Annual report 2019

Promoting climate justice

Participation in industry events

Izabela Tworzydło Head of Corporate Communication, Spokesperson for BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

Financial institutions have a huge impact on shaping the Polish economy. Their financing decisions determine the future of generations to come. Bank BNP Paribas works for social and climate justice. The Bank's experts share their knowledge during conferences and industry events, they also promote a balanced approach to investment financing. It is extremely important for us to inspire others and to work together for our planet.

The Bank’s experts took part, i.a. in the SDGs Summit organised by CSR Europe in Brussels and the European Economic Congress in Katowice. During the European Financial Congress, the Bank hosted a debate entitled „Green finances – principles, standards and reporting”, and during the Economic Forum in Krynica the debate „Sustainable financing – new business models”.

The CCIFP Business Rendezvous with Przemek Gdański also had an ecological theme. The meeting entitled „The Bank of Green Change – Climate, Responsibility, Cooperation” concerned climate change and the Bank’s initiatives in the field of developing „green” financing. The special guest of the meeting was Kamil Wyszkowski – General Director of UN Global Compact in Poland, who acquainted participants with the importance of climate change.


The Bank is a partner of organisations and initiatives which support environmental protection and combat climate change. Since 2017, the Bank has been supporting the Association of Sustainable Agriculture “ASAP”.

Bank BNP Paribas is a partner of the „SDG11 – Sustainable cities” program of the United Nations Global Compact Network Poland. As part of the partnership, the Bank supports the „First day without smog” campaign and other initiatives of the Global Compact Network Poland aimed at promoting eco-attitudes. The president of Bank BNP Paribas, Przemek Gdański, is a member of the UNGC Program Council. He also contributed to the annual publication: “Yearbook 2019”. He urged consumers, companies and institutions to engage in initiatives under the 13th Sustainable Development Goal – initiatives for climate protection.

The Bank also cooperates with UNEP/GRID-Warsaw and is a member of the „Together for the Environment” partnership for the implementation of environmental goals of sustainable development. The partnership is a response to the need for creating the best possible conditions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Poland, in particular those relating to environmental issues.

In 2019, Bank BNP Paribas joined Warsaw’s „Partnership for Climate”.

Przemek Gdański, was the first Polish CEO to support the „CEO CALL TO ACTION” initiative for climate justice, launched in May 2019 during the SDG Summit in Brussels.

Bank BNP Paribas also joined the ECO-CITY project, organised by the French Embassy in Poland in cooperation with the UNEP/GRID Warsaw Center and the ”Teraz Środowisko” industry magazine. The goal of the initiative is to exchange experiences between cities, promote the best and verified solutions, as well as to involve residents in these initiatives. Thus, the goal is to implement the principles of sustainable development. The initiative is accompanied by the ECO-CITY competition, which aims to reward the most environmentally involved Polish cities. As part of the project, the Bank wants to promote energy efficiency for multi-family residential buildings, to popularise the best environmental practices and to support sustainable cities and communities.

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