Annual report 2019

Responsibility in the workplace

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We understand responsibility in the workplace as initiatives leading to the creation of an environment which supports professional development and employee involvement. We are convinced that responsible HR management is crucial for achieving business success.

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We wish to rank among the most sought-after employers of the Polish financial sector. Our ambition is to create a friendly, effective and attractive work place, one where employees may develop and derive satisfaction from their tasks, one where respect, tolerance and trust are valued. We therefore invest in the development of our employees’ careers through a wide range of training opportunities, workshops and self-development programs. Responsibility in the workplace is also associated with the promotion of diversity, respect, openness and readiness for professional mobility.

Our CSR & Sustainability Strategy commitments under the responsibility in the workplace pillar:

Promoting of diversity and inclusion in workplace.

A good place to work and responsible employment management.

A learning company supporting dynamic career management.

In creating a responsible and friendly workplace, our key Sustainable Development Goals are: providing satisfying work and inspiring the market to apply the best business practices, creating good health and quality of life conditions, promoting gender equality.

We are the Bank for a changing world. Therefore, we know that responsible HR management is the basis for creating a business advantage. We focus on supporting our employees and business. We care about:

  • applying the best working methods,
  • implementing tools which facilitate the efficient and effective performance of tasks,
  • creating an environment that allows maximum focus and development.

2019 in numbers:


people with employee contracts at Bank BNP Paribas


full-time employees at Bank BNP Paribas

38.6 years

average age of Bank BNP Paribas employees


people with employee contracts in the Bank’s Capital Group


full-time employees in the Bank’s Capital Group


years - the longest employment at the Bank


women employed in the Bank’s Capital Group


years - age of the oldest employee


training hours on average per employee of Bank BNP Paribas


men employed in the Bank’s Capital Group


years - age of the youngest employee


participants of compulsory training (280 topics) and 15,465 participants of voluntary training

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