Integrated Report 2021

Best Practices of BNP Paribas Group Companies in  Poland

It is very important for all companies of the BNP Paribas Group in Poland to operate in line with the principles of responsible business. The companies observe ethical standards and guidelines of the BNP Paribas Group, included, inter alia, in the Code of Conduct of the BNP Paribas Group. Moreover, employees of these companies show strong commitment to pro-social and pro-environmental initiatives.

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BNP Paribas Lease Group sp. z o.o.

BNP Paribas Lease Group sp. z o.o. provides operational services to BNP Paribas Leasing Services Sp. z o.o. under service agreements concluded in this respect. In 2021, it carried out activities related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development together with BNP Paribas Leasing Services Sp. z o. o.

  • In the Technology Solutions line: working with a photovoltaic solutions provider that focuses on ecological solutions;
  • In the Equipment Leasing Solutions line: financing equipment from the Low Emission Transports category;
  • In the Bank Leasing Services line: actions to improve the quality of reporting (changes in systems), allowing to measure the commitment to financing socially and environmentally friendly entities (according to “EKD”, as well as initiatives related to business in correlation with the Sustainable Development Goals);
  • Key business campaigns: financing photovoltaics, „green assets” (e.g. electric forklifts, green lighting, air purification in greenhouses).
  • Internal campaign on Code of Conduct: reminder of professional ethics and code of conduct, dilemma sessions for employees, webinars and articles on anti-bullying within D&I;
  • Collaboration with Blue Tree One employment agency on the employment of people with physical and mental disabilities;
  • Subsidising a hearing aid for an employee;
  • Employee Wellbeing Programme: events to support employee wellbeing (webinars on health, planning and relaxation techniques, office massages, chi-kung exercises, lectures and individual consultations with a personal trainer, nutritionist and physiotherapist, open day in the new office for employees and their relatives);
  • Let’s Celebrate initiatives: related to Christmas, charity events, joint decorating of the Christmas tree and team zones on campus, online cooking workshops for employees;
  • Establishing October as Diversity and Inclusion Month – Employee Programme divided into four themes: Fitness (disability at work), Equality, Dignity and Responsibility – webinars, workshops, lectures, articles;
  • As an initiator, in collaboration with Arval, RE, Cardiff, Factoring and TFI entities, the Company set up a mentoring programme for employees (team workshops using Gallup methodology).
  • Funding of starter kits for employees taking part in charity runs in Warsaw and Wrocław;
  • Action in cooperation with Biebrzański National Park employees (removal of clumps of invasive lupine species to make room for other protected and rare plants);
  • Noble Gift – 65 employees involved in the action;
  • Support for pupils of one of Warsaw’s orphanages;
  • Gifts for oncology patients;
  • Cooperation with the social organisation Change4Good (purchase of Christmas cards).
  • Quarterly controls of paper consumption and CO2 emissions by car fleet and during business trips;
  • Promotion of alternative drives in the area of car fleet management (videoconferencing);
  • Paper and plastic reduction policy in the organisation (elimination of plastic packaging);
  • Promotional and advertising materials as well as office materials come from ecological, recycled and sustainably produced materials;
  • Obsolete materials are given a second life;
  • Promotion of eco-attitudes among employees;
  • Digitisation of correspondence;
  • CSR assessment is one of the criteria for selecting suppliers.

BNP Paribas Securities Services sp. k. Branch in Poland

BNP Paribas Securities Services Poland is a part of the BNP Paribas Group specialising in securities and investment funds operations for institutional investors and financial institutions. In 2021, despite consecutive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, BNP Paribas Securities Services employees’ commitment to volunteering increased. Last year, this translated into 2,363 hours worked, reported to BNP Paribas Group’s global 1 Million Hours to Help #1MH2H programme.

  • Wellbeing Campaign – the aim of the initiative, conducted twice in 2021, was to improve the mental and physical state of employees. In total, more than 750 people took part in webinars, lectures and online workshops. Employees were able to take part in yoga, pilates, healthy spine or streching classes. In addition, there were sessions on healthy eating, diet and nutritional values, mindfulness classes, relaxation techniques and stress management. Due to the huge interest in the programme, the next edition is being prepared for spring 2022.
  • Anonymous toll-free psychological support hotline – launched in 2021 for the benefit of employees and their loved ones struggling to function during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapists and psychologists were available to discuss any issues related to conflicts, addictions, the process of change, family problems or illnesses.
  • Noble Gift – thanks to the personal involvement and support of nearly 350 employees, all the needs of the recipients were met, and the total value of the packages exceeded PLN 47,000.
  • Donating laptops to pupils of orphanages in Morąg, run by the Morąg Association for Family Support. The aim of the project was to make it easier for school-age children to participate in remote lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. The laptops donated were previously used by employees and were properly prepared (specialist disk cleaning, uploading new operating system, physical cleaning of the equipment). The BNP Paribas Foundation granted additionally financing for the purchase of backpacks and sets of headphones to provide fully operational equipment for remote education. 27 sets were donated to 56 children from two orphanages in Morąg.
  • Action of handing over sleeping bags to the homeless from the Central Station – implemented in autumn 2021 as a grant project financed in the competition of the BNP Paribas Foundation. The partner of the action was the „Daj Herbatę” foundation, which directly helps homeless people in Warsaw. Employees used the grant funds to purchase 77 sleeping bags, which they personally handed over to the homeless.
  • Participation in the 28th final of the Clean Up the World campaign – in September 2021, in cooperation with the Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth) Foundation, 132 employees cleaned up the Bródnowski Forest in Warsaw for several hours. The action was preceded by a webinar on the principles of waste sorting and instructing volunteers on safety. Over 1,000 kg of rubbish was collected and sorted into separate fractions and sent for recycling.
  • The environmental project „Dbaj o klimat. Redukuj CO2” (Fight Your Carbon Footprint) – the campain in collaboration with Little Greenfinity, planned over two years. The first step was a series of webinars for employees on the carbon footprint, its impact on the environment and how it can be reduced in everyday life. A total of 68 employees took part. This was followed by a series aimed at external audiences – teachers and secondary school students. A series of online workshops were attended by 255 educators who will be able to spread the knowledge to their pupils. A competition for students to design a project that will help the local community reduce greenhouse gas emissions is planned for 2022. The prize is substantive or financial assistance in implementing the idea (depending on the needs of the project).
  • Cooperation with the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Celestynów – as part of the partnership inaugurated in 2021, over 50 volunteers took part in weekend dog walking actions. In addition, a collection of funds and necessary equipment is held each time before the walking weekend.

BNP Real Estate Poland sp. z o. o.

BNP Paribas Real Estate comprises six business lines covering the entire property lifecycle: Property Development, Transaction, Consulting, Valuation, Property Management and Investment Management. Comprehensive services cover all types of real estate, including office, retail, warehouse and logistics space.

  • Continuation of the #Wellbe programme, which aims to increase well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle among employees.
  • Promoting pro-environmental attitudes among employees.
  • Noble Gift;
  • Supporting care facilities and non-governmental organisations;
  • Actions for employees and customers, e.g. Blood Donation Campaign, Bicycle Rallies, Electro-waste Collection, Fresh Herbs Day.
  • Support for the Synapsis Foundation – campaign “Na Niebiesko dla autyzmu” (On blue for autism).
  • Property management in line with sustainable construction principles, taking into account all aspects of respect for the environment. As a result, buildings in the Company’s portfolio maintain BREEAM and LEED certificates with the highest ratings;
  • Promoting among building owners the implementation of modern, ecological solutions in real estate and electric and public transport.

BNP Paribas Faktoring sp. z o. o.

A factoring company, belonging to the BNP Paribas Factoring Group, is a leader on the international factoring market with over 50 years of experience. BNP Paribas Factoring addresses its offer to small, medium and large production, commercial, service and agri-food enterprises that perform the sale with deferred payments.

  • Ensuring safe and friendly working conditions for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic by:
    • access to professional psychological care,
    • equipping those working remotely with appropriate equipment, i.e. additional monitors;
  • Benefits supporting wellbeing:
    • foreign language learning – individual lessons with an online teacher,
    • flexible working time and form (hybrid system with the possibility of derogation in justified cases),
    • medical care and broad insurance offer.
  • Noble Gift;
  • Participation in the nationwide campaign against breast cancer under the slogan #PomacajSie;
  • Continuation of the tradition of presenting newborn children to employees with teddy bears from the TVN Foundation – You Are Not Alone;
  • Joining the health prevention campaign;
  • Grassroots employee initiatives:
    • participation in the campaign „ODKRĘCAMY DLA MYSZY” – collecting plastic caps as a financial aid for rehabilitation after stroke,
    • collection of money for the auction for Arianka of the Siepomaga Foundation,
    • participation in the Veritas Foundation’s #ChceMI_SIEpomagać campaign,
    • local neighbourhood initiatives.
  • Paper and plastic reduction policy in the organisation;
  • Successive audits to reduce paper consumption and CO2 emissions by the car fleet and during business trips;
  • The Company does not order any printed or plastic advertising gadgets;
  • Abandoning the purchase of water in plastic bottles (filtered water served in glass carafes).

BNP Paribas Cardif w Polsce

BNP Paribas Cardif in Poland is represented by two insurance companies: Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Cardif Polska S.A. and Cardif Assurances Risques Divers S.A. Branch in Poland.

  • A package of sanitary-epidemiological safety measures and rules:
    • possibility to work remotely,
    • access to disposable masks and gloves and disinfectant fluid in the office,
    • possibility to rent IT equipment and to buy office furniture when moving to a new office,
    • webinars and lectures to support employees during the pandemic,
    • the opportunity to take part in a series of online exercises with a trainer.
  • Partner and founder of packages during the 25th Christmas Food Collection, organised by the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw;
  • Supporting Partner of the „One To Mają” Programme of the Vital Voices Foundation, which promotes the leadership potential of women;
  • As part of the Pink October initiative, collection of clothes for the Flower of Womanhood organisation on the „Ubrania do Oddania” (Clothes to Donate) platform.
  • Zero Waste Challenge project, launched on World Earth Day – its aim was to spread awareness among employees about Zero Waste living and help them introduce ecological habits;
  • Webinar on not wasting food, organised for employees in cooperation with the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw

Arval Service Lease Polska sp. z o. o.

In 2021 Arval Service Lease Polska sp. z o. o. won the title Company of the Year in the Road Safety Partner competition. The award was granted for activities improving road traffic safety and raising drivers’ awareness and skills.

  • Signing a contract with Bank Ochrony Środowiska for rental of electric cars with subsidies within the framework of NFOŚiGW „Mój elektryk” (My electric) programme. Arval was one of the first four companies to start subsidies from NFOŚiGW;
  • Cooperation with the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (webinars on electromobility);
  • Events dedicated to electromobility and CSR issues, including road safety (a series of Arval #MeetUp meetings, participation in external initiatives);
  • Introduction of new products in the field of electromobility: „try&love it”, Holiday replacement car, Car bundled with charger;
  • Continuation of analyses e.g. Fleet Barometer;
  • Continuation of initiatives: Arval Driving Academy and Safe Driving Ambassador
  • Mobility hub for Arval employees at head office;
  • Re-leasing offer for employees;
  • Changing fleet policy to include promoting the choice of electrics + financing of charging stations;
  • Continuation of the talent development programme „Rozwiń skrzydła” (Spread your wings);
  • New Motivizer platform for Company employees;
  • Continuation of the remote working system and support for employees through the possibility of purchasing equipment e.g. monitors and chairs;
  • CSR report on the Metabolic project with employees and suppliers as we as customers.
  • Internship programme for talented students;
  • Continuation of the programme to support medical units in the fight against COVID-19 by providing them with cars (cars are used to transport staff and patients, as well as medical supplies in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship).
  • Reforest Action;
  • Continuation of the Arval Beyond Policy for 2022-2025, one element of which is to reduce CO2 emissions;
  • Continuation of a responsible climate change policy;
  • Continued use of SMaRT methodology as a tool for fleet energy transition.

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