Annual report 2019

Implementation of the Fast Forward Strategy in 2019

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The main assumption of the new Fast Forward strategy for 2018-2021, adopted by the Bank’s Management Board and Supervisory Board in May 2018, is focus on the customer and digital transformation of products, services and processes aimed at accelerating development and increasing profitability.

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The Bank’s strategic goals




above 10%


Growth rate of the net banking income higher than the market average growth

Business development is based on five key pillars: growth, simplicity, digitisation, quality and enthusiasm.

The primary driver of development is retail banking. Within this area, the Bank has prepared a new offer for individual customers, together with the modernisation of digital tools (Internet and mobile banking). The range of products and services will be constantly adjusted to promote greater simplification of customers. The new acquisition will be supported by expanding cooperation with B2B customers. The Bank’s ambition is to become one of the leaders in corporate and SME banking, to become the first-choice bank for micro-enterprises and to strengthen its position among leaders in private banking.

On the customer side, the Bank will strive to simplify products and communication methods along with the improvement of processes, especially those related to the so-called customer journey. On the business organization side, the Bank will review its internal structures and optimize the sales network.

Achieving a high level of satisfaction and thus customer loyalty will be a priority. On a synthetic level, the Bank aims at doubling the NPS ratio in the horizon of the current strategy. The level of satisfaction is constantly monitored at various levels, enabling improvement of internal processes. Additional support will be provided by systemic promotion of quality parameters in areas related to customer service.

In order to enhance cost efficiency, the Bank introduces process automation by means of artificial intelligence. A great deal of effort is put into cyber security and modernisation of IT architecture. Customers will experience better integrated sales and service channels, and will receive better-suited product and service proposals.

In order to achieve its strategic goals, the Bank will take care of high retention of the best employees and support cooperation and information exchange between business units. The priority will also be to run business in a socially responsible manner, which is at the same time an element of the brand identity.

Realisation of financial targets in 2019

increase in the net banking income Faster than the market +37.4% y/y
  • Increase in net operating income of the banking sector: +9.8% y/y
  • Increase in the Group’s result significantly above the sector’s dynamics due to the acquisition of RBPL in 2018
ROE >10% 8.7%*
  • Improvement in the Bank’s profitability (up from 6.5%* ROE in 2018)
  • The ratio for the banking sector in 2019 was 7.1%
C/I c.a. 50% 55.7%*
  • Improvement in the Bank’s cost effectiveness (decrease in the C/I ratio from 59.9%* in 2018)
  • The ratio for the banking sector (including banking tax) in 2019 was 55.4%
* Normalised values calculated excluding: integration costs (2019 - PLN 414 537 thousand). The impact of integration costs on net profit was estimated using the standard 19% income tax rate. In the case of the "costs" category, the amount visible in the financial statements was reduced by the integration costs recorded under general administrative costs and depreciation. In the case of the 'income' category, the profit and loss account figures for the banking result were adjusted by integration costs recorded under other operating costs and profit from the acquisition of the RBPL Core Business.

Actions within the Fast Forward Strategy pillars

concentration of resources: people, IT and capital on the most profitable products and segments in order to increase acquisition, sales and, as a result, increase of financial results

  • Implementation of a new offer of accounts and cards for retail customers in the second quarter 2019, 184 thousand accounts sold in 2019. Winning in two categories of the ranking (Ranking of personal accounts – May 2019, Account for travellers – June 2019).
  • The new GOonline retail internet platform for individual customers launched in the third quarter of 2019. Migration of Core RBPL customers, completed in November.
  • Increase in popularity of the GOmobile application – the number of active users exceeded 425.7 thousand.
  • Further development of the GOmobile application: new functionalities include the possibility to purchase public transport tickets and pay for parking. The latest version also includes mobile authorisation, deferred transfers and the option to enable recurring transfers.
  • Development of online shopping financing on the Allegro platform. Over 260 thousand credit limits granted since the implementation of the service in November 2018, of which 180 thousand are new customers of the Bank. The amount of granted financing over PLN 500 million.
  • Implementation of a new offer for micro-entrepreneurs including a package of additional services (e.g. GOaccounting, eMicrofactoring, debt collection).
  • Increasing credit volumes: the highest growth rates in the case of mortgage loans (139% y/y growth in sales volume).
  • The development of pro-ecological projects that are in line with the idea of the „Bank of Green Changes” programme. In December, the Bank granted financing for a 10,000th household photovoltaic installation.

simpler product offer – especially in the area of Retail Banking, as well as simplified and interactive communication with customers, simplified processes and focus on customer service, optimization of traditional distribution channels and migration of clients to digital channels, simplification of the organisation to increase its effectiveness

  • Completion of the integration process after the merger with Core RBPL. Successful operational merger in November 2019
  • Optimisation of the distribution network (180 closed retail and business banking branches between the merger and the end of 2019).
  • Increasing the level of automation of credit decisions for micro-entrepreneurs and customers in the Food&Agro segment, which resulted in a significant reduction in the time of decision granting.
  • Further improvement of the Bank’s debt collection processes, i. a. thanks to the use of the register communication services.
  • Improving onboarding processes for retail customers and micro-entrepreneurs by reducing paperwork. It is estimated that more than 10 million pages of paper will be saved annually.
  • Improvement of the consumer loans sales, i. a. by simplifying credit applications and accelerating the credit-granting process. Reduction of the time to funds disbursement by a quarter.
  • Introduction of chatbot as a means of supporting recruitment processes in the Bank.

significant improvement in the quality of customer service and its satisfaction by changing the organisation and streamlining service processes and focusing on the relationship with the client, recognition and appreciation of the loyalty of current customers and change of meaning and approach to measure of customer satisfaction

  • Focus on improving the quality of customer service, confirmed by a number of awards received, such as:
    • 3rd place in the Newsweek’s Friendly Bank 2019 ranking in the „Bank for Kowalski” category (advancement from 9th position).
    • Service Quality Star (“Gwiazda Jakości Obsługi”) 2019 in the 12th edition of the Polish Service Quality Programme.
    • The Golden Banker (“Złoty Bankier”) Award for the Best Mortgage Credit.
    • The „Accessibility Leader 2019” award in the category of branch network. The Chapter appreciated both the architectural solutions applied in five of the branches submitted to the Competition and the gradual modernisation of the remaining branches, as well as the standards of service for people with disabilities developed and implemented by the Bank.
  • Use of blockchain technology as a durable medium of communication with customers.
  • Consistent improvement of customer service quality standards, e.g. using robots to automate the complaint process.

building a competitive advantage based on technologies: digitization for cost optimization through automation of operations, digitalization enabling growth using a comprehensive, multi-channel sales and service model, and digitalization supporting identification of customer needs through the use of CRM and data analytics to improve the offer matching and personalization of communication with the client via coherent online and mobile platforms

  • Continuation of robotisation and automation of processes: launch of 27 robots supporting the handling of 61 processes, in various areas of the Bank’s operational activity.
  • Development of cooperation with Autenti, a company offering software for signing documents in electronic form. Joint investment with PKO BP and Alior Bank with a total value of PLN 17 million.
  • Distinction in the Golden Banker („Złoty Bankier”) contest for implementation of electronic signature in the process of signing credit agreements.
  • Internet platform for business customers: modernisation of the graphic design and extension of the system functionality, including the implementation of the possibility of remote management of existing users and signing contracts and filling in applications without the need to visit the branch. Over 2.2 thousand processed credit e-applications in 2019.
  • Launch of a new foreign currency platform – FX Pl@net – for corporate clients and SMEs.
  • 4th place in the Newsweek’s Friendly Bank 2019 ranking in the category „Banks in the Internet” (advancement from 13th position).
  • PSD2 readiness – making the API commercially available as the first bank on the market. Access to the test environment was granted to several entities.
  • PSD2 Academy – support for the Fin Techs in obtaining licenses and implementing solutions, possibility to establish long-term cooperation with the Bank.
  • portal – an innovative platform connecting farmers, processors and the financial sector. 2.5 thousand registered users and over 50 thousand site entries.
  • Continuation of branches transformation to a new, technologically advanced format: 126 branches in the new format in 2019.

increased employee involvement through participation in projects and increased cooperation, revitalization of organizational culture through rewarding for results, focus on talents, attracting the best on the market and care for the best employees

  • Further increase of BNP Paribas brand awareness. As at the end of 2019, brand awareness rose by 7 p.p. compared to Q1 2019 (before rebranding) and by 10 p.p. compared to 2018.
  • The title of Marketer of the Year 2019 during the MIXX Awards. The campaigns were awarded: „Why aren’t there women on banknotes?”, „Appreciate, don’t judge”, „Your Last Weekend”.
  • Great Oxygen Gardens, or tree plantations to help combat carbon dioxide emissions. For each new loan or account opened, the Bank will plant one oxygen tree.
  • Leader of the 13th Ranking of Responsible Companies. First place in the general classification and first place in the banking, financial and insurance sector.
  • CSR Days at the Bank – events for employees on health and ecological issues, as well as those related to safety.
  • Further extension of non-payroll benefits for employees: e.g. life insurance, free access to a foreign language online learning platform.

Implementation of the strategy in 2019

2019 was the second year of the „Fast Forward” strategy. In addition to organic growth, the strategy assumed the implementation of growth also thanks to the acquisition of the core business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. („RBPL”) by the Bank. The process of integration of both institutions was completed in 2019 according to the planned schedule. The key elements in this process were: the rebranding in April combined with the change of Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. brand into BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. and the operational merger in November.

  • The Bank’s activities in 2019 were dominated by tasks related to the integration of Banks after taking over the core business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
  • At the beginning of 2019, the brand was also rebranded. From April 1, 2019, the organization is called BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
  • Simultaneously with the change of the Bank’s name, a new product offer was introduced in the area of personal accounts and cards.
  • In November 2019, the most important event in the Bank’s integration calendar took place. The operational merger was successful and in line with the assumed schedule.

By the end of the year, the sale of accounts from the new offer exceeded 180,000, with significantly increasing dynamics in subsequent months.

On the loan offer side, a wide range of changes was carried out, which automated the process of granting financing in the areas of cash loans, loans for micro enterprises, in the corporate segment and Agro.

Sales of loans in B2B2C channels have also been strengthened through cooperation with Allegro. Particular year-on-year growth, could be noted in the sale of mortgage loans, in which the Bank doubled its market share.

The ongoing integration was an opportunity to rebuild and restructure the branch network.

  • By the end of the year, the vast majority of the planned 200 branches have been closed, as their locations after the merger ceased to be optimal.
  • In addition, more than 120 branches have been rebuilt into a modern format that meets modern customer requirements.

The modernized branches, apart from their attractive arrangement, are characterized by a high level of digitization and automation, cashless service and co-working spaces. For more information on digitized branches of the Bank, see Accessibility of products and services.

In parallel to the traditional channels, the Bank has significantly developed remote channels. Customers can already use the new online (GOonline) and mobile (GOmobile) banking, which are constantly being improved.

The bank has also developed its digital competences in the „back-office” area, which can be determined by the use of blockchain technology as a durable communication medium with clients and the use of robots to perform nearly 70 processes. As the first institution on the market, the Bank made production API available to third parties (under PSD2) – it is an interface enabling access to the production IT environment.

The new brand was supported by wide-ranging and awarded communication and marketing activities, addressing, among others, problems such as climate change and social responsibility.

Information about the awards granted to the Bank has been included in the Awards and distinctions section. You can read more about marketing campaigns in the section Social topics in marketing communication.

Activities in the area of Retail and Business Products (for individual and micro customers) in 2019:

  • optimization and transformation of the network of branches of the merged Bank, ensuring customer friendliness and the availability of branches and supporting the new model of cashless service,
  • implementing a new value proposition in the Account Open for You offer,
  • creating a new product offer corresponding to the current needs of customers, market trends, and going beyond banking products,
  • implementation of GOmobile 2.0 and the new GOonline online banking,
  • implementation of Blockchain technology to meet the requirements of a durable information medium,
  • improving the quality of customer service and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • significant increase in mortgage loan sales,
  • increase in new individual clients in the Account Open for You offer, including new debit cards tailored to the needs of clients with the ‚Cyber Help’ or ‚Travel cancellation’ insurance packages,
  • increase in business clients in the Account Open for Business offer,
  • increases in selected business lines,
  • implementation of stand-alone Insurance „Accident Protection” and life insurance „Family Protection”,
  • a new, attractive offer of the first loan with an interest rate of 2.99% for individual clients and small enterprises,
  • a new multi-currency Mastercard debit card available for the entire portfolio of individual clients and small enterprises,
  • partnership with Xoxo WiFi,
  • implementation of the GOpocket product,
  • a new Payment Monitoring service implemented together with the bank’s partner company Vindicat for small enterprises,
  • a new sales process of payment terminals together with the Bank’s partner Elavon,
  • Auto Plan long-term rental offer for individual clients and small enterprises in cooperation with Arval.

Activities in the area of Wealth Management:

The superior task that the Bank faced in the area of cooperation with wealthy clients in 2019 was to integrate the activities of the Bank’s Private Banking Department with the activities of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. The integration goal was to create a leading bank on the Polish market in the field of wealth management for the wealthiest clients.

Beata Majewska Head of the Wealth Management Department at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

The distinction by the World Finance Banking Awards is particularly important for us due to the fact that it was not only the experts that decided about the selection of winners but also the customers, i.e. the most important reviewers of the services provided by BNP Paribas Wealth Management. The quality of services and building long-term relations is the motto underlying our strategy. The customers of BNP Paribas Wealth Management get services at the world’s top level, provided by highly qualified and experienced team. Wealth Management Advisors hold international certificates from the European Financial Planner Association. The distinction not only confirms our position and recognises the work of the BNP Paribas Wealth Management team, but also hugely motivates us for further actions.

As a result of intensive design work, we have introduced a number of significant changes in the area of ​​services
for the wealthiest clients:

  • we introduced a new joint brand BNP Paribas Wealth Management,
  • we unified the network of Wealth Management Centers in 16 locations in Poland,
  • we have equipped customer advisors with a new customer relationship management system,
  • we have enriched our offer with services and products of currency markets dedicated to wealthy clients, we have expanded the offer of payment cards, and our flagship product, MC World Elite credit card, has been improved and equipped with additional privileges for clients,
  • we introduced special privileges and services dedicated to the wealthiest clients in the Family Fortunes segment (over 10 MPLN assets),
  • we developed our electronic and mobile banking tools – we introduced a completely new GOonline online banking, we provided the currency platform to Wealth Management clients, and GOmobile mobile banking gained new functionalities.

We want to strongly emphasize the issue of responsibility in the area of private property management. Responsible product selection and customer care have always been at the heart of BNP Paribas Wealth Management. We want to take the next step, encouraging clients to make investment decisions with the awareness of their impact on the natural and social environment.

Activities in the area of Corporate Banking and Small and Medium Enterprises

In 2019, the business strategy of the corporate banking sales network and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) focused on the development of Polish companies. SME business centers and corporate centers work on the basis of  a relational model of customer service, with high activity of advisors in the regions. Thanks to this, the Bank is building the position of a strong local partner for clients.

In its offer for corporate and institutional clients, the Bank develops the following specializations:

  • financing commercial real estate,
  • structured financing,
  • issue of corporate bonds.

New services and tools offered to business clients in 2019 include:

  • new version of GOmobile Biznes mobile banking,
  • the new FX Pl@net currency platform,
  • Trade Finance Business Desk – a dedicated trade finance team,
  • extended offer of trade finance products and a new offer in the field of M&A transaction consulting.

In 2019, the electronic banking system BiznesPl@net was further developed with a wide-ranging package of changes and new functionalities implemented.

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