Annual report 2019

56. Subsequent events

31.01.2020 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Resolution on the implementation of an Incentive Programme for persons having material impact on the Banks risk profile.
  • Resolution authorising the Management Board of the Bank to buy back treasury shares of the Company and to set up a reserve fund to be used in whole for buying back treasury shares.
  • Resolution on the issuance of subscription warrants, conditional increase of share capital by way of issuance of Series M Shares, depriving the existing shareholders of pre-emptive right to subscription warrants and pre-emptive right to Series M Shares, amendment to the Articles of Association and dematerialisation of, and applying for admission of, Series M Shares, to trade on the regulated market.
  • Resolution on the adoption of the consolidated text of the Articles of Association of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
06.02.2020 Decisions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on the consent for recognition of the 3Q 2019 net profit as a part of the Common Equity Tier 1 capital on stand-alone (in the amount of PLN 114,075,064.24) and consolidated (in the amount of PLN 110,903,651.00) levels

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