Integrated Report 2021

Property, plant and equipment are recognised at the acquisition price or development costs less depreciation charges and impairment allowance. The initial amount of fixed assets includes their acquisition price increased by all costs directly related to their purchase and adaptation for use. The cost includes also cost of replacement of parts of plant and machinery when incurred, if the recognition criteria are met. Costs incurred after the date the fixed asset is transferred for utilization, such as costs of maintenance and repair, are charged to profit or loss when incurred.

Upon acquisition, property, plant and equipment items are divided into components of material value to which separate useful life may be assigned. Costs of overhauls are also a component.

Land is not depreciated. Depreciation of other fixed assets is calculated using the straight-line method in order to spread out the initial asset value or its revalued amount less residual value over the useful life, different for each asset group:

  • buildings and leasehold improvements 2.5 – 20.0%
  • machines and equipment 10.0 – 20.0%
  • computer sets 20.0%

The residual value and useful lives of property, plant and equipment are verified at the end of each reporting period and adjusted if necessary.

Depreciated property, plant and equipment are tested for impairment at least annually, in each case when events or circumstances indicate that their balance sheet amount may be irrecoverable. In such cases, the balance sheet amount is immediately reduced to the recoverable amount if the former exceeds the estimated level of the latter. The recoverable amount is equal to the fair value less costs to sell or the value in use, whichever is higher.

If the recoverable amount is lower than the current balance sheet amount of an asset, an impairment allowance is charged to the statement of profit or loss.

Gain or loss from disposal of property, plant and equipment is determined by comparison of sales proceeds with their balance sheet amount and recognised in the statement of profit or loss in other operating income or expenses.

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