Beata Włodarska

Corporate Client Expert

The main objective of the GObeyond’s strategy for 2022-2025 is to continue the dynamic growth of the Bank, which will be an institution that operates efficiently, with engaged employees and satisfied Customers, while being a leader in the area of sustainability.

Targets for 2025

Return on
equity (ROE)


ratio (C/I)

max. 48%

Share of
sustainable financing


Execution of financial targets

  • Return on equity ratio (ROE)

    • 8.2 %

      2023 execution

    • ~ 12 %

      2025 strategic target

  • Cost/income ratio (C/I)

    • 42.5 %

      2023 execution

    • max. 48 %

      2025 strategic target

  • Share of sustainable financing

    • 10.9 %

      2023 execution

    • 10 %

      2025 strategic target

2023 execution

2025 strategic target
Return on equity ratio (ROE) 8.2% ~12%
Cost/income ratio (C/I) 42.5% max. 48%
Share of sustainable financing 10.9% 10%

GObeyond strategy pillars


Our aim is to increase the number of Clients served, strengthen our market position and increase revenues.


We aim to be a leader in sustainable finance by developing a range of dedicated products and services for all business lines. It will consistently aim at its own climate neutrality and support its Customers in doing so. Responsibility, accessibility, transparency and ethics will dominate the relationship with Customers. Activities for the benefit of local communities and involvement in education and public debate, will support the building of the Bank’s brand.


We improve internal processes and transform the IT area with the use of the latest technologies. We accelerate implementation of new solutions. Our objective is to make quick and cost-effective scalability the basis of our modern digital Bank. We support business development through advanced analytical tools, maintaining a secure and optimal capital and liquidity position.


A new organisational culture that supports employee development, proactivity and creativity, and encourages bold decisions. A committed and satisfied workforce guarantees a high level of Customer satisfaction. We have started operating under the Agile@Scale working model ensuring work-life balance and paying attention to employees’ mental health. We support the development of women and promote diversity.

Key achievements in implementing the GObeyond strategy

Offering high quality banking as well as non-banking products and services as the key to expanding the Customer base in the omnichannel world. Creating an excellent Customer experience by designing customised pathways.

Execution in 2023

  • Launch of innovative mamGO platform for selling with financing, renting and leasing new and used cars.

  • GOinvest: new investment service for Premium and Wealth Management Customers. The consultancy takes into account all types of Customer assets.

  • Establishment of a partnership with Plenti, a consumer electronics rental company.

  • Introduction of a new service model for wealthy Customers, including support from a dedicated advisor (an increase in the number of Customers served from 357 thousand in 2022 to 418 thousand at the end of 2023).

  • Conclusion of an agreement with the European Investment Bank for EUR 100 million to support energy efficiency projects in Poland.

  • Implementing an Ecological Loan to support the energy transformation of Polish enterprises with the possibility of obtaining an ecological bonus granted by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego for partial repayment of the loan.

  • Offering a preferential liquidity loan to farmers at an interest rate of 2% per annum. PLN ~2 billion in loans to Microenterprises and over PLN 113 million to Corporate and SMEs by the end of 2023.

  • Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023 best Bank for corporate Customers and best Bank in the ESG area and second place in the “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking in the “Banking for the Smith” category.

  • 182 branches without cash services (almost half of the sales network).

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2023 execution

2025 strategic target
NPS – Retail Banking and Personal Finance
4th place
% of key processes for individual Customers available via remote channels
Number of Customers (individual Customers and micro enterprises)
3.8 million
4.5 million
Sales via digital channels (individual Customers)
Market shares in new sales (ROR accounts, cash loans, mortgage loans)
  • savings and checking accounts (ROR): 3.7%
  • cash loans: 4.2%
  • mortgage loans: 0.5%
Number of active micro enterprises
277 thousand
340 thousand
Number of micro enterprises active in digital channels
179 thousand
230 thousand
Maintaining the leading position in the agro segment (share in the loan market)
Increase in the number of active food processors [vs 2021]
Increase in the number of active Customers (Corporate and SME banking) [vs 2021]
Increase in the number of active international Customers [vs 2021]
Number of Customers active in digital channels (Corporate and SME banking)
31 thousand
37 thousand
Increase in loan volumes (Corporate and SME banking 2025-2021)
+5% annual average
+6% annual average

A responsible and reliable financial partner supporting the positive and sustainable development of Customers, business and society. A guide for Clients in a world of sustainable transformation.

Execution in 2023

  • Best ESG rating among Polish Banks awarded by Sustainalytics. The score of 10.2 (low risk) represents an improvement on the score of 10.9 in 2022.

  • Environmental Credit in cooperation with BGK (15% participation in the programme, second place in the market)

  • Sustainability-Linked Loan financing (Polsat Plus, American Heart of Poland, Iglotex, Śnieżka)

  • Launch of the only greenhouse gas emissions calculator for poultry production on the Agronomist.pl platform, aimed at entrepreneurs in the Food & Agro sector.

  • New version of the Clean Air Programme. The Bank was one of the first to resume providing financing under the programme under the new rules with an increased maximum loan amount of up to PLN 150,000.

  • Support for the Bank’s Customers in obtaining “white certificates” (energy efficiency certificates); cooperation with VIVERNO.

  • 131 Customer centres certified as “Barrier-free facilities” (including the head office); around 120 with systems supporting the deaf.

  • Ranking of Responsible Companies: Bank at the top of the ranking for the fourth time (overall and in its industry) with the maximum possible score.

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2023 execution

2025 strategic target
Share of sustainable finance [vs 2021: 4.5%]
Total value of green and sustainable bonds of the Bank’s Customers [vs 2021: 0]
PLN 534 million
PLN 1,400 million
Share of sustainable assets in management [vs 2021: 5%]
Social involvement of employees (annual average per employee)
3 hours 19 minutes
4 hours
Clients’ Centres with the “Barrier-free Facility” certificate [vs 2021: 18%]
Reduction of CO2 emissions caused by operations [vs 2019]

The global strength of the BNP Paribas Group and the dynamic technological development combined with the optimisation of E2E processes as the basis for organic growth and high Customer satisfaction.

Execution in 2023

  • Implementation of a payment gateway solution for e-commerce Customers (Axepta BNP Paribas).

  • Enabling the completion of formalities at the Bank’s branches using mDowod.

  • Unification of online and mobile Banking systems for business Customers (microenterprises and farmers). Single sign-on for business and private accounts.

  • Remote confirmation of Broker ID for SMEs, offered by Autenti, as the first Bank in Poland.

  • Implementation of a new integrated CRM system in the area of retail Customers enabling, among other things, the use of artificial intelligence capabilities.

  • 208 robots actively supporting the Bank’s operational processes (34 implementations in 2023).

  • Implementation of an electronic credit application for medium and large agricultural enterprises.

  • The Bank’s digital solutions most innovative in Central and Eastern Europe: the Innovation in Digital Banking Award 2023 for the implementation of digital customer service in the branch using a mobile application.

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2023 execution

2025 strategic target
Total investment in technology by 2025
PLN 437 million
PLN 1.5 billion
Optimisation of all key end-to-end processes
34 processes
38 processes
Increase in efficiency of operations [vs 2021]
>10% per year
Number of instances of us of artificial intelligence or advanced data analytics

People first: we focus on people. A committed and satisfied employee guarantees a high level of Customer satisfaction. Agile@Scale and a new organisational culture as the foundation for a diverse and inclusive working environment based on trust, courage and creativity.

Execution in 2023

  • Improvement in employee satisfaction as measured by the eNPS index by 5 points compared to 2022 (to a score of 23).

  • “I can DO IT” training programmes for Bank employees wishing to change their career path towards IT. Two courses: Service Desk and IT Analyst – 644 applications for 35 places.

  • Partnership agreement entitled “INCLU(VI)SION” with the Activation Foundation, supporting the employment of people with disabilities.

  • Audit of the organisation in terms of the needs of neuroatypical employees together with the asperIT Foundation.

  • Campaign communicating the Bank’s values “I CAN” with the top prize in a competition organised by the London Institute of Internal Communication in the Best Engagement Programme category.

  • Honoured on the Diversity IN Check 2023 List for the fifth consecutive year – a compilation of employers most advanced in diversity and inclusivity management in Poland.

  • Strategic partner of the Noble Gift programme for the 6th time.

  • Achievement of the Top Employer Poland 2023 title for the 10th time.

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2023 execution

2025 strategic target
Share of women on the Bank’s Management Board [vs 2021: 22%]
22% (37.5% from January 2024)
Reducing the pay gap between women and men [vs 2021: 7.3%]
eNPS – Net Promoter Score of employees [vs 2021: -9]
People working within Agile@Scale

Management Board Report

Management Board Report on the activities of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Group in 2023

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