Integrated Report 2021

Communication with employees

Communication with our employees is rooted in honesty, respect and ethical behaviour. It also entails promoting and strengthening our core values, which guide us in daily work.

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Information flow within the Bank is an element we take great care of. Communication guidelines are available on the Echonet – the internal intranet. The standards for communication with employees at the Bank are set out among others in the Code of Conduct of the BNP Paribas Group, Fast Forward Bank Strategy and Internal Communication Strategy.

Priorities in communicating with employees

  • Create simple and understandable messages
  • Transparent communication of particularly difficult topics
  • Applying the principle that employees are the first to get informed about anything
  • Dialogue-oriented communication
  • A responsible approach to employee development and engagement

Main channels of internal communication:

  • Echonet – our Intranet
  • Mailing
  • Newsletter Hello (every Thursday)
  • Wallpapers
  • Screensavers
  • Pop-ups
  • Video materials
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys
  • Webinars
  • Town halls (also on-line)
  • Head Office screens
  • Bonjour magazine (a monthly in form of a responsive website)
  • Lunches with Przemek Gdański, the CEO
  • Meetings with Members of the Board for all employees
  • Off-line activities (e.g. dedicated content in head offices and branches, mural in the Kasprzaka Head Office)
  • Contests

Employee satisfaction survey

We care about creating an environment which supports professional development and employee engagement. Their opinions are crucial for us, which is why we conduct a quarterly survey Pulse Check. Thanks to this survey, we receive feedback from our employees and track changes in the Bank. The results are analysed by managers, HR Business Partners and the Management Board. Since the research takes place several times a year, we can react to changes swiftly and introduce new activities.

Last year we carried out four surveys of the kind, the last of which saw the participation of 68% of all employees. The best notes were awarded to satisfaction with management: 91% respondents are pleased to be granted autonomy by the employer, which translates into better work results. 87% were happy to have received support from their employer. An aspect that needs improvement is the perception of changes in the Bank, here only 53% expressed satisfaction, the lowest proportion in the survey.

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