Annual report 2019

Sustainable funding competence center

In June 2018, our Bank established The International Financial Institutions and Sustainable Growth Programmes Bureau, whose aim is the analysis and development of programs which will optimally support investments made by the Bank’s customers from various market segments.

Adam Hirny Director of the International Financial Institutions and Sustainable Growth Programmes Bureau at BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

The Bank's competence center for the development of sustainable financing is responsible for the analysis and implementation of development programs related to energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, electro mobility and environmental protection. The Bureau cooperates with national and international financial institutions, such as the European Investment Bank and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, as well as with other national and European public institutions. The programs implemented by the Bureau are addressed to all market segments: retail customers, individual farmers, housing associations, micro, SME and large companies. The Bureau is an internal competence center for sustainable financing. It consolidates all of the Bank's projects in the above-mentioned areas; its goals include the strengthening internal competences in the field of sustainable development and obtaining financing for eco-friendly projects through credit lines, grants and guarantees, as well as by providing clients with technical assistance and promoting eco-attitudes.

The main goal of the Bureau is to create dedicated sustainable development programs which support the energy transformation of our clients. The programs are included in the offering of the Bank’s business lines, and they take advantage of the existing experience of the Bank and BNP Paribas Group experts. They also entail cooperation with sources of financing and co-financing available in Poland and the European Union.

  • energy transformation project for housing communities,
  • energy transformation project for enterprises,
  • project increasing access to financing for retail customers, farmers and housing communities.
  • reducing barriers for the energy transformation investments of individual customer groups,
  • facilitating clients’ access to sustainable financing,
  • limiting the risks associated with financing the energy transformation,
  • raising competences related to financing energy transformation among Bank experts,
  • promoting and spreading knowledge in the field of energy transformation.
  • with the European Investment Bank (EIB). Based on the ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) program under the Horizon 2020 program, the Bank obtained funds for technical support for housing communities. The technical support component aims to help housing communities initiate and implement investments in the field of energy efficiency in multi-family residential buildings;
  • through a similar agreement with the EIB – also based on the ELENA program – the Bank obtained technical support funds for SME and MidCAP enterprises. The purpose of the technical support component is to help enterprises in initiating and implementing investments in the field of energy efficiency of commercial buildings;
  • with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) regarding cooperation in granting BiznesMax guarantees to SMEs. The BiznesMax guarantee is an instrument supporting SMEs in the scope of innovative and ecological projects;
  • with the EIB regarding the risk sharing tool within the PF4EE Program (Private Finance for Energy Efficiency) based on the LIFE Environment and Climate Action Program (2014-2020), which is an instrument of the European Union. As a result of the agreement, investors (retail customers, housing associations, farmers) will have greater access to financing in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy micro-installations. They will be able to receive higher loans with longer financing periods.
  • the development of new sustainable financing programs,
  • gradual extension of the system of loans for energy transformation,
  • involvements devoted to the development of the „Clean Air” program and inclusion of commercial banks in the program in order to increase its accessibility to potential beneficiaries,
  • continued financing for enterprises investing in innovation,
  • promoting sustainable development in relation to, i.a. energy efficiency and renewable energy; sharing best practices in this field,
  • building expert knowledge in the field of energy transformation within the organisation,
  • further analysis of the legislative environment and planned legislative changes.

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