Integrated Report 2021

The profit or loss statement includes all interest income on financial instruments measured at amortised cost using the effective interest rate, financial assets measured at fair value through other comprehensive income but also income with its characteristics similar to interest income on financial assets and liabilities measured at fair value through profit or loss.

The effective interest rate is the rate used to estimate future payments or incomes throughout the expected life of financial assets or financial liabilities, discounted to the gross balance sheet value of a financial asset or to the amortised cost of a financial liability. The calculation of the effective interest rate includes all commissions paid and received by the parties, transaction costs and any other premiums and discounts that are an integral part of the effective interest rate.

Interest income is calculated using the effective interest rate based on the balance sheet amount of financial assets except for financial assets that are impaired due to credit risk or purchased or originated credit impaired financial assets (’POCI’). At the moment of recognition of financial assets impairment (reclassification of a financial asset to Stage 3), interest income is accrued on the net value of the financial asset and is recognised at the effective interest rate. In case of POCI, the Group applies the credit risk-adjusted effective interest rate to calculate interest income. Interest income is calculated based on net exposure (gross exposure less impairment allowance).

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