Integrated Report 2021

56.3. Counterparty risk

Counterparty risk is the credit risk concerning the counterparty transactions in case of which the amount of liability may change in time depending on market parameters. Therefore, the counterparty risk is related to transactions on instruments whose value may change over time depending on such factors as interest rates or foreign exchange rates. The varying exposure may affect the customer’s solvency and is of crucial importance to the customer’s ability to discharge its liabilities when the transaction is settled. The Bank’s customers may enter into financial market transactions. The exposure is determined by the Bank on the basis of the current measurement of contracts as well as the potential future changes in the exposure, depending on the transaction type, customer type and the settlement dates.

At the end of December 2021, the counterparty risk was calculated for the following types of transactions: foreign exchange transactions, interest rate swap transactions, FX options, interest rate options and commodity derivatives.

Counterparty credit risk, for transactions which generate counterparty risk, is assessed using the same methodology as the one applied to loans. This denotes that in the credit process, these transactions are subject to limits, the value of which results directly from assessment of customer creditworthiness. However, the assessment also takes into account the specific nature of transactions, in particular their changing value in time or direct dependence on market parameters.

The principles applicable to foreign exchange transactions, derivative transactions as well as credit limit granting, use and monitoring for transactions subject to counterparty risk limits have been laid down in dedicated procedures. According to the policy in place at the Bank, all transactions are entered into considering individual limits and knowledge of the customer. The Bank diversifies availability of products, which are offered to customers depending on their knowledge and experience. The Bank has transparent rules applicable to hedging the counterparty credit risk exposure in place.

At the end of December 2021, the Bank’s exposure to the counterparty risk due to concluded derivative transactions was PLN 2.6 billion. Corporate and financial clients constituted 78% of the exposure, while the remaining 22% were banks.

In connection with COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank observes increased volatility in market risk parameters, which translates into fluctuations in counterparty risk exposure. The Bank assesses counterparty risk on an ongoing basis by conducting reviews of the portfolio of clients in case of whom this risk exists.

The Bank maintains the application of its basic principle of „Know Your Customer”. Due to the non-standard situation, some clients may be asked for additional information related to the change in business conditions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The Bank also takes into account the higher volatility of the above parameters in risk assessment when entering into new transactions.

The Bank currently does not observe significant changes in the materialisation of counterparty risk.

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