Annual report 2019

Supporting Client development

Our customers can rely on us not only in matters directly related to our products and services. We strive to be an active partner for them, to understand their challenges needs, to support their development plans and inspire them to set ambitious goals for themselves.

Foreign Trade Program

More and more Polish companies have international ambitions and plans. Our organization wants to support and stimulate the expansion of domestic enterprises to foreign markets. The Foreign Trade Program is the joint initiative of the Corporate Banking and SME Department of Bank BNP Paribas and its partners: the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Bisnode Polska, the Export Credit Insurance Corporation and “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

The Program includes conferences dedicated to specific foreign markets which are organised throughout Poland. During the meetings, experts/diplomats, lawyers, entrepreneurs and representatives of the academic community familiarise participants with practical issues.

In 2019, 31 meetings were held. They were dedicated to the French, Italian, Belgian and Arabian markets (as a part of preparations for EXPO 2020 in Dubai) with the participation of 3,500 representatives of the SME and corporate segment.

Jerzy Śledziewski Vice President of the Management Board, responsible for SME and Corporate Banking

The Foreign Trade Program is made up of organisations with extensive experience in foreign trade, and the participants – entrepreneurs who are extremely open to learning. Together, we have created an attractive space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. It is a source of great satisfaction for us to be able to observe the development of Polish exports which increased by 5.3 per cent on an annual basis after 10 months of 2019. We talk to companies on a daily basis and we notice the growing energy of Polish corporations and SME companies, which are boldly conquering foreign markets.

Find out more about the program at the Bank’s website.

Strategic Partnership with the “Family Companies Initiative”

In 2019, Bank BNP Paribas joined the Strategic Partners of the Family Business Initiative (IFR) Association. The cooperation aims to promote the activities of Polish family businesses, support their education and thus also contribute to the development of the Polish economy. The partnership of both institutions emphasizes the role and values of family businesses in Poland. The Association’s partners support social and economic initiatives which build social trust by promoting and practicing: ethical business with emphasis on locality, intergenerational cooperation and family entrepreneurship.

Business Breakfasts – employee capital plans

Each year, the Corporate Banking and SME Department organizes a series of Business Breakfasts where changes in legal provisions relevant to entrepreneurs are discussed. In 2019, a significant change was caused by the introduction of Employee Capital Plans. Therefore, we organised meetings in 8 Polish cities with the participation of the Investment Funds Association and a labor law office, which were aimed at supporting our clients’ everyday business by providing up-to-date expert knowledge.

”Innovative Client” Contest

The “Innovative Client” is a contest organised by Bank BNP Paribas. Prizes are awarded in 3 categories: Business Innovation, Social Innovation and International Expansion. This year, as the Bank of Green Changes, we have added another category, Ecological Innovation.

The aim of the competition is to promote innovation not only as the key to a company’s success, but also as a means of success for the community in which the company operates.

Business innovation is understood as the implementation of new or improved products and services, the introduction of a new technological process or distribution method. It also includes the results of research and development which led to an increase in production efficiency.

Social innovation is defined as an innovative idea for a solution to an important social issue in a given community.

International expansion is defined as success on global markets achieved by enterprises operating in Poland.

Ecological innovation is the introduction of a line of products classified as organic food and/or organisational and technological processes which ultimately reduce or prevent the negative impact of a company’s operations on the natural environment.


FirmApp is a communication platform between the Bank and SME clients. The application was created as a convenient tool available on the smartphone of every modern businessman.

Mobile applications support various aspects of business and facilitate work and communication, both internally and between the company and its clients. FirmApp is an application created to build relationships and intended for current and potential corporate and SME clients. It is an important and innovative communication platform with companies, which enables us to strengthen the position of our Bank in this sector.

FirmApp contains 3 zones:

Business Zone
contains, i.a., information about current changes in law and taxes, a calendar of deadlines for fees and obligations of the entrepreneur, as well as useful calculators of remuneration, currencies and time zones.
Knowledge Zone
gives customers access i.a. to free invitations to conferences and workshops, thus allowing them to expand their knowledge, e.g. about changes in legislation or the latest management trends.
Entertainment Zone
contains i.a. tickets and invitations to the most interesting national and local events.

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