Annual report 2019

BGZ Poland ABS1 Designated Activity Company

BGZ Poland ABS1 Designated Activity Company (“SPV”) based in Ireland, 3rd Floor Kilmore House, Park Lane, Spencer Dock, Dublin. A special purpose company with which the Bank carried out a securitisation transaction for a part of the loan portfolio. The Group has no equity involvement in this unit nor is it affiliated with it organizationally. The subject of the company’s activities is limited in the manner described in Article 92a Paragraph 4 of the Banking Law. The sole activity of this entity is the acquisition of receivables and the issuance of securities.

Pursuant to the agreements concluded on 11 December 2017 (as amended), the Bank transferred receivables from the portfolio of loans and cash advances and car loans granted in the Polish currency to SPV. Subsequently, SPV issued securities and took out a loan, secured with the above-mentioned receivables.

SPV is consolidated for the purpose of preparing the consolidated financial statements of the Group

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