Annual report 2019

3c Fair value of derivative instruments

The fair value of derivative instruments which are not quoted on active markets is determined using measurement techniques (e.g. models). Such methods are evaluated and verified periodically by qualified independent employees who have not participated in their development. All models require approval before use as well as calibration to ensure that the results reflect actual data and comparable market prices. The models used at present rely on the data obtained from Reuters and/or Bloomberg information systems. Derivative instruments are measured on the basis of generally acceptable models. Linear instruments are measured using the discounted cash flow method while plain vanilla options using the Black-Scholes model. Other options included in structured deposits are measured either through decomposition into vanilla options or through Monte Carlo simulations.

CVA/DVA is estimated for all derivatives which are active at a specific date. The adjustment is determined based on the projected future exposure resulting from the instrument, counterparty rating and collateral provided/accepted.

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