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CSR and Sustainable Development

Responsible business priorities CSR as the pillar of functioning

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Bank's CSR and Sustainable Development Strategy

We believe that a holistic approach is a prerequisite for achieving actual results in the area of responsibility. That is why we implement the Strategy of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainable development of the Bank BNP Paribas, which four pillars include:

Financing the economy
in an ethical manner

Developing and engaging our people responsibly

Being a positive agent
for a change

Combating climate change

The CSR and sustainable development strategy is consistent with the BNP Paribas Group Strategy. It supports the implementation of the Fast Forward business strategy, being also a key element of the Enthusiasm pillar.

The Bank’s responsibility is primarily: long-term financing of the economy and building lasting relationships with customers in accordance with ethical principles, a responsible approach to employee development and involvement, increasing the availability of products and services, openness to customer needs and initiatives for local communities, limiting the negative impact of operating activities, eco-friendly products and services and promotion of eco-attitudes.

The strategy of CSR and sustainable development of Bank BNP Paribas consists of 12 commitments under 4 pillars of responsibility: economic, in the workplace, social and environmental.

CSR and Sustainability Strategy of Bank BNP Paribas (1) CSR and Sustainability Strategy of Bank BNP Paribas (1)

The key dimension of our Bank’s responsibility is long-term support for economic development by financing projects of individual clients and enterprises – so as to support their growth. At the same time, we monitor CSR risks  in sensitive sectors, and financing decisions are preceded by the analysis of the social, economic and environmental impact of the company and the project. A balanced approach in terms of economic responsibility is understood as long-term financing of the economy and building lasting relationships with clients and other stakeholders in accordance with ethical principles. In this way it is possible to balance the quality of transactions carried out with the expected profit in the short and long term.

Responsibility in the workplace is primarily manifested in creating a good environment that supports the professional development of employees and their commitment. It serves to promote openness, respect for diversity and readiness for professional mobility. The basis of our Bank’s organizational culture is a focus on cooperation and relationship building, care for a good atmosphere at work, mutual support within the organization and providing feedback. We care for our employees by investing in the development of their careers through a wide range of development workshops. Our goal is to create a friendly workplace – one in which respect, tolerance and trust are valued. We regularly measure the level of satisfaction of our employees by opinion surveys.

Responsibility in this respect means active action for the environment in which the Bank operates. It focuses on areas where the Bank can contribute to a positive social change in the most adequate way, i.e. combating social exclusion and supporting education and culture, especially in small communities. The Bank’s social responsibility manifests itself in increasing the availability of products and services, openness to the clients’ needs and undertaking initiatives for local communities. We focus on activities supporting positive social changes, including counteracting social exclusion as well as supporting education and culture. We are proud of the social commitment of our employees and numerous BNP Paribas Foundation programs offering educational support, and thus – strengthening the construction of social capital.

Bank BNP Paribas implements minimizing the negative impact on the environment in three dimensions: limiting the negative impact of operating activities and promoting eco-attitudes among employees, responsible financing of the economy and customers as well as cooperation and involvement in cross-sectoral initiatives. Bank BNP Paribas regularly undertakes projects aimed at raising employees’ awareness of individual’s impact on the environment. We systematically run and from year to year expand the range of our organization’s initiatives to save resources. We encourage our employees to use alternative means of transport, teach safe and economical driving, we show that each of us can have an impact on the level of paper and water consumption in the organization. Our activities bring good.

The Bank's contribution to the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030

Through the implementation of the CSR Strategy and sustainable development, Bank BNP Paribas supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the individual pillars of responsibility, the Bank has identified those SDGs in which its contribution on the Polish market is the most significant. The Bank is guided by the belief that goal 17 is necessary for the success of the 2030 Agenda, and therefore actively engages in cross-sectoral cooperation for sustainable development.


Engagement Idea of 2020 BNP Paribas Group

In 2018, the BNP Paribas Group introduced a global, inter-area Engagement Idea, which has it bases on the four pillars of involvement in the areas of:

  • energy transformation,
  • support for young people,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • local environment.

This idea grew on the foundation of the CSR Strategy and is a development of a commitment under economic responsibility – the positive impact of investment and financing. The goal of the BNP Paribas Group is to implement the Idea in local conditions, through the development of products and value-added services that will respond to current social and climate challenges. It is particularly important for Engagement Idea to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals through, among others, providing financing for energy transformation, offering eco-friendly products and services, supporting entrepreneurship of young people and women, and other initiatives.
In October 2019, in a group of members of the Bank’s Management Board and 100 key managers, we conducted workshops which goal was to develop new products and services consistent with the ​​Engagement Idea and supporting our clients in sustainable development. The results of the workshop will be gradually implemented by business areas throughout 2020, in cooperation with the CSR Bureau through the development of the Bank’s offer and activities in the area of ​​transformation.

Promotion of CSR and sustainable development

CSR Days

As Bank BNP Paribas, we believe that big changes start with the small ones that we introduce ourselves. Therefore,
in our daily activities we support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is a global plan to fix the world. As part of the European Week of Sustainable Development, we organize CSR Days. During the whole week, employees learn about activities under the 4 key pillars of the Bank’s responsibility and learn how to change their environment for the better.

In June 2019, during the CSR Days, many attractions awaited the employees of our Bank. Within 5 days they had the opportunity to take part in 17 different activities, including the first aid training, registration in the bone marrow donors database of the DKMS Foundation, consultations with nutritionists and trainers, inspirational lectures, testing hybrid cars, workshops on ecological and safe driving, meetings with partner social organizations, beekeeping workshops and many others.

1,621 people

participated in the "Live healthy" consultation

>150 people

participated in events promoting safe and ecological driving

134 people

people joined the bone marrow donor database of the DKMS Foundation

80 people

people took part in the first aid training

CSR Breakfast

We are the Bank for a changing world. We have a real impact on changes in our environment. We are glad that our employees actively take actions that make us become a more responsible institution. It was thanks to the daily commitment of our employees that we took first place in the general classification of the Ranking of Responsible Companies. With pride and sense of commitment to taking further action, we hold the title of the most responsible company in Poland in 2019. Once a year, we meet people actively involved in CSR and sustainable development projects to celebrate what we have achieved together over the past year. The CSR Breakfast is an opportunity to summarize, thank each other, and make plans for new initiatives.

The Bank of Green Changes

Care for the natural environment is one of the key commitments of Bank BNP Paribas. We believe that great changes begin with ourselves, which is why we pay great attention to activities to help our planet every day. After many years of intensive activities for the natural environment, in April 2019 we inaugurated the Bank of Green Changes Program, which aggregates all the organization’s previous activities to support pro-climate activities.

The Bank of Green Changes program consists of an internal educational campaign targeted at employees of all areas of the Bank, real changes in the functioning of the organization (the so-called eco-improvements) and a constantly developing offer of pro-ecological products and services. Establishing partnerships and promoting climate justice as part of our initiatives is an important part of our activities and industry events. We include both our employees and the Bank’s clients in initiatives to combat climate change. Thanks to our joint involvement in eco-initiatives, we are the Bank of Green Changes.

For more information on activities under the Bank of Green Changes Program, see chapter: Responsibility towards the environment.

Ranking of Responsible Companies

Our corporate responsibility activities are regularly appreciated in the Ranking of Responsible Companies, which assesses companies in terms of the quality of corporate social responsibility management. In 2019, the Bank took first place in the general classification as well as in the banking, financial and insurance sector.

Maria Krawczyńska Director of the CSR Bureau at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

The position of the leader in such a prestigious ranking is a great distinction for us. It is a great appreciation of the commitment and hard work of all employees who care about strengthening the responsibility of our institution, and are involved in important pro-social and environmental initiatives on every day basis. A promotion in the general classification of the ranking to the 1st position is a great joy, but above all a commitment to do further work in this area.

The Responsible Business League

As part of the partnership with the Responsible Business Forum, for many years we have been co-creating the Responsible Business League – a free educational program for students about CSR. As part of the League, CSR Ambassadors, who train intensively under the guidance of experts and promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable development at universities and local communities are selected. The Responsible Business League creates new staff of managers and entrepreneurs, social animators and change leaders. As part of the jubilee, 15th edition of the League, we were the guardian of the „Management and CSR” path.

Learn more about the Responsible Business League.

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