the finance category in the „Diamonds of Innovation” competition organised by Executive Club for the implementation of the sign language interpreter service Migam
  • 1st place in the general classification (3rd consecutive year) and 1st place in the banking, finance and insurance category in the 15th Ranking of Responsible Companies
  • Distinction in the CSR category and special award for creative and effective promotion of diversity for the action „Where are our patrons?” and distinction in the B2B sales promotion category for the project „OLX 1000 to start” in the Golden Arrow contest
  • The Bank is ranked first in the 7th edition of the Star of Banking ranking in the ESG category for the Bank’s actions that take into account environmental, social and governance factors
  • Bank receives Fastest Time to Value award in the first edition of the Sonatype Elevate Awards 2021 for its fast and successful implementation of the Responsible Companies Nexus platform
  • BNP Paribas Wealth Management is awarded the title of Best Private Bank in Poland in the international competition Global Private Banking Innovation Awards 2021, and BNP Paribas Group is awarded in 8 categories
  • The Bank obtains the NEXT MMP 500 title for the most environmentally-friendly brands in Poland
  • Moje Konto Premium (My Premium Account) is recognized as the best among the currently available premium account offers on the market by the portal
  • The Bank wins the second main prize in the 16th edition of „The Best Annual Report 2020” competition of the Accounting and Tax Institute
  • My Premium Account again takes the first place in the ranking of premium accounts of the portal
  • The Bank is announced as a finalist in the Digital Excellence Awards competition organised by CIONET in the Enviromental & Social Impact category for the implementation of the Autenti Platform
  • The „Bank of a Changing World” campaign is awarded silver in the Long Term Marketing Excellence category of the Effie Awards 2021
  • The Bank wins the main award in the Social Campaign / CSR category for the campaign „Where are our Patrons?” and an honourable mention in the Digital category – mobile applications / games for the project „Misja Samodzielność” in the Kreatura 2021 contest
  • The Bank wins four statuettes for the campaign „Where are our patrons?” in the Advertisement Creators Club Competition and bronze in the Innovation 2021 Competition
  • The Bank is awarded the title „Bank of the Year in Poland” by „The Banker” monthly
  • The bank’s campaign , „Superheroes, or family choices” wins a double bronze in the Sustainability and CSR Communications category and in the Finance category in the „Złote Spinacze” competition

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