Annual report 2019

2.19. Fixed assets available for sale

Fixed assets (or disposal groups) classified as available for sale are measured at the lower of the following values: carrying amount or fair value less costs to sell.

Fixed assets and groups of assets are classified as held for sale, if their balance sheet amount will be recovered as a result of the sale. This condition is regarded as met only when the sale is highly probable and the asset (or the disposal group) is available for immediate sale in its present condition. Management must be committed to the sale, which should be expected to qualify for recognition as a completed sale within one year from the date of classification.

A discontinued operation is a component of the Group that either has been disposed of, or is classified as available for sale, and (a) represents a separate major line of business or geographical area of operations, (b) is part of a single coordinated plan to dispose of a separate major line of business or geographical area of operations or (c) is a subsidiary acquired exclusively with a view to reselling.

Fixed assets held for sale include fixed assets repossessed for debt, meeting the requirements of IFRS 5 as described above.

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