Annual report 2019

Initiatives for local communities

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The Bank's local ambassadors

The Bank’s Local Ambassadors is a program created in 2018 by Bank BNP Paribas in Poland to launch interesting and important initiatives for local communities, while strengthening the Bank’s brand. This title is given to those most involved in local society life. The project is developing very dynamically. At the end of 2019, there were 90 Local Ambassadors of the Bank, operating all over Poland: advisors, directors of branches and regional directors. In total, they worked 5,000 hours for local communities.

Renata Rybarczyk Head of Sales Support at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

Our Bank’s Local Ambassadors not only strengthen the brand and positive associations with BNP Paribas among local communities, but they are a brand in itself! They are invited to local ventures and events, which often have nationwide coverage. In total, they worked over 5,000 hours for the benefit of local communities. The inspiration to create the Local Ambassadors program came from the active involvement of our employees in local initiatives, e.g. “Sing with us” - the Polish Art Festival for Disabled Children and Youth in Tarnów; 9 Hills Festival in Chełmno or a mentoring program for youth in cooperation with “Exempt from Theory”. The training program, which is part of the Bank’s Local Ambassadors project, allow us to prepare our employees to be the leaders of change in their local communities. I am proud that we have tackled this challenge. Future editions of the program are still ahead of us and even more initiatives await!

It is a role that requires proactivity, good interpersonal skills, sensitivity to the problems of others and willingness
to cooperate with representatives of local communities and organizations. New Ambassadors are already involved
in the development of their environment and are already active volunteers. They undergo training to help them become social leaders and to provide them with tools to work with youth and solve the problems of local communities.


hours of work devoted
to supporting local communities


Local Ambassadors of the Bank

Key initiatives of the Bank’s Local Ambassadors in 2019:

  • activities for the youngest: Children’s Day and St. Nicholas’ Day celebrations, meetings in orphanages and community centers, entrepreneurship lessons for children and youth carried out in branches and in schools,
  • sports events: runs, chess tournaments, swimming competitions,
  • cultural events: festivals, singing competitions for children with disabilities, recitation competitions, dictation,
  • local festivals of cities and towns,
  • cooperation with associations and foundations (including the Kosmos dla Dziewczynek Foundation, the Sukces Pisany Szminką Foundation, the WIOSNA Association),
  • pro-environmental initiatives: organization of educational competitions, planting trees,
  • cooperation with village housewives’ associations, local women’s associations,
  • educational meetings for seniors – cooperation with Universities of the Third Age.

A special initiative the Ambassadors were involved in was the DIVERSITY holiday program initiated in cooperation with the Zwolnieni z Teorii Foundation. For the first time, young people could implement their own projects devoted to combating social exclusion. The Bank provided them with the necessary knowledge: 3 expert webinars, direct assistance available 7 days a week and mentoring support.

Projects implemented by young people concerned, among others, the hard-of-hearing – “Migaj w Mig”; people with autism – “Z autyzmem na TY”; tolerance – #accessibility and the problem hate speech – “STOP MOWIE NIENAWIŚCI”.


projects submitted to the program


completed projects


involved high school and university students


beneficiaries of the programs


Local Ambassadors of the Bank serving as mentors
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The local grants program

The Local Grants Program, an initiative undertaken by Bank BNP Paribas for the ninth time, allows employees of the Bank’s branch network to select and financially support local NGOs. Thanks to the Program, we improve the quality of life in local communities, while strengthening our position as a reliable partner. Compared to 2018, we have doubled the number of grants awarded (to 50), thus doubling the amount of financial support. In 2019, we provided PLN 200,000 to social organizations.

As a responsible company, we want to contribute to solving the most pressing problems of our environment and society. Therefore, in the 9th edition of the Program, we defined 4 main goals:

  • environmental protection and promotion of eco-attitudes,
  • health promotion,
  • minimizing social exclusion, especially among children, the elderly and people with disabilities,
  • promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening the role of women.

Applications for the program – stating the beneficiary organization and presenting a grant utilization plan – are submitted by branch directors or the Bank’s Local Ambassadors. We establish long-term cooperation with the most active organizations.


submitted applications


awarded grants

200 PLN thousand

the value of grants transferred in 2019

9 year

program duration

1.5 PLN million

the value of grants transferred since the beginning of the program

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