Integrated Report 2021

Training and development

The development program offered by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. supports the implementation of the business strategy. Activities include programs dedicated to all employees, including specialized programs aimed at the management. In addition, projects are carried out to support the development needs of individual units of the bank.

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  • UNGC 6


employees have taken part in all trainings in total


employees have taken part in e-learning sessions


employees have taken part in external trainings


employees have taken part in internal online trainings
via Skype or Webex


hours of training on average per employee of the Bank


persons with an employments contract got reviewed*

* This is 85% of those employed on a contract of employment – of whom 4,858 were women and 2,660 men

We want our employees to develop first and foremost through practice. We plan and devise our training programs to complement each other and function as a cohesive entity deeply rooted in facts and knowledge. We encourage our employees to build up their competences following the principles of 70-20-10 model, especially when it comes to competences such as Customer relations, flexibility, networking, digital knowledge and culture.

E-learning trainings provide knowledge, raise awareness and build up active attitudes in employees. They comprise: compliance, financial security, insurance, Agile approach, risk in information technology and cybersecurity, domestic Customer groups, sustainable development and social responsibility, risk management, capital markets, provisions of law, risk factors and risk awareness, quality and security of data and operational risk.

Trainings at the Bank in 2021


Introductory training for new-hires: it consists mainly of new product offer and operating system support, e.g. Nice to see you and introductory trainings profiled in the process of business lines onboarding.

Training and development aimed at specific organisational units

  • Trainings for Retail and Business Banking: product, process and system knowledge; development of sales, personal and specialized skills – EFPA EFA Financial Advisor Certificate.
  • Retail Banking Trainings – Premium Academy, Business Academy, Leadership Academy, Mortgage Academy.
  • Personal Finance Banking trainings – sales competences, product and process changes
  • SME and Corporate Banking trainings – strengthen teamwork and enhance sales skills
  • Trainings for each organisational unit as per order – soft skills: teamwork, communication, remote work, specialised, interpersonal and managerial skills
  • Agile, i.a. Agile on Demand, Scrum Master Academy – trainings for Agile@Scale transformation, providing knowledge and shaping skills necessary for agile work.


  • Digital Data Agile Academy and other development programs provided by the BNP Paribas Group, concerning digital culture, new technologies and methodology.
  • Data Governance Academy
  • Simple language
  • Personal branding
  • Foreign languages with eTutor platform, free of charge for all Bank employees

Trainings available to all employees or participants of development programs

  • Zoom on development – key competences of the future: flexibility, networking, digital knowledge and culture, Customer relations. It takes form of online trainings, webinars and other development activities.
  • Development Fridays – a program dedicated to those who struggle with tiredness, stress and lack of motivation due to another Covid-19 wave. The program takes form of online trainings and webinars.
  • New Ways of Working – program comprises work in remote and hybrid teams, familiarises with remote tools. It takes form of podcasts, webinars and online trainings.
  • #MamToDamTo – subjects include MS Office tools, SQL and financial knowledge. The program realizes the conpcet of learning organisation as it provides opportunity to share knowledge and give and receive support. It takes form of online trainings and webinars. In 2021, we launched two extra formats:
    • #MamToDamTo: My passion – employees share their extracurricular skills
    • #MamToDamTo: To the Point – highly specialized trainings.
  • Leadership Development Academy – Well Leading: a program for managers in which they shape their leader personality and develop managerial skills. The program builds up Agile approach, i.e. direct communication, transparency, responsibility and engagement. It takes form of online trainings, webinars and other development activities.
  • Leaders for Tomorrow – talent development program, in which almost 200 employees are involved. It follows the 70-20-10 principle. We engage leaders in project of business and strategic level and strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, taking into account different experiences and perspectives. Participants achieve above the average results and foremost – have the potential to develop further and climb up in the structure of the Group.
  • Mentoring Porgram – supports employees and the organisation in achieving business goals. The program uses the potential of the mentee on the one hand, and knowledge and experience of the mentoron the other. Participants learn to base their work off trust, partnership, presence and responsibility. The program has a general framework, whereas details are worked out by and adapted for each group. It takes form of online trainings and webinars.
  • Women Up – an original program developed by women for women. The goal is to act boldly and free your own potential. The program takes 12 months and includes workshops, webinars, action learning, diverse initiatives and project work.
  • Programs accompanying the life cycle of each employee: annual review webinars, mid-year review, quarterly feedback, Profiles and PDP in About Me.
  • 404-1
  • UNGC 6

Average number of training hours per employee at the Bank in 2021 by gender and structure of employment

Bank BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
Employment Structure Women Men Total  
Board 22.49 26.51 25.71
Managers 39.13 33.25 36.53
Others 22.82 21.89 22.52
Total 24.57  23.82  24.32 
Method of presenting indicators:
  • The calculation includes e-learning, module trainings, external and internal trainings.
  • The number of trainings hours in this calculation is rounded to two decimal places.
  • The „Managers” category includes key managers – MRT (Material Risk Taker) – people who have a significant influence on the Bank’s risk profile, excluding the Bank’s Management Board and all other managers.

Traineeship programs

Dedicated to students of Year 2 or higher. The aim is to promote the image of the Bank and break stereotypes of working in the banking area. Participants gain knowledge on banking: they take active part in tasks and projects of the department of their choice. The traineeship may take an online, stationary or hybrid form. As an integral part of the traineeship program a series of webinars and workshops was created, which includes i.a. Personal branding in social media, Introduction to Agile, Financial markets, derivatives and other curiosities, Design Thinking. Last edition saw the participation of 33 persons.

Available to students of Years 3&4. The aim is to prepare students to join the organisation. The participation in projects allows them to gain business experience and helps them understand the structure, principles and interdependencies of a large organisation. In July 2021, we launched 24 programs in the entire organisation, with students joining us for 6 months. Together with their mentors, they worked on their business projects and broadened their professional competences.

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