Integrated Report 2021

Sustainable supply chain

The Bank commits to choosing suppliers responsibly, treating them equally in financial matters, and promoting suppliers who support CSR initiatives.

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CSR Declaration

To implement a responsible procurement policy, the Bank developed a CSR Declaration. The document describes the rules of cooperation with suppliers.

By signing the CSR Declaration, suppliers confirm compliance with ethical principles, working and safety conditions, regulations regarding the employment of young people, combating forced labour, discrimination and environmental issues. Each new supplier is assessed according to these criteria.

To participate in procurement procedures, bidders and suppliers must accept the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. The CSR declaration for suppliers aims to promote social responsibility among stakeholders and encourage responsible practices among suppliers.

In 2021, the Bank adjusted the CSR Declaration to the requirements of the BNP Paribas Group. It is now 100% compliant with the Sustainable Sourcing Charter.


new suppliers signed the CSR Declaration in 2021, which constitutes 95% of all new suppliers


of the Bank's expenses on products and services in 2021 were purchases from local suppliers


of the overall supplier assessment was the signing of the CSR Declaration (from 2022 this ratio increased to 10%)

Our purchasing policy is to continually reduce the consumption of resources (such as paper and plastic) and to implement eco-friendly initiatives, such as the purchase of green energy from renewable sources or the purchase of certified, recycled paper.

In 2021, there were no significant changes in this area, and no complaints related to the environmental impact of the Bank’s purchasing policy were reported.

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