Annual report 2019

Transformation and integration

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The Transformation Program was launched in 2017.

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Its goal is to focus on the needs of customers who expect that a modern bank should, above all, provide excellent service, not only in a traditional branches, but primarily online. Online services are available to customers at the time and place of their choosing, which naturally leads the bank towards the digitization of further services, the simplification and automation of processes and the reduction of documentation on paper.

Five major programs are a part of the Bank’s Transformation, 72 out of 88 planned have been completed:

  1. E-transformation – i.e. improving the efficiency of the operational model (completed in over 95%);
  2. Digitization of solutions for the client (completed in over 95%);
  3. Adaptation of IT systems (completed in over 87%);
  4. Effective data management (completed in over 80%);
  5. Inspiring workplace (completed in over 78%).

Key areas of the Bank's transformation and the most important achievements in 2019


Building personalized, easy-to-use products, available to customers 24/7, regardless of the service channel chosen by the client.

Key achievements

  • Development of the GOmobile application for retail clients, i.a.:
    • new functionalities implemented during the year: GOtravel insurance, Allegro Renewable limit for owners of the Raty Od.nowa product, proxy support, payments with BLIK codes;
    • new version of the application integrated in the omni-channel platform launched in the fourth quarter of 2019;
    • increase in the number of users actively using the applications and transactions made by users;
    • application is appreciated by users – reviews of Google Play stores: 4.2, iTunes: 4.5 (in Q4 2019).
  • GOonline – new online banking for retail customers launched in July 2019:
    • new omni-channel platform integrated with the sales process engine;
    • migration of Core RBPL retail customers to GOonline – almost 230 thousand Core RBPL customers who have logged into the new system since the day of the operational merger.
  • – a comprehensive and modern portal of the BNP Paribas, which was launched in the first quarter of 2019 in response to the needs of farmers and processors. The platform, including functionality and appearance or arrangement of specific tools, was created together with representatives of these groups. Currently, the platform is used by over 2 thousand users.


  • Simplification and automation of processes, efficient operation and reduction of paper documentation to a minimum, as well as modern tools and branches;
  • automation and robotization: comprehensive automation of processes, reduction of manual work, simplification and improvement of our efficiency, automation of the complaint process – improving the quality of customer service;
  • sales network transformation: streamlining the work of branches through new tools (e.g. optimization of cash services), a better workplace and a friendly space to meet customer needs, so as to set new standards as regards service quality and the banking offer in Poland.

Key achievements

  • Development of business process robotization – implementation of new robots that implement processes mainly for the areas of Operations and Personal Finance. Currently in the Bank 27 robots perform tasks, supporting employees in 61 processes.
  • Improvements in credit processes, e.g. within the paperless project carried out in cooperation with Autenti – fully electronic credit process (performed in cooperation with Autenti startup) for customers using installment loans and from Q2 2019 also for credit cards.
  • Further implementation of a new type of branches – a change in the philosophy of customer service, including a completely new design of branches, without traditional service desks. Branches in the new format are fully automated, allowing employees to focus on customer needs and the high quality of service. Cash transactions are carried out with the use of recyclers located in branches.


Creation of a friendly work environment for all employees, based on a culture of cooperation and equipped with modern digital tools; preparation for the introduction of agile work methods.

Key achievements

  • New mobile applications for employees, e.g. for employee leave management and settlement of business trips.
  • Implementation of virtual security access cards to the head office buildings.
  • Construction of the Bank’s new headquarters at Kasprzaka Street.

The Bank’s Digital Transformation Programme will continue in the period 2020-2022 and will focus mainly on activities in following areas:

  • Data management: improving data architecture, updating CRM solutions, increasing the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytical methods, extending the use of API in cooperation with partners.
  • Customer Interface: changes in Internet banking for corporates, improvement of solutions supporting individual customer service in many distribution channels.
  • Operational model: implementation of the Autenti electronic signature to support the reduction of paper use (depapieryzacja) within the bank’s processes, implementation of the Enterprise Workload Management system, increasing the number of robots used to automate tasks, growth based on cloud solutions.
  • New working methods: a progressively more agile way of working throughout the organization.

Connecting Banks with a comprehensive transformation project

On October 31, 2018, Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas took over the core business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., which was confirmed by an appropriate entry in the National Court Register. In 2019, the brand was rebranded. From April 1, 2019, the combined organization operates under the name BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. In 2019, the operational merger of the merged banks was also finalized. As a part of the Bank’s integration and transformation, among others, rebranding 568 locations and 172 systems has been carried out.

Unification of the sales network

Rebranding: BNP Paribas brand

IT systems integration and operational merger

Rebranding - BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. "The Bank for a changing world"

At the beginning of 2019, the Bank rebranded and the BNP Paribas brand was introduced in the National Court Register, in all banking materials and IT systems. From April 1, 2019, the Bank has been operating under the name BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. The communication of this change was supported by, among others extensive marketing campaign. In accordance with a coherent plan to introduce the BNP Paribas brand, the names of the Bank Group companies as well as the Foundation, which has been operating under the name BNP Paribas Foundation since 2019, have changed accordingly.

What brand does BNP Paribas want to be?

We always put people
in the center of our attention.

We observe and notice changes in Polish society.

We value authenticity
and honesty; we see various aspects of life.

We want to be understandable and we don’t want to distance ourselves.

BNP Paribas Brand message

BNP Paribas is a Bank of a changing world that wants to create your better future with you and have a positive impact on society.

– and understand how they affect the lives of our customers and society.

to help you take advantage of the opportunities these changes bring. Thanks to this, we want to improve the private and professional life of our clients and support sustainable and fair social development.

The slogan for the Bank BNP Paribas is „The Bank for a changing world”. It means that we are with our clients at various stages of their lives; we help them implement their plans and develop. Our clients are the „change agents”, and the Bank accompanies them in a changing world, allows them to treat changes as a positive phenomenon, to see opportunities in them. „The Bank for a changing world” is not a slogan, but a statement that means that with our Bank customers can look into the future with optimism.

Operational merger

In November 2019, the last stage of the merger of banks – their full system and process integration – was completed. Afterwards the operational merger took place, i.e. integration of IT systems and unification of business systems throughout the company. It was one of the largest operations of this type in the history of Polish banking. This way, the integration process has been successfully completed after one year. The result of this operation, preceded by a series of many tests and general trials, was merging of customer data in one banking system and transferring them to the target IT system.

It was the most important stage in the integration of Banks, efficiently carried out in one weekend. The merger was planned from the afternoon of November 8 to the morning of November 12. However, thanks to the smooth operation of the entire migration team, it ended much earlier. On November 10, around midnight, on-line and mobile systems were available for individual clients, and on midday on November 11, applications for business clients were
in operation.

Valentyna Khokhlova Director of the Integration Department at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

Operational merger is not only data migration - we had to be sure that people, processes, regulations, customers - they are ready for it. As part of Business Readiness, we've trained over 5,000 people, updated over 200 regulations and instructions, and informed over 3 million customers about the changes ahead and what will happen during the migration weekend. And, most importantly, we have all demonstrated exceptional solidarity.

From April 1, 2019, sales network branches operate under a new logo – BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

At the same time, we launched an offer for new customers of the combined Bank BNP Paribas:

  • for new individual customers – Account Open for You,
  • new account for micro clients – Account Open for Business and Agrobusiness,
  • new joint cash and insurance offer.

On April 1, 2019, we introduced a uniform customer service model. We have also made available a digitized „Offer Guide” on the tablet as a target customer service model. In addition, our consultants received new customer service (sales call) scenarios and updated product information in one tool. We have also implemented a new FrontEnd – GOone, a coherent tool for customer service. We have also launched a Virtual Branch, thanks to which a bank expert in the field of investment through a video call provides knowledge and support. The call can be initiated by an advisor at the branch level.

On October 7, 2019, we implemented the GOone application that replaced the existing tool in branches and the Contact Center.

From the day of the operational merger on November 12, one joint offer applies to all clients.

We support employees’ knowledge about the quality of customer service through a gamification project – the „Heroes” platform. The platform aims to motivate employees to learn and apply customer service quality standards and increase sales. Its purpose is to raise employees’ knowledge of services and banking products. In the application, advisors will find numerous materials, questions, tasks and quizzes related to product knowledge and the customer service model. The platform also provided support during the integration process – apart from elements related to product and process knowledge, checklists verifying the readiness of branches to work during the rebranding and operational merger were provided there.

In 2019, we also increased the effectiveness of the branch network by implementing the GOteam Program, which aims at:

  • organization and coherence of the entire network,
  • strengthening cooperation on the line: Branch – Region – Macroregion – Headquarters,
  • implementing a new communication culture in sales teams.

The program will be supported by the Go App. With its help, we will inspire, support the implementation of GOteam assumptions and develop managerial competences.

In order to prepare for the most effective changes related to integration and transformation projects, a series of sales network employees trainings was conducted. We have appointed a team of trainers – sales network employees – for the project preparing for integration.

We conducted thematic workshops on:

  • sale of ROR and debit cards,
  • sale of cash loans for all directors of branches and regions – materials prepared on the basis of the results of the analysis of our clients’ shopping preferences.

We have prepared a training program for new employees based on current knowledge and trends. We have implemented the „Panel for new employees” as part of the „Heroes” gamification platform as well as stationary training which combined theory and practice.

As part of training for new employees:

  • we discuss issues related to customer service,
  • we pay special attention to the service of clients with disabilities and indicate the improvements used by the Bank (e.g. contract written in Braille, facilities for the visually impaired such as a signature frame or a magnifier),
  • we advise on how to transfer knowledge and skills so that every customer, regardless of age, can freely use online and mobile banking, and be able to deposit and withdraw funds from self-service devices.

We have also launched the „Promoter” program promoting active and effective employees conducting the onboarding process of Junior Customer Advisors.

As a result of the merger of the Banks and the transformation of the sales network on December 31, 2019, there were 514 branches in the Retail and Business Banking Branch Network, including 20 partner branches. In 2019, we transformed and digitized 142 branches. At the end of December 2019 in the Retail and Business Banking Division, the Bank actively cooperated with 14 nationwide brokers based on outsourcing agreements regarding the acquisition of banking products and 263 local brokers (based on marketing agreements) informing potential customers about the Bank’s product offer.

Already at the beginning of January 2019, the sales network of merged banks was unified. The next stage was a complete integration completed on November 11, 2019, when all customers were connected to the BiznesPl@net electronic banking. The merger of the banks was part of a comprehensive transformation and development project for the entire area.

All stages of integration have been completed as planned. Since the full implementation of the operational merger, the customers of the merged banks have been using identical offers and solutions, including the modern GOonline online banking system. Customers who were affected by the transfer to our systems received at their disposal, among others:

  • the function of collecting confirmations from the history of operations;
  • waiting room service – functionality that allows you to send payments even in the absence of funds on your account;
  • the ability to generate comprehensive statements offline;
  • support for receiving statements and initiating transactions at other banks;
  • cash service – submitting requests for cash orders and bank convoys orders;
  • BNP Paribas Connect functionality providing additional data exchange functions (mass payments, file downloads, etc.) and additional integration with InsERT and Sage systems;
  • applications enabling the connection of client systems with the Bank using the BNP Paribas Connect service;
  • Pay-by-link functionality (for customers with a one-person acceptance scheme);
  • access to FX Today immediate transactions carried out online, FX Tomorrow / FX SPOT transactions (within the available limit) and FX Forward transactions (within the available transaction limit);
  • extended offer in the scope of eCommerce payments together with the possibility of accepting fast transfers, online payments and acceptance of card payments for customers selling products via the Internet;
  • wide possibilities of implementation and support of transactions in foreign trade, thanks to the cooperation of BNP Paribas Group units around the world.

In order to prepare most effectively for the changes related to integration and transformation projects, two series of training sessions were conducted for sales network employees and central units. Intensive trainings concerned: operating the Bank’s systems, standards of keeping records, compliance procedures, product offer, credit process, factoring, trade financing, specialist solutions, self-service in the BiznesPl@net electronic banking system, Customer Service and onboarding, as well as reporting. In addition, employees of the sales network and central units participated in training in financial analysis, techniques for detecting manipulation and accounting fraud, change management, negotiations. Managerial workshops, Agile Project Management Foundation and Lean Game trainings were also conducted.

As a result of the merger, a new sales network structure was created for the SME and Corporate segment. Customers have easier access to banking services thanks to twice as large Teams of Advisors, Assistants and Business Analysts – this is an important aspect of the transformation from the point of view of customer service quality.

  • After the merger, SME Business Centers of the Bank operate in 37 cities throughout Poland.
  • Corporate Banking Centers are concentrated in 14 largest industrial and service centers in Poland.
  • In the area of after-sales activities, customer service was moved to the Business Service Zone in Ruda Śląska, which is a new unit specialized in the operational service of SME customers.

Banking applications in the age of transformation

Marcin Bodnar Managing Director of the Internet Banking Division at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

GOonlie and GOmobile receive a lot of positive comments and feedback that help us build the right priorities in our development plans for 2020. In December, new, better functionalities, standing orders and investments appeared in the mobile application. We intend not to slow down and continue to develop dynamically. Our new platforms were created during the process of merging the Banks. Now, when change becomes natural for us, connection and integration do not stop us from further development, because we are the changing Bank for a changing world and change is our everyday life.

In 2019, we implemented and developed modern online and mobile banking tools: GOonline and GOmobile. These are our new online banking systems – available, simpler and friendlier. The applications have been designed and tested by clients and respond to the changing needs of modern users of electronic banking and the digital world.

GOonline is designed to change with users’ preferences, without technical breaks for updates. We are constantly developing the application to ensure maximum accessibility, also for people with various disabilities. We have introduced many functionalities that will help you quickly understand your finances and offered products, and choose services to meet your current needs.

Number of users at the end of 2019:

426,000 GOmobile

mobile banking

441,000 GOonline

internet banking

In 2019, our Bank started cooperation with Allegro, by introducing a new product, Instalments All Over Again – a renewable limit on instalment purchases on Allegro. This allows customers to track on a regular basis in the GOmobile application the information about the limit, transaction history and purchases.

In 2019, our Bank continued preparations to move to a new headquarters in Warsaw – under the Petrus project.

The new headquarters of the Bank will be modern, built in accordance with the latest architectural trends, ecological and green. It will offer the opportunity to work in open spaces, but also quietly and individually. It will allow meetings to be organized for up to 240 participants thanks to the modular conference rooms.

Solutions for the new headquarters are consulted with the Bank’s employees. Through the Petrus Project Ambassadors, employees are invited to design conference rooms, furniture or test chairs. The ambassadors are intermediaries in communication between employees and the team responsible for the design of the new headquarters.

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