Maria Gawlikowska

Social Projects Expert

The main objective of the GObeyond’s strategy for 2022-2025 is to continue the dynamic growth of the Bank, which will be an institution that operates efficiently, with engaged employees and satisfied Customers, while being a leader in the area of sustainability.

Targets for 2025

Return on
equity (ROE)


ratio (C/I)

max. 48%

Share of
sustainable financing


Execution of financial targets

  • Return on equity ratio (ROE)

    • 3.9 %

      2022 execution

    • ~ 12 %

      2025 strategic target

  • Cost/income ratio (C/I)

    • 56.8 %

      2022 execution

    • max. 48 %

      2025 strategic target

  • Share of sustainable financing

    • 7.1 %

      2022 execution

    • 10 %

      2025 strategic target

2022 execution

2025 strategic target
Return on equity ratio (ROE) 3.9% ~12%
Cost/income ratio (C/I) 56.8% max. 48%
Share of sustainable financing 7.1% 10%

GObeyond strategy pillars


Our aim is to increase the number of Clients served, strengthen our market position and increase revenues.


We aim to be a leader in sustainable finance by developing a range of dedicated products and services for all business lines. It will consistently aim at its own climate neutrality and support its Customers in doing so. Responsibility, accessibility, transparency and ethics will dominate the relationship with Customers. Activities for the benefit of local communities and involvement in education and public debate, will support the building of the Bank’s brand.


We improve internal processes and transform the IT area with the use of the latest technologies. We accelerate implementation of new solutions. Our objective is to make quick and cost-effective scalability the basis of our modern digital Bank. We support business development through advanced analytical tools, maintaining a secure and optimal capital and liquidity position.


A new organisational culture that supports employee development, proactivity and creativity, and encourages bold decisions. A committed and satisfied workforce guarantees a high level of Customer satisfaction. We have started operating under the Agile@Scale working model ensuring work-life balance and paying attention to employees’ mental health. We support the development of women and promote diversity.

Key achievements in implementing the GObeyond strategy

Offering high quality banking as well as non-banking products and services as the key to expanding the Customer base in the omnichannel world. Creating an excellent Customer experience by designing customised pathways.

Execution in 2022

  • Introduction of fixed-rate loans for micro enterprises (cash loan) and farmers (working capital loan)

  • Poland’s first mortgage with a 10-year fixed rate

  • Financing of early-stage technology companies (“scale ups”) with a loan from PLN 500,000 to PLN 2 million

  • Micro-factoring in cooperation with Fandla

  • Immediate (4 days after the outbreak of war) adjustment of the offer and account opening process to the needs of the Ukrainian people

  • GOdealer – the new mobile application for currency exchange. Fast execution of currency transactions via phone for all Customers – from individuals to the largest companies

  • The first place in the Traditional Banking category in the Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking

  • The second place in the Forbes magazine’s Company Friendly Bank

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2022 execution

2025 strategic target
NPS – Retail Banking and Personal Finance
7th place (group study)
% of key processes for individual Customers available via remote channels
Number of active Customers (individual Customers and micro enterprises)
4.0 million
4.5 million
Sales via digital channels (individual Customers)
Market shares in new sales (ROR accounts, cash loans, mortgage loans)
  • current accounts (ROR)
  • cash loans: 5.1%
  • mortgage loans: 7.1%
Number of active micro enterprises
272 thousand
340 thousand
Number of micro enterprises active in digital channels
165 thousand
230 thousand
Maintaining the leading position in the agro segment (share in the loan market)
Increase in the number of active food processors [vs 2021]
Increase in the number of active Customers (Corporate and SME banking) [vs 2021]
Increase in the number of active international Customers [vs 2021]
Number of Customers active in digital channels (Corporate and SME banking)
30.1 thousand (GOonline Biznes)
37 thousand
Increase in loan volumes (Corporate and SME banking 2025-2021)
+6% annual average

A responsible and reliable financial partner supporting the positive and sustainable development of Customers, business and society. A guide for Clients in a world of digital and sustainable transformation.

Execution in 2022

  • Three significant Sustainability-Linked Loan transactions, i.e. general purpose financing, linked to improved sustainability (ESG) indicators

  • ESG Rating-Linked Loan – a new type of financing linked to an improved ESG rating score and the establishment of a partnership with the rating agency EcoVadis

  • New contracts to support energy efficiency projects in cooperation with the EIB

  • The best ESG Sustainalytics rating score among Polish banks

  • Strengthening employee engagement: launch of online platform to manage employee volunteering

  • 103 Clients’ Centres with the “Barrier-free Facility” certificate

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2022 execution

2025 strategic target
Share of sustainable finance [vs 2021: 4.5%]
Total value of green and sustainable bonds of the Bank’s Customers [vs 2021: 0]
PLN 1,400 million
Share of sustainable assets in management [vs 2021: 5%]
Social involvement of employees (annual average per employee)
3 hours 51 minutes
4 hours
Clients’ Centres with the “Barrier-free Facility” certificate [vs 2021: 18%]
Reduction of CO2 emissions caused by operations [vs 2019]

The global strength of the BNP Paribas Group and the dynamic technological development combined with the optimisation of E2E processes as the basis for organic growth and high Customer satisfaction.

Execution in 2022

  • Optimisation of the complaint process. Decrease in the number of complaints by 6% y/y and improved evaluation of the process by Customers

  • Modern methods of Customer service (implementation of a voicebot on the Bank’s call centre, increasing use of chatbot in GOonline)

  • BLIK – further development of functionalities (instalment and credit card repayment, mobile transfer)

  • Aggregator of accounts from other banks (open banking)

  • Protecting Customers from frauds: the first in Poland verification of the identity of a Bank employee and a Customer during a phone call, using push notifications in a mobile app. Implementing behavioural analytics at GOonline

  • Convenient functionalities for micro-entrepreneurs: an advanced GOksięgowość (GOaccounting) system, a payment terminal on the phone (SoftPOS), completely remote opening of a company account with the use of biometrics and electronic signature

  • Digital Fraud Innovation Lab: working with external companies to more effectively combat cyber risks

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2022 execution

2025 strategic target
Total investment in technology by 2025
PLN 350 million
PLN 1.5 billion
Optimisation of all key end-to-end processes
19 processes
38 processes
Increase in efficiency of operations [vs 2021]
>10% per year
Number of instances of us of artificial intelligence or advanced data analytics

People first: we focus on people. A committed and satisfied employee guarantees a high level of Customer satisfaction. Agile@Scale and a new organisational culture as the foundation for a diverse and inclusive working environment based on trust, courage and creativity.

Execution in 2022

  • Improvement in employee satisfaction measured by the eNPS index by 27 points in one year

  • Bank and employees’ involvement in initiatives supporting refugees (more than 1,400 employees involved in volunteering for Ukraine)

  • Developing the competencies of the future: ‘UniversITy’ training in the area of New Technologies and Cyber Security

  • Supporting employee networks: “Women changing BNP Paribas”, “BNP Paribas Pride Poland”, “Dad, you’ve got it made”, “Agave Age” – network created by 50+ female and male employees

Strategic commitments and their implementation

2022 execution

2025 strategic target
Share of women on the Bank’s Management Board [vs 2021: 22%]
Reducing the pay gap between women and men [vs 2021: 7.3%]
eNPS – Net Promoter Score of employees [vs 2021: -9]
People working within Agile@Scale

Management Board Report

Management Board Report on the activities of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Group in 2022