Annual report 2019

Alternative distribution channels

E-banking and mobile banking

In 2019, the Bank recorded an increase in the number of clients with access to online and mobile banking services as well as customers actively using these service channels. After the acquisition of the core banking operations of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., the Bank took over transaction systems (R-Online and R-Online Biznes) and mobile applications (Mobile Portfolio and R-Mobile Biznes).

As part of the operational merger implemented in the fourth quarter of 2019, these systems have been replaced by new systems: GOonline – online banking for retail clients and GOmobile – mobile banking for retail clients. In the case of business clients, all of the Bank’s clients have been migrated to BiznesPl@net online banking systems and GOmobile Biznes, the new mobile banking system.

Changes in system for retail customers introduced in 2019

  • implementation of the new GOonline online banking system – built on the basis of three basic pillars: simplicity, modernity and intuitiveness of use, characterized by:
    • new, omnichannel platform integrated with the sales process engine,
    • access to all products on one screen,
    • access to shortcuts to the most important functions on the first screen
    • possibility to update the version without interrupting the system availability,
    • Responsive Web Design technology providing the highest comfort of work, regardless of the screen resolution,
    • interface constructed in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 standard
    • possibility to contact customer support via text chat
  • migration of customers being a consequence the acquisition of the Core Business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., which enabled the unification of systems,
  • implementation of a mechanism used for sending documents to the customer (in cooperation with the National Clearing House), based on blockchain technology and meeting regulatory requirements in the field of durable medium,
  • confirmation of the authenticity and validity of documents with a unique Hash code, access to documents also after the client’s relationship with the Bank has ended,
  • implemented in sales:
    • a new process engine and mechanisms for segmenting offer recipients
    • credit card repayment process (schedule for payments into instalments)
    • application for a cash loan
  • development of the card management module: temporary blocking, activation of contactless payments, changing the billing period, configuring automatic repayment,
  • possibility to set the transfer limits in online and mobile banking,
  • the functionality of a trusted browser, eliminating the necessity of a customer to provide the login each time,
  • possibility to open a broker order service system (SidomaWeb) directly via GOonline, with no need for an additional login,
  • optimization of processes and views in terms of their accessibility for people with various disabilities,
  • development of customer experience – introducing numerous improvements based on customer feedback, including default account, product names, context prompts, copying account number.
  • providing a new version of GOmobile 2.0 integrated with the omnichannel platform,
  • implementation of the mobile authorization mechanism – confirmation of operations ordered in GOonline online banking system by use the GOmobile application,
  • possibility to activate, temporary block and change the PIN code for a debit card,
  • possibility to add a card to the Apple Pay wallet through the GOmobile application,
  • management of payment templates and transfers with a future date,
  • purchase of public transport tickets and payment for parking spaces,
  • GOtravel travel insurance, providing quick insurance before a journey,
  • implementation of push notifications (the function was activated by 87% of active GOmobile users),
  • launch of a Pre-Approved credit service for a full base of users with a loan offer (up to PLN 30 thousand),
  • added option of ATM deposits with a BLIK code (without a card),
  • development of customer experience – implementation of numerous improvements based on customer feedback, including card graphics, prompting transfer recipients from the history, added option of Retry/Reply to transfer.

Changes in system for business customers introduced in 2019

  • preparation and implementation of changes in the BiznesPl@net system for the purpose of migration of data of clients using the R-Online Biznes system
  • migration to the BiznesPl@net system during the migration weekend (November 8-11, 2019), a total number of over 32.5 thousand companies and 111 thousand users were migrated,
  • changes in the system and additional functionalities implemented into the system during data migration:
    • new loan module
    • management of import and export collection,
    • introduction of GOmobile Biznes, a new mobile banking application
    • changes in the deposit module – possibility to check interests, select of the account for capital and interest settlement, possibility to export a detailed deposit list to a file
    • changes in SEPA payment service (adding additional payment details), SEPA D0, Target 2,
    • providing the functionality of adding a single transfer to a package,
    • changes in payment processing for clients using the mass payment module,
    • implementation of an intermediary application enabling the connection of client systems with the Bank using the BNP Paribas Connect Plus service,
  • implementation of regulatory changes, resulting from:
    • the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), i.a. enabling launch of the API production environment for selected third parties (TPP) for testing purposes,
    • amendments to the Tax Ordinance in the area of preventing the use of the financial sector for scams (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2491) in the scope of STIR (System Teleinformatyczny Izby Rozliczeniowej – Teleinformation System of the Clearing House) – they relate to blocking entrepreneurs’ accounts in accordance with the decisions of the National Tax Administration in the mode provided for in the Act.
    • introduction of the obligation to use the Split Payment Mechanism for settlements of, among other: domestic payments to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) account and payments to tax micro-accounts (for the settlement of VAT / CIT / PIT taxes).

Bank cards

As regards the issuing and servicing of payment cards, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. cooperates with MasterCard and Visa. The card portfolio includes debit, credit and deferred payment cards.

As at 31 December 2019, the number of cards issued amounted to 2,333 thousand, which was 323.7 thousand more than the year before. The reported significant increase is primarily due to the acquisition of customers under the new personal account Konto Otwarte na Ciebie – the Bank’s offer launched after the rebranding in April 2019 – and the possibility of issuing three new debit cards (Karta Otwarta na Dzisiaj, Karta Otwarta na eŚwiat, Karta Otwarta na Świat).

Number of bank cards issued by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
change y/y
PLN ‘000 31.12.2019 31.12.2018 PLN ‘000 %
Debit cards – retail customers 1,304.7 1,240.4 64.3 5.2%
Credit cards – retail customers 832.9 579.3 253.6 43.8%
Debit cards – business 181.0 167.6 13.4 8.0%
Deferred payments cards – business 7.7 8.8 (1.1) (13.0%)
Credit cards – business 6.7 6.8 (0.1) (1.9%)
Prepaid cards 0.0 6.4 (6.4) (100.0%)
Total number of cards issued 2,333.0 2,009.3 323.7 16.1%

Cooperation with intermediaries

At the end of 2019, as regards Retail and Business Banking, the Bank actively cooperated with 16 nationwide intermediaries on the basis of outsourcing contracts for the acquisition of banking products, as well as 246 local intermediaries (based on marketing agreements). The latter informed potential customers about the Bank’s product offer.

As regards Personal Finance, the Bank cooperated with 15 nationwide intermediaries and 1 online intermediary, on the basis of outsourcing contracts for the acquisition of the cash loan product.

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