Annual report 2019

Charge on gross financial profit/loss includes current tax payable and debit/credit arising from a value change of the deferred tax asset/liability.

Current tax liabilities and receivables for the current and prior periods are measured at projected amounts payable to tax authorities (reimbursable) using tax rates and regulations valid in law or in fact as at the end of the reporting period.

Deferred income tax

Deferred tax liability is recognized in the full amount in line with the balance sheet method, on taxable temporary differences between tax value and balance sheet amount of assets and liabilities. Deferred tax assets are recognized with respect to all deductible temporary differences as well as unused tax reliefs and unused tax losses in the probable amount of taxable income that will allow the Group to use the aforementioned differences, assets and losses. Deferred income tax is determined using tax rates  (and regulations) binding in law or in fact, as at the end of the reporting period, which are expected to be effective at      the moment of realization of deferred tax asset or settlement of deferred tax liability.

If temporary differences result from recognizing an asset or liability upon a transaction not classified as business combination, which at the moment of concluding did not affect taxable or accounting profit, deferred tax is not recognized. Further, deferred tax liability is recognized for taxable temporary differences resulting from investments in subsidiaries or associates and interests in joint ventures – except for situations when the reversal dates of the temporary differences are controlled by the entity and when it is likely that the temporary differences will not be reversed in the foreseeable future; deferred tax asset is recognized for deductible temporary differences on investments in subsidiaries or associates and interests in joint ventures only to the extent in which the above mentioned differences are likely to reverse in the foreseeable future and a taxable income may be generated to allow deduction of these temporary deductible differences.

The balance sheet amount of the deferred tax asset is verified as at the end of each reporting period and is reduced as appropriate, provided that it is no longer probable that the taxable income will be sufficient for the realization of the deferred tax asset in part or in whole. An undisclosed deferred tax asset is re-measured as at the end of the reporting period and recognized up to the amount reflecting probable taxable income which will facilitate recovery of the asset. The Group nets off the deferred tax asset and liability only when it holds an enforceable legal title to net off receivables with liabilities for current tax and the deferred tax relates to the same taxpayer and the same tax authority.

Income tax regarding items included directly in equity is recognized in equity and in the statement of comprehensive income. In 2019 and 2018 the current income tax and deferred tax liability were calculated using 19 percent tax rate.

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