Annual report 2019

Growth perspectives for the BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Group

The year 2019 was dominated by activities related to the integration of the core business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. acquired by the Bank.

One of the most important milestones in this process is the rebranding carried out on 1 April 2019 and the finalisation of the entire operation, the November operational merger. All key objectives of the integration were achieved in accordance with the schedule and the assumed scope. Apart from strengthening the market position, the acquisition was justified by potential synergies. The assumptions envisaged PLN 500 million gross cost synergies in 2019-2021 (from 2021 onwards PLN 350 million repetitive cost synergies per year) and gross restructuring costs of PLN 500 million in 2018-2019. The realization to date confirms these assumptions as a good forecast for the following years.

In 2020, the Bank’s objective is to enter a path of intensive organic growth. A dynamic but balanced growth of lending is planned, allowing to maintain both adequate margin and risk costs. This growth will be possible thanks to more effective acquisition of new customers and improved customer activity. Sales effectiveness will be supported by more intensive use of mobile channels and better data management, improving the matching of the offer to the customer. Combined with other initiatives to improve customer service quality, this will be reflected in the growing NPS ratio.

Digital competences

In order to improve market competitiveness, the Bank will continue its extensive investments, coordinated under the second wave of the transformation programme. In line with the market trend, the Bank notes the need for continuous and dynamic development of digital competences. Internal processes will be modernised, improving the speed and efficiency of operations and supporting the institution’s flexibility in response to external changes. The success will also be measured by reliable, fully digital sales and service processes for customers and partners offering the Bank’s products.

In 2020, works will also be continued on building the BNP Paribas brand recognition and the values behind it. As an institution after many mergers and a relatively recent rebranding, the Bank sees a potential for further improvement of its position in the customer awareness in Poland. The Bank’s objective is to build the image of a socially responsible company, caring for the future and open to diversity.

Ambitious development plans require increased employee involvement. For this purpose, the Bank is implementing a new strategy in the area of human resources management. The strategy focuses, among other things, on broadly understood improvement of working conditions, enhancement of benefit programmes, and placing greater emphasis on supporting talent development.

The main goals of implementing the Fast Forward Strategy for 2020 have been defined in three categories:

The main goal is to strengthen the increase in credit volumes with a strong focus on sales through remote channels. Streamlining processes and a precisely tailored offer will translate into higher quality
of services and increased customer satisfaction (measured with the NPS indicator). Together with the reformed distribution model, this will strengthen the Bank’s competitive position and allow for more dynamic acquisition
of active customers.

In line with consumer expectations, the Bank will continue to strengthen its digital competences, with particular emphasis on modernizing customer contact points. At the same time, internal processes will be systematically automated and optimized. Strengthening awareness and building associations for the BNP Paribas brand after rebranding will also be important.

Implementing cost and income synergies as a consequence of successful integration with Raiffeisen Bank Polska and further strengthening the efficiency of capital utilization.

Amongst others, as a part of implementing the Strategy and involving employees in its implementation, we organize a cyclical Show us the difference competition in which we reward the best implemented initiatives in individual pillars of the Fast Forward Strategy.

The Group positively assesses the prospects for business development in the coming years, despite the presence of both materialising and potential risk factors. These are attributable, for example, to the accelerating pace of events related to the problem of foreign currency loans or the regulatory burden which has been increasing for a long time. In the coming years, the Group expects a considerable increase in the scale of operations and an improvement in profitability, in accordance with the adopted strategic objectives.

More information about The Fast Forward Strategy.

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