Integrated Report 2021

Business model and value creation model

  • 102-15
  • E-P3

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Capital Group operates through operating segments (we present in in %, the share of a business line in the Group’s banking activity result, NBI, for 12 months 2021):

  • The Retail and Business Banking Segment – provides services to retail customers – including private banking customers (Wealth Management), and business customers – including micro enterprises. The largest share in NBI – 49.7%,
  • Corporate Banking – offers a wide range of financial services to large and medium-sized enterprises, local government units and entities that belong to international capital groups. Share in NBI – 24.1%,
  • SME Banking – provides services to agro and non-agro customers. Share of NBI – 9.4%,
  • The Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) – supports sales of the Group’s products to Polish companies and provides services to strategic customers. Share in NBI – 6.1%,
  • Other Banking Operations – includes activities performed by the ALM Treasury and the Corporate Center. Participation in NBI – 10.7%.