Annual report 2019


Sustainable development assumes harmonious cooperation with stakeholders. To ensure that our activities meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders as much as possible, we are interested in their needs and we take their opinions into account in our activities.

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We focus on constant and open dialogue - also because the opinions of our stakeholders allow us to take into account changing socio-economic conditions in the Bank's plans.

Stakeholders of the BNP Paribas Bank Polska

  • Customers: individual and institutional: retail banking, Wealth Management, corporate banking, micro banking, SME banking, Agro segment.
  • Employees and colleagues.
  • Companies of the BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA Capital Group.
  • Entities within the BNP Paribas Group in Poland and abroad.
  • Market environment: business partners, suppliers, Polish Bank Association, consumer and industry organizations, competitive environment, administration, nationwide media.
  • Supervisory authorities: Polish Financial Supervision Authority, National Bank of Poland.
  • Capital market: institutional and individual investors, Warsaw Stock Exchange, rating agencies, analysts.
  • Local communities: social partners, local government administration, institutions supporting cultural and educational events and sports, universities, schools, residents of local communities, local media, NGOs, the BNP Paribas Foundation.
  • Environment: regulatory and non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental issues.

We gain knowledge about the needs and expectations of our stakeholders using many communication channels and methods of dialogue. We strive to provide the environment with complete and reliable information about our goals and activities.

Main forms and tools of communication with stakeholders

  • Direct meetings and telephone conversations with our clients. Analysis of customer reviews about the quality of service and the services we offer. Websites, social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Cyclical employee satisfaction surveys, internal communication tools, direct meetings and conversations.
  • Ongoing contact with social partners as part of the CSR projects of the Bank and the BNP Paribas Foundation.
  • Ongoing contact with business partners and suppliers.
  • Stakeholder surveys conducted in preparation for reporting of the non-financial data.
  • Information materials and reports dedicated to the investor environment.
  • Ongoing contact with representatives of capital market institutions.



Bank BNP Paribas is guided by the conviction that in order to achieve a state of social and climate justice, it is necessary to achieve the 17th Sustainable Development Goal, i.e. to establish cross-sectoral partnerships.

To effectively change the world around us, promote good practices in business, and in particular in the financial services sector – for example, regarding the availability of products, services and facilities, as well as responsible sales, to counteract climate change, and to strengthen social impact, we undertake cross-sectoral cooperation with numerous partners.

New key partnerships established in 2019

  • Support of the „CEO call to action” initiative by Przemek Gdański, as the first CEO in Poland.
  • Inauguration of the draft Responsible Sales Declaration.
  • Establishing cooperation with the National Institute of Senior Economy.
  • Developing cooperation with social organizations – partners of the Become Change campaign.
  • Joining the group of signatories of the CSR Declaration of the Polish-French Chamber of Commerce.
  • Establishing cooperation with UNEP / GRID-Warsaw and supporting the Eco-City initiative.
  • Joining the Together for Environment Partnership.
  • Joining the Partnership for the climate of the city of Warsaw.

For more information on Bank BNP Paribas partnerships, please visit the Bank’s website.

Partners of the BNP Paribas Foundation in Poland

  1. Fundacja Edukacyjna Przedsiębiorczości (“Educational Foundation for Entrepreneurship”)
  2. Alumni of the scholarship program “Class” Association
  3. National Philharmonic
  4. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  5. Warsaw Institute of Banking
  6. The Integracja (“Integration”) Foundation
  7. Harvard Club of Poland
  8. The Dobra Sieć (“Good Network”) Foundation
  9. Society of Friends of Stężyca
  10. Synapsis Foundation
  11. Fundacja Ludzi Otwartej Wyobraźni Flow (“Flow” Open for Imagination People’s Foundation)
  12. Organizers of the Agricultural Knowledge and Skills Olympics
  1. ALIVIA Oncological Foundation
  2. Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland
  3. Association “Mali Bracia Ubogich” („Small brothers of the Poor”)
  4. The Ocalenie (“Salvation”) Foundation
  5. Praga-Południe Culture Promotion Center
  6. Wiosna („Spring”) Association
  7. The Łąka („Meadow”) Foundation
  8. The Nasza Ziemia („Our Earth”) Foundation
  1. Prestigious general secondary schools from the largest cities in Poland (as part of the scholarship program “Class”)
  2. Public institutions and non-governmental organizations from all over Poland (as part of employee volunteering program “Możesz na mnie polegać” – „You can count on me”)

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