Integrated Report 2021

Remuneration and benefits

Our remuneration policy is based on transparent principles and centres employees. It refers to good market practices in the area of remuneration. It stands in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The remuneration regulations for the Bank employees are set out in the applicable Corporate Collective Labour Agreement and BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Remuneration Regulations. The regulations of the bonus systems are defined in the bonus regulations for employees of particular business areas and lines. The bank also has a remuneration policy for people who have a significant impact on the risk profile of the Bank.

The Bank has specialized units: Committee for Remunerations and Committee for Appointments, both of which support the Supervisory Board in human resources management. These units monitor and oversee the most important processes: succession plans, professional development of employees, remuneration policies. The Committees produce opinions and recommendations for the Supervisory Board, regarding among others assessment of candidates for seats in the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, employment conditions of members of the Management Board, including their fixed and allocated variable remuneration.

  • 202-1

Minimum wage in Poland Ratio of the lowest-level wage to minimum wage:
in 2021 For women For men
PLN 2,800 131% 132%
Minimum wage in Poland Average lowest-level wage:
in 2021 For women For men
PLN 2,800 PLN 3,681 PLN 3,706

The Bank implements the Compensation Review Process every year – one of the most important criteria taken into account in this process is to close the gender pay gap, to which dedicated funds are allocated.

Gender Pay Gap

  • 405-2
  • S-P2
  • UNGC 1
  • UNGC 6

The Gender Pay Gap Indicator as of end of 2021 amounted to 7.32%, which means that salaries of men were higher than salaries of women in comparable positions by 7.32%. The indicator is the weighted arithmetic mean of the total of segregated employee groups.

We calculated this indicator for homogenous employee groups to ensure transparency and data cohesion. This is why we deivided employees into groups by their employment area and position classification. This is how we were able to compare salaries of women and men who do similar jobs.

The calculations comprise all active employees who have worked at the Bank for more than a year and who were still employed as of 31.12.2021. We took into account full salaries in comparable positions. We also registered differences resulting from variable remuneration and other processes.

In 2021, we lowered the Gender Pay Gap by 0.94 p.p. in comparison to 2020.

Benefit offer

  • 401-2
  • 403-6

The benefit strategy of the Bank aims at creating a welcoming work environment. This is how we want to take care of our employees, their physical and mental health and provide security for them and their close ones. Employees are given access to a wide range of benefits, initiatives and solutions, both stationary and mobile. We teach how to care for your health, we advocate for physical activity and open doors to pursuing passions. A part of the benefit system is offered also to the close ones of our employees.


covered by private medical health care


employees have used the Multisport card


employees have taken part in Two Hours for Family campaign


employees have benefited from the wellness program WELL at least once


employees have used the Worksmile app


allocated to holiday co-financing and 735 subsidies for the holiday of employees' children


times Bank retirees received financial help


times the Bank offered financial aid to its employees


humming bears to newborn children of employees


gifts for children on the occasion of Children's Day and St. Nicholas' Day

Benefit offer for Bank employees


Pillar: security

  • Employee Capital Plans
  • Life and Accident insurance for employees and their close ones
  • Additional insurance for school children
  • Transportation & commuting insurance
  • Travel insurance

Pillar: health

  • Comprehensive Health Care Program for Employees and their loved ones
  • MultiSportPlus, MulitiSportKids and MutliSportSenior card
  • Worksmile app, which brings employees together around their passions and sports activities. The app supports the WELL program and keeps us in touch while working remotely
  • Health Days for Bank employees, promoting health education and prevention of chronic diseases, mainly oncological ones
  • Covid-19 and flu vaccines

Pillar: work-life balance

  • Two Hours for Family campaign
  • Two Hours for Health campaign
  • MyBenefit Cafeteria System
  • Co-financing of holidays for employees and their children
  • Benefits from the Company Social Fund
  • Actions and activities under the Bank Close to Close Ones program, e.g. parental week co-organised with Development Program and Organisational Culture Team


Pillar: welcoming work environment

  • Corporate wellness program WELL
  • Flexible working hours
  • Extra days of leave
  • Gifts for employees’ children
  • Promotion of parental leaves
  • Financial assistance for disadvantaged employees
  • Gifts for new-borns of our employees
  • Housing loans

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