Annual report 2019

Social responsibility

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At Bank BNP Paribas we understand social responsibility as involvement in wise and active initiatives aimed to improve our environment.

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We focus on areas in which we are able to contribute to positive social change most adequately and effectively.

The Bank’s social responsibility includes increased availability of products and services, openness to the clients’ needs and initiatives which benefit local communities. We focus on activities which support positive social change, such as counteracting social exclusion, and we support education as well as culture. We are proud of the increasing social commitment of our employees and of numerous BNP Paribas Foundation in Poland programs which support education, integration and local social capital.

Our CSR & Sustainability Strategy commitments under the social responsibility pillar:

  • Products and services that are widely accessible.
  • Combat social exclusion and support human rights.
  • Corporate philanthropy policy focused on the arts, solidarity and the environment.

The Bank’s most important Sustainable Development Goals in the area of social responsibility included counteracting social exclusion as well as supporting education and culture, especially in small communities.

As a Bank for a changing world, we pay close attention to social problems and we act accordingly when they change, both in terms of our operations and communication. Our initiatives and partnerships are long-term. Therefore, we are able introduce lasting changes to our environment. Key to these changes are our employees who volunteer their time and knowledge.

Social responsibility is important for all companies of the Bank BNP Paribas Capital Group. Their operations are conducted in accordance with the highest responsibility standards and with guidelines of the BNP Paribas Group (including The BNP Paribas Group Code of Conduct). Their employees are involved in the Bank’s social initiatives.

2019 in numbers:


volunteer-employees who were socially involved


Local Banks Ambassadors operating all over Poland who worked 5,000 hours for the benefit of local communities


Bank volunteers took part in the “Noble Gift” campaign, providing support for over 100 families


Bank volunteers, conducted 209 lessons for 5,016 pupils as part of the BAKCYL program


branches of the Bank received ”Facility without barriers” certificates, more are undergoing certification


scholarship holders from over 300 towns during the 17 years of the scholarship program “Class”


participants of the “Agro on Heels” program


kliometers covered as part of the 5th edition of the “Good Kilometres” initiative


liters of blood donated by 142 employees as part of “Blood Donation Day”


primary schools took part in the “Kids to the Rackets” project


hours of classes for 60 participants of the Dream Up program within 3 years


children playing tennis during the summer edition of the “Kids to the Rackets” program


employees made regular donations within the “I support all year-long” program


young refugees took part in a tutorship and scholarship program “Knowledge to the power”


potential donors registered in a bone marrow donor database of the DKMS Foundation


scholarship holders of the “Agro-talents” program


kilometers covered by 500 runners in “Relay the Change”

1,5 PLN million

in donations to the Local Grants Program since 2011

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