Integrated Report 2021

Corporate and Institutional Banking

Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) supports sales of products of the BNP Paribas Group dedicated to the largest Polish enterprises, including service of strategic customers, the Financial Markets Line and Custody Services Department, whose offer is addressed to insurance companies, as well as  pension and investment funds.

CIB delivers the BNP Paribas Group’s comprehensive financial and risk management solutions to its customers in Poland, including:

  • financing daily operations and investments carried out by enterprises;
  • advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions, privatization and restructuring, transactions on debt and equity capital markets and operations on the currency and money market;
  • structured finance: financing acquisitions and investment projects;
  • cash flow and liquidity management, working capital optimization;
  • financial and commodity risk management (risk related to price fluctuation on commodity markets).

CIB offers world-class quality expertise to customers by combining the knowledge of the Polish market with experience gained on international markets as well as top-class industry experts’ competence. CIB supports the development of Polish enterprises and the implementation of projects of strategic importance to Poland, through the financing of industrial, commercial and technological infrastructure as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate and Institutional banking focuses on following key areas:

  • transactions on the Polish and international FX and interest rate markets. This involves management of market risk in the trading book, quotations of FX market and interest rate market instruments (together with transactions on the derivatives market), setting the table of foreign exchange rates effective at the Bank as well as structuring and managing the risk involved in the structured products offered by the Bank;
  • direct sales of financial market products enabling currency, interest rate and commodity price risk management, to customers;
  • arrangement of debt security issues for corporate customers.

Main areas of activity of the Financial Markets Division implemented in 2021:

  • further intensive development of the FX Pl@net platform, which is an electronic tool used by many business and individual customers to to conclude foreign exchange transactions;
  • improving the quality of service to corporate customers by FX dealers and dedicated product professionals, as well as customer satisfaction survey (NPS);
  • meeting customer needs by expanding the available product range.

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