Integrated Report 2021

Contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

The Bank supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by implementing its CSR and Sustainability Strategy, a key part of our "Fast Forward" Strategy.

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We analysed the UN’s pillars of responsibility, and we have identified areas where we can make the most significant contribution. We strongly believe that Goal 17 is essential for the success of the 2030 Agenda, therefore we focus on cross-sectoral cooperation for sustainable development.

The Bank’s contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is consistent with the policy of the BNP Paribas Group.

The responsibility of the BNP Paribas Group includes:

  • Long-term financing of the economy and building lasting relationships with Customers in accordance with ethical principles,
  • A responsible approach to employee development and involvement,
  • Increasing the availability of products and services,
  • Openness to Customer needs and initiatives for local communities,
  • Limiting the negative impact of operations on the environment,
  • Eco-friendly products and services, popularisation of eco-attitudes.

SGD Initiatives SGD Initiatives
  • Noble Gift
  • The Local Grants Program
  • Social projects Within the Local Grants Programme and the competition for volunteer projects,
  • Support for Food Banks
  • Non-financing of the tobacco sector – CSR Policy
  • Financing strategic solutions and Customers within the field of health protection and promotion
  • Sanitary measures for the safety of the Bank’s Customers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • BEneFIT
  • “Okay” programme
  • “Good Kilometres” programme
  • „Class” scholarship program
  • BAKCYL programme (Bankers for Financial Education of Youth)
  • Mission: Education
  • The Local Bank’s Ambassadors programme
  • Partnership programme of the BNP Paribas Foundation with the Salvation Foundation – „Knowledge to the Power”
  • “Women Changing BNP Paribas” programme
  • Partnership with the “Share The Care” Foundation
  • Women in 4% of managerial positions at the Bank
  • The Bank’s commitment (reflected in our diversity policy) is that by 2025 women will constitute at least 30% of both the Management and Supervisory Boards
  • „Water? Yes! Plastic? No!” programme
  • Promoting eco-attitudes (e.g. through support of the annual Green Film Festival – an international festival of eco-films; its aim is to educate and inspire eco-attitudes through films as well as through discussions, panels and other events)
  • Financing of renewable energy sources (RES)
  • 100% of the energy purchased by the Bank is obtained from renewable energy sources
  • The Bank’s participation in the „Clean Air” Programme
  • Financing the development of the Polish economy
  • Active participation in industry events and partnerships to support economic development (including partnerships with the Lewiatan Confederation and the Polish Bank Association)
  • The ratio of the lowest remuneration at the Bank to the minimum wage is 131% for women and 132% for men
  • Signing the CSR Declaration constitutes 5% of the overall supplier assessment. From 2022, we plan to increase this factor to 10% of the assessment.
  • Supporting the development of strategic Customers, e.g. through the Foreign Trade Program
  • Office Hours – meetings of the Bank’s experts with representatives of start-ups in search of innovative ideas and solutions
  • Technological loans
  • Availability of products and services
  • Diversity – management of this area is regulated by, a., the Diversity Management Policy at BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
  • In 2021, we were the 4th bank in the „Cashless for equality” ranking of Polish financial institutions as regards their implementation of D&I towards the LGBT + community
  • Financing thermo-modernisation
  • “Eco-City” Project – in 2021, the initiative focused on Green Reconstruction. We promote energy efficiency for multi-family residential buildings, popularise environmental best practices and support sustainable cities and communities
  • Support for sustainability in the Food and Agro sector
  • Long-term lease of phones
  • 100% of the energy purchased by the Bank is obtained from renewable energy sources
  • Responsible Business League – a free educational programme organised in partnership with the Civil Development Forum (CDF). The programme is addressed to university students and focuses on CSR issues. In 2021, during the 17th edition of the League, we introduced students to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • The Bank’s experts share their experience and good practices in the field of CSR and sustainability during industry events and conferences. For more information, see the Social Responsibility chapter
  • CSR sectoral policy – departure from coal
  • The Bank of Green Changes programme
  • „The World Needs You” campaign involving stakeholders in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Eco-products, services, and financing programmes
  • Eco-fleet and electro-mobility initiatives
  • CSR policies
  • Agro Academy
  • Campaign for optimal nitrogen fertilisation
  • The issue of “Good investment III” structured certificates supports the construction of the International Polar Station in the Arctic Ocean, carried out by the Tara Ocean Foundation. It will provide research teams from around the world with research opportunities related to ocean protection
  • CSR policies – forest sector
  • The Bank’s apiaries
  • Planting trees
  • Paperless programme
  • CSR policy – defence and security sector
  • The Bank was a partner of the “Ethics in finance” competition
  • Declaration of Responsible Sales
  • Responsible Business Forum
  • Diversity Charter
  • 2030 Agenda – Partnership for the implementation of the sustainable development goals in Poland
  • CEO call to action
  • Coalition for Polish Innovation
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • UNEP / GRID-Warsaw
  • Climate Leadership
  • Chapter Zero Poland


More information on the Bank’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals can be found at website.

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