Integrated Report 2021

Offer with a positive impact

The Bank offers responsible and sustainable products that have a positive effect on the environment.

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We make sure that our products are available to groups at risk of exclusion. We support the development of entrepreneurship and social innovation with our range of products and services. We also wish to contribute to the energy transformation and popularisation of solutions that protect the natural environment.

SEGMENT Products with a positive social impact Products with a positive environmental impact Products connected with the entity’s ESG assessment/performance
Retail Customers
  • Little Mr/Ms Independent Account and “Mission: Independence”
  • Offer for Ukrainian citizens
  • Instalment loan for financing ecological energy sources
  • Loan for green changes
  • Green Mortgage
  • Loan with a subsidy from the „Clean Air” programme
  • Long-term rental of equipment financed with an instalment loan
  • Sustainable investment products (based on ESG criteria)
Food & Agro Customers
  • Loans for financing photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy sources for farmers’ individual needs
  • Loans for financing profit-oriented renewable energy projects for farmers and other F&A entities
  • Green Energy Investment Loan / UNION+ Investment Loan
  • Renewable energy insurance (as part of the Generali Farm product)
Small enterprises and associations / housing communities
  • Non-Profit Business Account
  • Offer for social economy enterprises
  • Investment loan with a BGK renovation premium
  • The ECO-COMMUNITY programme with a profit
  • Leasing of photovoltaic installations
Corporate Customers
  • Financing of social goals (social loans)
  • Social bonds
  • Green Energy Investment Loan / UNION+ Investment Loan
  • Technological credit
  • Loan with a free BiznesMax guarantee
  • The ECO-FIRM programme with a profit
  • Leasing of photovoltaic installations
  • Sustainability Linked Loan
  • Financing of „green” projects (green loans)
  • Green bonds
  • Sustainability Linked Loans
  • Sustainability Linked Bonds
  • Sustainability / ESG Linked Factoring

The list of products and services that support green solutions can be found in the Environmental perspective chapter.

The development of the sustainable product offering and the ambition to sell them are embedded in the objectives of the entire senior management team and, in the case of individual business lines, cascaded successively to the sales teams.

In order to be able to offer clients favourable financial conditions within the framework of the sustainable products offered, in 2020 we introduced a formal catalogue of products and investment types with positive impact entitling them to apply preferential internal transfer pricing, which allows us to significantly strengthen the competitiveness of our offer.

Individual Customers

Little Mr/Ms Independent Account and “Mission: Independence”

In 2020, we launched an offer addressed to parents and children: the “Little Mr/Ms Independence Account”. The launch was accompanied by an educational campaign entitled “Mission: Independence”, which supported parents in building their children’s financial awareness.

In 2021, we added the Parent Zone to the platform. The new content is addressed to those who wish to teach their children about finance and are looking for helpful tools.

Both the Parent’s Zone and the “Little Independents get the budget” event are part of the Bank’s original project, “Mission: Education”. More information about the “Mission: Education” programme can be found in the Social Responsibility chapter.


people took part in the “Little Independents get the budget" online workshop for parents and children carried out in May 2021

>30 k

“Little Mr/Ms Independent Accounts" were opened in 2021 alone (from the launch of the offer until the end of 2021, more than 33 thousand Accounts were created)

Information about the „Little Mr/Ms Independence Account” can be found here.

Information about “Mission: Independence” can be found here.

Offer for citizens of Ukraine

We provide Ukrainian citizens living in Poland with amenities that facilitate the use of banking products.

At our Bank, citizens of Ukraine can easily open the „Account Open to You”. It was created for Customers who value transparent and straightforward solutions in banking. The Bank has also prepared a website and advertising materials in Ukrainian. Customers can choose Ukrainian on our hotline.

In 2021, we created a banking guide in Ukrainian. It includes information such as:

  • how to use GOonline and GOmobile,
  • how to unblock GOonline and GOmobile,
  • how to activate a debit card,
  • how to assign or change a PIN,
  • how to check the balance on your account.

The Bank maintains nearly 250,000 accounts for people of Ukrainian citizenship.

Wealth Management Customers

Investments based on ESG criteria

Wealth Management Customers can decide to rely on ESG criteria in their mutual funds investments, which are available in the BNP Paribas Wealth Management product offer. In 2021, we created two new responsible investment funds for our Customers. We currently offer twelve funds that meet ESG criteria. They are managed by: BNP Paribas Asset Management, Blackrock, Franklin Templeton, Fidelity, Generali and NN.

Our Wealth Management Customers can also choose structured products offered by the Brokerage House. We allocate part of the income to implementing pro-climate projects, e.g., the construction of a polar research station in cooperation with the TaraOcean Foundation. We are also preparing to introduce more responsible investment products in 2022.

In 2021, we aimed to increase the awareness of Wealth Management advisors about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We explained the potential of investments to have a positive impact on the environment and organised training courses for employees to discuss ESG risks in investments.

Food & Agro Customers

Loan for financing new and used agricultural equipment

In March 2021, we introduced the possibility of financing new and used agricultural equipment without the borrower’s contribution. The changes concerned both the Agro Progress Loan and the Union+ Loan.

Preferential loans

In February 2021, the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA) relaunched the line of investment loans with partial repayment of capital for the purchase of agricultural land by young farmers. The applicants must be under 40 years old on submitting the loan application. They need to possess agricultural qualifications or commit to obtaining them within three years of signing the loan agreement. The product is dedicated to farmers starting a farm or running one for fewer than 24 months.

Small enterprises and associations

Non-Profit Business Account

The Bank offers an account for NGOs, which is addressed to social organisations and micro non-profit institutions) with essential services included free of charge.

The Bank offers an account for non-profit institutions, i.e. social or professional organisations whose core services are free. It is addressed primarily to:

  • Housing communities,
  • Cooperatives,
  • Foundations,
  • Associations.

A single agreement with the Bank ensures:

  • A current account in PLN,
  • A savings account,
  • Term deposit accounts,
  • Access to mobile and internet banking systems,
  • Comprehensive services of a bank advisor, and
  • Preferential terms of additional services.

Offer for social economy enterprises

The Bank is also open to cooperation with social economy enterprises. We support entities that generate profit, but also possess clear social and environmental goals and reinvest the profit to support their mission.

Corporate and SME Customers

New products and services for Corporate and SME Customers

  • The Bank supports companies economically, electronically and ecologically.
  • The Bank has created a special package of offers for SMEs and provides them with modern digital tools.
  • Entrepreneurs receive access to electronic signatures and GOconnect Business. Thus, data exchange between online banking and the company’s accounting system will become faster and safer.
  • The Bank plants five trees each time it opens a new account within this offer. This way, we compensate for the carbon footprint resulting from the Bank’s cooperation with the Customer’s company.
  • An overdraft facility with a maximum base rate (MBR). The loan reduces the Customer’s risk related to the variability of the base rate.
  • Owing to this mechanism, the total interest rate on the loan will never exceed the MBR value increased by the Bank’s margin. This is a true value for the entrepreneur.

On September 12, 2021, BiznesPl@net banking was replaced by GOonline Business. Customers received access to a new login page and a new version of the Accounts module, which allows for more intuitive and comfortable navigation. Additionally, corporate and SME Customers can open a new account online, without the need to leave their offices or provide the Bank with any additional documents. They can complete the process on their own, using the automatic account application within the GOonline Business platform.

The Bank strengthens its efforts to exert a positive social impact. Therefore, in 2021, we granted financing to the Social and Economic Investment Company (TISE), which finances and refinances loans of social economy entities.

TISE is a loan fund for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs and social enterprises. It was founded by BISE Bank in 1991. The current owner is the French Crédit Coopératif Bank. Initially, TISE was a venture capital fund. Since 2008, it has been granting loans using its own and EU funds (made available, among others, by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the EIF). TISE is a founding member and the only Polish representative in the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks. It is made up of institutions that finance social and ethical projects. For more information on the European Federation of Ethical and Alernative Banks, please visit: TISE has already granted over 9,000 loans for a total of PLN 1.3 billion.

Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL)

In July 2021, Raben Group – a European logistics company – signed an agreement for a five-year loan related to sustainable development, i.e. the Sustainability Linked Loan (hereinafter: SLL). The total value of the loan was EUR 225 million. It is one of the first SLL syndicated loans in the European logistics industry. Our Bank is the Sustainable Development Coordinator in this transaction.

The SLL loan margin depends on the extent to which a company meets the conditions of the agreement. The requirements are defined by five key performance indicators (KPIs). Among these are ESG risks for the road transport and logistics sector, which are essential in the operations of Raben Group.

Raben Group monitors and limits greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its activities. The company strives to create gender-diverse work teams. It also implements good corporate governance practices. The SLL loan is an important step for the European road transport and logistics sector, as well as for the Polish financial market.

We support the development of the Scanmed Group

The Bank signed a syndicated loan agreement worth PLN 155 million for the Scanmed Group, a leader in the Polish medical services market. The Bank acts as the collateral agent, original lender and loan organiser In the transaction. We provide 50% of the funding.

The loans are intended for the refinancing of Scanmed Group’s existing debt and financing current needs. The debt was refinanced in connection with the acquisition of Scanmed Group by the subsidiary of an Abris Capital Partners fund. Abris provides Scanmed Group with strategic support in expanding the range of services and geographic coverage, as well as continuing the development of medical facilities specialising in key therapeutic areas.

We support the development of Polpharma

The Bank is the loan agent and one of the main financing organisers within a consortium of four institutions. It has the largest share – PLN 350 million. The transaction will contribute to the long-term development of Polpharma. It will enable the company to implement research and development projects and investments in the field of environmental protection. The total value of financing amounts to PLN 800 million.

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