Integrated Report 2021

42. Collaterals

The Group had the following assets pledged as collaterals for payment of its own and third-party liabilities. 

Assets of the Group pledged as collaterals

The table below presents the balance sheet value of financial assets that have been established as collateral for contracted liabilities or contingent liabilities. 

Assets pledged as collaterals  31.12.2021 31.12.2020
Guaranteed amount protection fund – Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG)
nominal value of collateral  340,000 370,000
type of collateral Treasury bonds 
maturity 25-07-2026 25-07-2026
balance sheet value of collateral 336,429 364,531
Collateral of BM BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. transactions in securities deposited with the national depository for securities (KDPW)  as part of the stock exchange guarantee fund 
cash  3,265
Collateral for derivative transaction settlement 
nominal value of collateral 1,558,124 344,005
type of collateral  call deposits (amounts due from other banks) 
Collateral of SPV settlements for securitization 
nominal value of collateral  761,924 1,318,022
type of collateral receivables that are the subject to a securitization transaction 
Collateral due to repo transactions
Balance sheet value  92,809
fair value 90,629

Assets of the customer pledged as collaterals

The Group has not established collateral on customer assets that may be sold or pledged. 

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