Integrated Report 2021

Availability of products and services

We strive to ensure that every Customer has equal access to banking services and products. We are constantly improving our procedures to facilitate the work of our employees with disabilities.

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Distribution channels

These goals result from our commitments set out in the Bank’s CSR and Sustainability Strategy. We improve our products and introduce amenities in our branches. Thus, we provide access to banking for people with disabilities, the elderly and people from groups at risk of exclusion.


As of 31 December 2021, the Bank had 427 retail and business banking branches (including 15 partner branches). The branch network was supported by 15 Wealth Management Centers.

As part of the network optimization project, 268 retail and business banking branches were closed between 31 October 2018 and 31 December 2021 (including 32 branches closed in 2021).

In 2021, the transformation of the branch network, which began in 2017, was continued with a new design and a new customer service model based on moving the handling of basic, everyday transactions to self-service channels. In total, as of 31 December 2021 the Bank had 171 branches in the new format (including 163 branches after transformation and 8 branches without rearrangement).

In 152 branches (including 3 partner branches) cash services were provided exclusively through self-service devices.

As of 31 December 2021 the Bank had 77 branches with the „Barrier Free Facility” Certificate, issued by the Integration Foundation for good service practices for people with disabilities.

All the Bank’s branches have been awarded the OK SENIOR® Certificate, which confirms that senior customers (60+) are served in a safe, understandable and accessible manner.

In 2021, the sales network for Corporate Banking consisted of 6 Regional Corporate Banking Centers located in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Katowice, Cracow and Lublin.

The SME Banking Area sales network includes 6 SME Banking Regions with 45 SME Business Centers located on 34 local markets with the greatest potential.

ATM and cash deposit network

As at 31 December 2021, the Bank’s branches had:

  • 514 dual-function devices processing contactless deposits and withdrawals with Bank cards and BLIK, as well as cash withdrawals using Google Pay and Apple Pay, and
  • 58 ATMs supporting only standard withdrawals and transactions made available by the VISA and Mastercard systems.

In addition, two dual-function devices and two ATMs operated outside the Bank’s branches.

E-banking and mobile banking

In 2021, the Bank continued its intensive development of remote channels, implementing a number of functionalities aimed at strengthening its competitive position, reducing the cost of providing services and improving the quality of customer service while ensuring the highest security standards.

Moreover, in view of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Bank’s activities in the area of Internet and mobile banking also focused on maximum support for customers in remote access to bank services and products. The Bank has been consistently introducing new self-service processes to its e-banking offers, allowing customers to meet their most important daily needs without the need to visit a branch – starting with applying for additional products, through after-sales service – from any device and at any convenient time.

Key changes in systems and offers for retail customers in 2021:

  • Providing e-PIT service – possibility to pay taxes with PaybyNet. Settlement is made online, directly from the level of the tax portal Your e-PIT.
  • Introduction of a TARGET foreign exchange transfer in EUR, where the counterparty’s bank must be a TARGET2 participant. TARGET2 is a pan-European real-time interbank settlement system in EUR – the counterparty should receive the transfer to its account within several minutes.
  • Completely free, the possibility of confirming one’s identity via internet,
  • Allows you to arrange matters via the Internet – both in offices and at service points of suppliers (including: energy, medical, insurance or telecommunications),
  • Allows you to create a Trusted Profile and obtain online access to your data – tax, health, registration and social security.
  • Making credit card agreement termination process as well as cancellation of submitted termination process available.
  • Possibility of an application for an increase of credit card or Allegro credit limits in GOmobile
  • Customers who have a virtual/mobile card, a card that does not have a physical/plastic form, can conveniently manage it in the mobile app. Possibility to uncover/hide card data (full number, CVC code) was added in the app functionalities. Moreover, customers can use functions that are available for standard cards.
  • Allowing clients to pay off a credit card also from an account in another bank in GOmobile. Similarly to online purchases, customers can use the Paybynet/PayLane option.
  • Change in presentation of Internet and Correspondence/Telephone limits.
  • Provide access to Brokerage Analytics in the Investment and Offers sections.
  • Making available transfers in foreign currencies.
  • Conversion of open-ended investment funds (regular and PSO registers) – the possibility of transferring assets between (sub)funds of individual investment fund companies, serviced by ProService Transfer Agent.
  • For Micro Clients in GOonline – possibility of submitting a subsidy application under Shield 2.0.
  • Presentation of historical applications and possibility to download documents for corporate customers applying for PFR 1.0 and 2.0 subsidies.
  • Presentation of redemption decisions for clients who previously took advantage of Shield 1.0.
  • The ability to update address information.
  • GOmobile – introduction of generic signature allowing to sign documents in the application.
  • Provide the ability to connect with a consultant via video chat before logging into GOonline (not applicable to Wealth Management domain and GOoptima). The chat is available on working days between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Increase of safety in changing password in GOonline process – necessity of entering a current password.
  • Unlocking GOmobile in GOonline – after completing the process of unlocking the mobile app in GOonline, an additional message about a necessity of the PIN in GOmobile removal is displayed.
  • Password reset does not change the authorization method to SMS codes for customers who have previously used mobile authorization.
  • GOonline – new tab: Services / Authorizations – account holder and co-account holder can view the general and special authorizations granted by them to their card and detailed information about each of the granted authorizations. This tab is not available in company profiles, GOoptima and in the context of proxies. Authorizations for one-time actions are not displayed.
  • Applications for new products in GOmobile – the ability to open foreign currency and savings accounts within minutes. If a customer needs additional funds, they can apply for a revolving account limit.

The voice of the customer is the basis for building development plans in the area of internet and mobile banking. Regular feedback, e.g. via customer satisfaction survey, makes it possible to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the services offered and to better understand individual customer needs.

Customer safety is a fundamental element of the Bank’s e-banking development strategy and because of that the GOonline system has been enhanced with additional mechanisms to prevent the potential consequences of unauthorised access and campaigns promoting modern authorisation methods and responsible use of remote channels.

Data on retail customers

Specification system name 31.12.2021 31.12.2020
Number of customers/users using internet banking GOonline 790,012 742,724
Average monthly number of transactions in the Internet channel GOonline 3,378,491 3,416,891
Number of customers / users using mobile application (GOmobile) GOmobile 911,142 669,043
Number of customers / users using mobile banking (mobile device) GOmobile + GOonline 1,078,048 838,632
Number of customers / users using only the mobile application (GOmobile) GOmobile 591,801 415,430
Number of customers / users using only mobile banking (mobile device) GOmobile + GOonline 708,876 498,786

Key changes in systems and offers for business customers in 2021

Further development of GOonline Business modules: 

  • changes in the Order Processing module – sending/receiving notifications, generating reports, group authorization of orders, downloading reports from the list of orders, attaching appendices,
  • changes in the Credits module – printing out the schedule of credits, making the „Financial Subsidy TF 1.0 PFR” product available, presenting the launch and the repayment schedule,
  • changes in Self Service module: adding new types of dispositions, e.g. adding a new transfer cancellation request and automation of processes performed on the Bank’s side,
  • implementation of new modules: Import Collections and Export Collections. Main functionalities: generating reports from the list of collections and from the list of fees and commissions, presenting information on fees and commissions, quick redirection to payments for import collections, notifications on registering a new import collection and payment for export collections, downloading collection details to a .pdf file, access to scans of documents for import collections,
  • implementation of a new log-in page for the GOonline Business system with a new graphic design,
  • making new Accounts module available in scope of the accounts list, accounts history (including managing the list view), accounts management (naming, sorting, etc.),
  • changes in the ADK (Customer Advisor Application) – adding an automatic mechanism of breaking a session of a logged in user to GOmobile Biznes when blocking a user’s WWW channel, adding information on the user’s establishment channel in GOmobile Biznes,
  • PROGRAM PFR 2.0 – implementation of the application process for a financial subsidy under the PFR 2.0 Financial Shield Program for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and implementation of changes in subsequent project phases,
  • Channel names unification for the GO Business ecosystem for corporate customers: GOonline Business, GOconnect Business – H2H solutions, GOmobile Business – mobile banking.

Implemented changes are another stage in the process of modernising and improving the functionality of the GOonline Biznes system.

Data on corporate and SME clients

Specification System name 31.12.2021 31.12.2020
Number of clients actively logging on BiznesPl@net 145,194 143,758
Monthly average number of transactions BiznesPl@net 5,999,966 5,753,859
Number of mobile application customers/users GOmobile Biznes 17,034 8,357

Bank cards

As regards issuance and servicing of payment cards, BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA cooperates with MasterCard and Visa organisations. The card portfolio includes debit, credit and deferred payment cards.

As at 31 December 2021, the number of cards issued amounted to 2,547.6 thousand and was 113.8 thousand higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year. The recorded growth in debit cards results mainly from the Bank’s highly popular offers:

  • My Premium Account is opened with a dedicated card – My Premium Card (Moja Karta Premium) or Multicurrency Card (Karta Multiwalutowa)
  • Open Account for You (Konto Otwarte na Ciebie) with possibility to issue 4 cards (Open for Today card (Karta Otwarta na Dzisiaj), eWorld Open card card (Karta Otwarta na eŚwiat), Open to the World card (Karta Otwarta na Świat) and Multicurrency card (Karta Multiwalutowa)),


  • Family Banking offer – Adulthood Card (Karta do Dorosłości) issued to persons aged 13-18, Samodzielniak’s Card (Karta Samodzielniaka) and Samodzielniak’s Microcard (Mikrokarta Samodzielniaka) issued to children aged 7-13.

Number of banking cards issued by the Bank

in PLN’000 31.12.2021 31.12.2020 change y/y
change y/y
Debit cards for retail customers 1,538.2 1,429.1 109.1 7.6%
Credit cards for retail customers 800.2 802.4 (2.2) (0.3%)
Business debit cards 196.0 188.5 7.5 4.0%
Deferred payment business cards 7.7 7.8 (0.1) (1.3%)
Business credit cards 5.5 6.0 (0.5) (8.3%)
Number of cards issued – total 2,547.6 2,433.8 113.8 4.7%

Cooperation with intermediaries

At the end of December 2021, in the Retail and Business Banking, in the area of acquisition of banking products, the Bank was actively working with:

  • based on outsourcing agreements – 13 external outsourcing intermediaries, 8 outsourcing intermediaries acting exclusively for the Bank and 14 franchise partners
  • based on marketing agreements – 321 counterparties

In the area of Personal Finance Banking, 13 nationwide intermediaries and 1 online intermediary were engaged under outsourcing agreements for the sale of a cash loan product.

Amenities for people with special needs

  • 102-12
  • 203-1

For the deaf and hard of hearing

  • They can take advantage of the Bank’s services in all branches thanks to an online connection with a sign language interpreter.
  • A sign language appointment can be booked via the Booksy app or a form on the Bank’s website.
  • Sign language interpreters are also available on our Hotline and visual recordings of document content in Polish sign language are provided.
  • People who use hearing aids with an induction loop receiver (T mode) can use the technology in 50 Bank branches.

For the blind and visually impaired

  • We have provided access to document templates in the form of audio recordings, enlarged printouts and translations of documents into the Braille alphabet.
  • Each branch is equipped with a magnifying glass and a frame that facilitates the signing of documents.
  • We have adapted our ATMs to be accessible to the visually impaired.
  • We have covered the glass elements of branch architecture with information and decorative patterns to ensures the high visibility of transparent elements.

For people with reduced mobility

  • 77 branches the Bank have received Integration Foundation’s „Facility without barriers” certificates. More branches are undergoing the process of certification. We are a leader among Polish banks in this regard.

For the elderly

  • We were the first financial institution in Poland to receive (twice) the OK SENIOR® quality certificate for the Bank’s branch network.
  • We are a partner of the National Institute of Silver Economy and cooperate for the education and security of Senior Customers.

We meet the requirements of the July 19, 2019, Act on providing access to people with special needs. In January 2021, we introduced the Bank’s “Guidelines for providing Customers with banking documents in a form accessible to persons with special needs”.

Customers with hearing impairments are provided with access to document templates in the form of Polish sign language videos.

The deaf and hard of hearing can be served in all branches of the Bank thanks to an online connection with a “Migam” sign language interpreter. The Customer can connect to the translator on the Bank advisor’s tablet or on his/her phone – through a browser or by scanning the QR code on the branch door.

A sign language appointment at one of the Bank’s branches can be booked by phone, in the Booksy application or via the Bank’s website.

Customers can also use the services of a sign language interpreter on our Helpline and can order sign language videos with the content of our documents. To connect to a “Migam” interpreter on our Helpline, visit

To extend the availability of our banking services for the hearing impaired – we installed 50 induction loops in Bank branches in 2021. The installation of another 45 units is planned for the beginning of 2022.

Persons with eyesight disabilities can familiarise themselves with document templates in the form of audio recordings, enlarged printouts and Braille translations.

Each branch is equipped with a magnifying glass for the visually impaired and a frame that facilitates the signing of documents. We also provide access to ATMs adapted to the needs of the visually impaired. They are equipped with headphone sockets and a numeric keypad with Braille markings. At branches, transparent glass elements are covered with information and decorative patterns, which ensure high visibility.

We adapt the architectural design of our branches to the needs of people with reduced mobility. Our efforts have been acknowledged by the Integration Foundation, which issues the „Facility without barriers” certificate to institutions that respect the needs of people in wheelchairs, with mobility impairments, the blind, the visually impaired or deaf, the elderly and young children.

At the end of 2021, 77 branches of the Bank possessed the „Facility without barriers” certificate. In 2022, we will continue the process of certification by auditing the Bank’s branches and adjusting them to the requirements of the certificate.

Our Bank has successfully undergone the process of recertification, and we can use the OK SENIOR® mark of quality for the next two years. The certificate is awarded by OK SENIOR Polska sp. z o.o. in partnership with the National Institute of Silver Economy. The main areas of the audit include infrastructure, branch interior, customer service, queue management and the Bank’s internal quality standards.

The certificate attests that senior Customers (60+) are served with the following principles in mind:

  • Safe – facilities meet the highest safety standards,
  • Intelligible – advisers verify whether the Customer can hear them well, use simple language, offer pen and paper for note-taking, offer materials printed in a large font,
  • Accessible – facilities are easily accessible,
  • Reliable – we respond to the real needs of senior citizens and protect them from abuse.

Partnerships for availability

  • 102-12

To effectively implement our goals and make banking more accessible, we cooperate with many partner organisations

The Bank is a signatory of the “Partnership for Accessibility” programme developed by the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, as part of the Accessibility Plus initiative. Our goal is to adapt our products and services to the needs of people with disabilities, as well as to the needs of the elderly and those at risk of exclusion.

The Bank is a long-term partner of the Integration Foundation. The Foundation supports us with regard to increasing the availability and user-friendliness of our services. As part of the cooperation, the Bank transforms, audits and certifies branches to ensure their accessibility for people with disabilities. Digital channels are adapted to the current standards. Furthermore, we promote accessibility and inclusiveness in business.

We are a partner of the Accessible ATM project, whose aim is to counteract social and digital exclusion by eliminating restrictions and increasing access to financial services. The Accessible ATM project includes a freely accessible online platform with a database of ATMs adapted to the needs of the disabled. The project is being implemented by the Polish Bank Association in cooperation with Polish banks and the “Widzialni” Foundation, with the support and under the patronage of the National Bank of Poland and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

As part of the cooperation, representatives of the Institute conduct mentoring workshops for the Bank’s employees on how to effectively support seniors. We have also received a certificate of quality – OK SENIOR® – for adapting the Bank’s branches to the needs of people over 60.

As part of the cooperation, the Migam company supports the Bank in increasing the availability and user-friendliness of services for people with hearing disabilities. Customers can take advantage of the services of a sign language interpreter, for example, when setting up an account.

The Deaf Respect Foundation supported the launch of sign language interpreting services at the Bank and carried out a service quality audit of the “Migam” technology.

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