Integrated Report 2021

Retail and Business Banking


The Retail and Business Banking provides services to individual Customers, private banking services and services to business Customers (micro enterprises). Within the Retail and Business Banking the Bank serves the following Customer segments.

  • Mass Clients;
  • Premium Banking Customers, i.e. depositing assets in the Bank or through the Bank in the amount of minimum PLN 100 thousand or having monthly inflows of minimum PLN 10 thousand monthly;
  • Private Banking Customers (Wealth Management), i.e. those who invest assets through the Bank in the minimum amount of PLN 1 million. Within the Private Banking there is a separate sub-segment called „Family Fortunes”, i.e. Customers who invest assets through the Bank in the amount of minimum PLN 10 million.
  • non-Agro, not keeping full financial reporting, according to the principles defined in the Accounting Act, meeting the criterion of annual net revenues for the previous financial year below EUR 2 million;
  • non-Agro, with full financial reporting, whose net sales revenue for the previous fiscal year was less than PLN 4 million and credit exposure does not exceed PLN 1.2 million;
  • Agro, not keeping full financial reporting, meeting the criterion of annual net revenues for the previous financial year below EUR 2 million, conducting activities classified under selected PKD 2007 codes;
  • Professionals: entrepreneurs not keeping full financial reporting in accordance with the principles specified in the Accounting Act and who practice professions defined in a separate, internal document;
  • Individual farmers for whom the Bank’s credit exposure to the Customer is less than PLN 3 million;
  • Individual farmers with credit exposure of the Bank to the Customer between PLN 3 million and less than PLN 4 million, where the collateral on the agricultural land covers at least 50% of the credit exposure;
  • Nonprofit organizations (e.g., foundations, associations, labor unions, etc.);
  • Housing cooperatives, housing communities, property managers.

Main achievements in 2021

  • Mortgage – sales growth to PLN 6.6 billion (+18% y/y)
  • Personal accounts – sales increase to 322 thousand (+25% y/y)
  • Cash loans – sales growth to PLN 3.6. billion (+32% y/y)
  • Microfinance (including Leasing) increase to PLN 3.9 billion (+12% y/y)
  • Investments – increase to PLN 8.2 billion (+13.4% y/y)
  • Fee and commission income up by 19% y/y
  • Mortgage loan:
    • shortening the time of issuing a credit decision to less than 10 days
    • digitisation and automation of the e-Mortgage Register (usage at 97%)
    • simplification of application and credit simulation
    • improved service quality (efficiency) of the process by 23% y/y by automating and optimising the process,
    • including: e-signature, simplification and reduction of documents
    • dedicated support for the process available through the Bank’s hotline
  • MICRO Credit:
    • improved service quality (efficiency) of the process by 17% y/y
    • process steps automation, standardisation, simplification and reduction of number of documents
    • optimisation of credit products number from 38 to 33
  • Transformation of the claims area:
    • GObetter – introduction of a new system to claims handling allowing to automate and increase effectiveness of the process
    • reduction of the number of claims by 14% y/y, reduction of claim handling time by 60%
    • increase of the number of cases handled within the 1st statutory deadline (+11 p.p.)
    • increase of Customers’ satisfaction regarding the complaint handling process +12% y/y
  • Transactions secured by BGK – shortening the period of waiting for the agreement by automatic generation of documents
  • Automatic activation of the Credit Card – within 15 minutes from the moment of signing the agreement
  • Paperless and e-signature – 285 thousand of cash transactions authorisation with e-signature (43% of all transactions in 2021)
  • Cashless sales network – decrease of the volume of cash deposits/withdrawals (-6% y/y), increase of the number of non-cash branches by 23% y/y (36% of the network)
  • Friendly banking:  
    • introduction of „Banking Guide” for Ukrainian Customers (simple and clear set of the most important operations, which Customers can perform remotely or by contacting the Helpline in Ukrainian)
    • introduction of disposal matrix – knowledge base of post-sale processes and channels, through which processes can be realized by a Customer
  • Simple Polish – simplification of messages in the following processes: remote account opening via the Internet, mortgage purchase, complaints
  • Building a Customer-centric organisation: NPS e-training for all Bank employees, regular Customer Experience training to managers and new employees; „Customer Days” event
  • Focus on Customer priorities – new credit card statement, information about: underpayment of a credit instalment (before reporting to the BIK), time of disposition realisation, effective closure of the process
  • Numerous awards and distinctions:
    • Institution of the Year – 6th edition: Best Bank in Poland, Best service in remote channels, Best Bank for Companies, Best Service in the Branch, Best Internet Banking, Best remote account opening process
    • Bank of the Year in Poland award granted by „The Banker” magazine
    • BNP Wealth Management black credit card on the podium – FORBES
    • BNP Paribas fund – capital deposit the best Polish corporate paper fund by Analizy Online portal
    • Innovation Diamond for MIGAM implementation – a sign language service for deaf Customers
    • first places for accounts in each segment, i.e. best Premium account for the second year running, best account for travellers, best corporate account with supporting account and money bonus (
    • Visa Platinum card in platinum card ranking – I place
    • Premium Client Advisors with international EFA/EFPA certificate
    • BNPP Wealth Management was awarded The Best Private Bank in Poland as a part of Global Private Banking Innovation Awards 2021
  • Declaration of Responsible Sales – The Bank remains a signatory to the Declaration. It sells its products and services in a responsible way
  • Adjusting branches to disabled Customers services, vulnerable groups (77 branches with Barrier Free certificate, 18% of the network), all branches with OK SENIOR certificate)
  • 4 million active online and mobile banking users (+19% y/y)
  • ~13 thousand accounts opened through video verification in 2021
  • Changes in GOmobile – possibility of new products requests: foreign currency accounts, savings accounts, revolving account limits
  • Mortgage loan:
    • process flexibility – omnichannel online purchase process, i.e. any part of the mortgage loan application process can be completed by the Customer via remote channels or in a branch. The Customer also has the opportunity to go through the whole process via remote channels from simulation, through application submission, credit decision to signing the agreement
    • the possibility of delivering a property insurance policy via GOonline was implemented
  • Implementation of My ID (electronic identity) / trusted profile functionality
  • Multi-currency card, virtual debit and credit cards: visibility and management via e-banking
  • Development of the Bank’s website
    • smallest carbon footprint; green product zone
    • real-time information about number of Customers on hotline and chat
    • access to chat from online login page
    • possibility of remotely scheduled branch appointments through the Bank’s website: 21 thousand in 2021
    • ability to make a quick transfer from the Bank or via BLIK on behalf of “Szlachetna Paczka” organisation
  • Credit card / credit – product management via remote channels (credit repayment schedule and credit history in pdf, credit card debt – divided into instalments, credit card cancellation / card repayment confirmation, loan instalment repayment from another bank)
  • Self-service and product management via remote banking channels
    • bank account: certificates of account ownership and balance
    • Customer data: change of contact and authorisation phone number
    • GOmobile dashboard: personalisation
    • enforcement seizures and their details visible on GOmobile
    • investment fund: amount and rate of return visibility, realisation of stock exchange transactions 24/7
    • transfers: payment by watch
  • Micro Customer in GOonline: possibility to transfer money immediately in EURO, full knowledge about the proxy
  • „Sentry User Feedback” – allowing Customers to report GOmobile’s errors directly via the application
  • New products: Family Banking, green change loan for companies, structured deposit, „My Auto” offer and electric car leasing in cooperation with Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o.

Product offer for retail Customers

The Bank provides services for retail Customer, focusing primarily on the personal account offer, term deposits, mortgage and consumer finance products (i.e. cash loans, account limit, credit cards, insurance). The offer includes all forms of current banking services, savings, investments and loans.

With regard to the management of the retail banking product offer, the Bank focused on improving the efficiency of operations, the innovativeness of offering products and services and their profitability.

As of the end of 2021, there were 4 tariff plans in the personal account offer for retail Customers:

the flagship current account, which during this period occupied one of the highest positions in the personal account rankings of the largest online services, including being the best offer on the travellers’ market,

a current account for Premium Banking Clients, which has been voted as the best account for Premium Customers for the second year running,

for Private Banking Customers,

an account offer addressed to children aged 0-18.

Within Konto Otwarte na Ciebie account it is possible to issue three debit cards:

dedicated to people with lower income who are looking for cheap and transparent financial solutions,

for people who frequently shop online, use remote access channels to the bank and are concerned about safety in cyberspace; the card comes with free Cyber Assistance Insurance

addressed to people who frequently travel abroad, appreciate the convenience and lower costs associated with foreign currency transactions. The card includes a unique offer of travel cancellation insurance.

Since the introduction of the new offering in 2019, Konto Otwarte na Ciebie has been the most popular personal account opened to individual Customers (88% of opened accounts  for individual Customers are Accounts „Open for You”). In 2021, the Bank opened 322,000 new personal accounts, up 25% y/y. In over 95% of cases, the account was opened jointly with a debit card. The main channel of account sales was the Bank’s branches (about 86% share of sales), the rest of the Customers opened the account via digital channels – online applications on the Bank’s website or via the GOmobile application with video verification.

During the analysed period, the offer of Samodzielniak Account also met with great Customer’s popularity. It is addressed to children – especially those aged 7-13 due to the possibility of issuing a payment card in the form of e.g. a contactless wristband – and young people until the age of 18. The Bank already maintains over 33 thousand Samodzielniak Accounts, with almost 30 thousand opened in 2021.

In the first half of 2021, the Bank’s deposit offer for retail Customers included savings accounts (Konto Lokacyjne, Rachunek Sejf, Rachunek oszczędnościowy Autooszczędzanie) and term deposits (standard deposits in PLN and foreign currencies, Internet deposits – available through Internet banking, promotional deposits, progressive deposits and special deposits – available to selected segments of the Bank’s Customers). In the second half of 2021, the offer was simplified and the Safe Account was removed from the offer and the owning of a savings account was made conditional on having a personal account. Promotional and progressive deposits were removed from the term deposit offer.

In the first half of 2021, the Bank focused on stabilization of the retail Client savings portfolio and continued optimization of interest margins. Following the changes in interest rates introduced by the Monetary Policy Council, the Bank continued its policy of interest margin optimization on deposit products in the Retail Banking segment. Cyclical changes were made to the prices of the offered term deposits. In Q4 2021 Monetary Policy Council had decided to increase interest rates the first time since 10 years. In order to adjust the offer to market changes, the terms and conditions of negotiating interest rates of term deposits were modified and special offers for Premium Customers were introduced. Action undertaken in 2021 brought changes in the structure of the deposit product portfolio.

The margin optimization was also applied to the portfolio of GOoptima – a brand, which is part of the Bank, specializing in offering savings and investment products in the direct model. Over the 2021, the average nominal interest rate on the deposit portfolio in this segment was reduced to 0.03%. The volume of deposits collected by GOoptim at the end of the period amounted to PLN 2.1 billion, which is a decrease of PLN 0.6 billion, 22% compared to the end of 2020.

The Bank systematically offered Premium Banking and Private Banking Customers attractive price offers for selected terms of Moja Lokata Premium na Start, Moja Lokata Premium and special offers.

The Bank also had a dedicated range of term deposits available exclusively through the GOmobile application and GOonline online banking. Customers could use the whole family of online GOonline Deposits and the particularly popular GOMobile Deposit.

In addition, in 2021, the Bank:

  • continued its strategy for Premium Customers, implemented in 2020, with a dedicated product offering: My Premium Account, Platinum Credit Card and the „Sickness Support Plan – Premium” insurance,
  • in cooperation with the Foundation for Financial Advice Standards, carried out the external EFPA EIP (European Investment Practitioner) certification of Premium Client Advisors,
  • extended its offer for Housing Associations with an investment loan secured by an EIB guarantee, which increased the amount of financing,
  • continued to implement the „Bank at Work” partnership program. The programme is addressed to employees of the Bank’s Customers in the Corporate Banking and SME segments, employees of public universities, non-public universities, employees of financial intermediaries, employees of financial institutions, uniformed services and employees of Local Government Units,
  • organised numerous educational and promotional campaigns to raise financial awareness among parents and children, promoting the sale of personal accounts to the youngest Customers (0-18 years old). Conducted promotional offers include: „Kieszonkowe dla Samodzielniaka”, „Moneyback for parent”, „Moneyback with pocket money”, „January with BNP Paribas”, „February with BNP”, „Moneyback with an instalment”, „Moneyback with a loan”,


  • in cooperation with Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o. (a company of the BNP Paribas Group), offered long-term car lease to retail and business Customers. Sales of the MOJE AUTO offer – addressed to individual Customers – were launched and a fully online process of applying for and signing a long-term rental agreement was developed – without the need to visit the Bank’s Branch, using Autenti signature on Arval’s side. In 2021, there was a 42% increase in the number of vehicle rental contracts, with a total of 243 vehicle rental contracts concluded (up 42% year-on-year),
  • cooperated with Employment Agencies and financial intermediaries in the area of acquisition of retail products (personal accounts, cash loans, mortgages and micro loans),
  • implemented the next steps of the online mortgage loan application process. Customers are now able to apply for a loan with complete loan documentation and sign the loan agreement remotely (paperless) using the Autenti solution. As a result, Customers can remotely go through the entire mortgage process from application to conclusion of the loan agreement,
  • implemented other remote Customer service processes, including the ability to self-generate selected certificates.

Dedicated credit offer for retail Customer in the first half of 2021 included: PLN credits and mortgage loans including the „Green Mortgage” offer for financing energy-saving real estate, as well as the offer with a periodically fixed interest rate for 5 years, personal account loans (revolving credits), Consumer Finance products (described in more detail in Chapter 8.4. Personal Finance Banking).

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Bank continued to intensify its efforts to provide Customers with more sales and after-sales services in remote form. Besides convenience for Customers, these solutions are designed to minimise the unnecessary visits to Bank branches and direct contact. Additionally, they make it possible to mitigate the potential negative impact of the pandemic on the Bank’s sales and financial performance.

In 2021, the Bank made available, for example, further phases of the remote mortgage process, i.e. the possibility to conclude a loan agreement remotely (paperless) using the Autenti signature, the Bank introduced the possibility to obtain selected opinions and certificates to its products directly in the GOonline application and implemented a universal solution enabling signing any documents with Customers via the GOmobile and/or GOonline applications. The Bank’s ongoing activities and consequent improvements, in the Bank’s opinion, have contributed to avoiding the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the achieved business results in retail banking area. In 2021, The Bank achieved significant sales increase also in comparison to the pre-pandemic period.

Private Banking - BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Private Banking provides services to Customers with assets exceeding PLN 1 million and a dedicated sub-segment of Customers with assets above PLN 10 million – Family Fortunes. BNP Paribas Wealth Management offers an individual approach to every Customer and additionally a holistic and relational approach, the so called „family approach”, including close family members or assets held in private companies and other investment vehicles.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management benefits from 40-years experience in serving Wealth Clients, market position and best practices of the BNP Paribas Group, which is the number 1 Wealth Management company in the Eurozone.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Clients are advised by an experienced and qualified team – all advisors have EFPA certification at EFA and the highest level – EFP. The EFPA certificate is essential and required for the position of a Wealth Management Advisor. Clients are guaranteed the highest level of discretion, e.g. through the Wealth Management Client confidentiality service.

Within daily banking Wealth Management offer exclusive MasterCard World Elite credit card with the highest insurance package of PLN 30 million, which also includes:

  • the COVID-19 variant guaranteeing coverage of the costs of treatment of the insured and co-insured, including grandchildren,
  • medical assistance,
  • insurance of the costs of trip cancellation or early return, even if the payment for the trip was not made with Mastercard World Elite.

The card offers also a number of air travel benefits, such as free and unlimited access to more than 1,100 VIP LoungeKey areas, the Fast Track service which is a fast-track security check at Warsaw Chopin Airport, or access to more than one million Boingo Wi-Finder hotspots worldwide, including at airports, hotels and on board selected aircraft. Through a special Travel platform, Customers are also able to pay with loyalty points for airline tickets or hotel rooms. Active card users can also earn rewards and discounts in the mamBONUS programme.

One of the distinctive features of BNP Paribas Wealth Management offer in the international and domestic context is a comprehensive, holistic approach to wealth management – not only as regards financial assets deposited with the bank. The Client receives support in matters related to both private and corporate wealth.

Because of the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a Competence Centre was established, in scope of Wealth Management, to Clients with Wealth Management and corporate relationships. Wealth Management Clients were offered free consultations provided by a Wealth Management expert, e.g. on government assistance programmes. Currently, Wealth Management supports Clients in scope of the Polish Governance („Polski Ład”) package of regulations regarding doubts about the impact of the regulatory environment on wealth issues. Also, BNP Paribas Wealth Management provides access to a cost-free wealth planning service delivered by experts who advise Clients in the area of wealth succession.

Global and strong position of BNP Paribas Group on the international and Polish markets is a guarantee of security and stability for Customers. BNP Paribas Wealth Management was one of the first on the Polish market to apply work organisation that ensures full availability of advisors, support for Clients during turbulent times on the capital markets. Remote processes allowing for full service and business continuity were implemented and extended immediately. A special solution is the implementation of the Autenti e-signature service in Wealth Management, which enables Clients to sign documents electronically without the need to visit the Wealth Management Centres.

In addition, improvements to the electronic currency platform were implemented in 2021:

  • Clients were given the opportunity to open a dual-currency deposit and to conclude structured deposit agreements through the GOonline e-banking system; Wealth Management also offers its Clients preferential exchange rates;
  • Enabled investment in products supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, e.g. structured certificates, which offer the chance of attractive profits and support actions supporting the natural environment. These are initiatives such as the building of the International Polar Station on the Arctic Ocean, conducted by the Tara Ocean Foundation or the action of reforestation in Poland and Europe;
  • A mobile debit card has been implemented which allows contactless payments via mobile devices by adding the card to Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and SwatchPAY! electronic wallets. The card can be used to make online payments and to withdraw cash at ATMs with a contactless reader;
  • Availability of FX Pl@net platform 24/7;
  • Improvement of processes and functionalities available to Wealth Management Clients in the Private Line helpline, e.g. Click2Call – via GOmobile to connect directly with a Private Line Consultant without additional verification; possibility to change the verification method in GOonline from SMS to mobile Token; notification of cash withdrawal and its cancellation.
  • February 2021 – BNP Paribas Wealth Management is awarded a Forbes rating – 5 stars for the best private banking on the Polish market.
  • May 2021 – Mastercard World Elite credit card issued by BNP Paribas Wealth Management once again on the podium in the prestigious ranking of Forbes magazine’s black credit cards.
  • August 2021 – The Bank with the title of Best Private Bank in Poland in the international Global Private Banking Innovation Awards 2021 competition organized by The Digital Banker magazine.

Product offer for Business Clients

The Bank’s offer to business Customers includes current accounts, savings accounts – auxiliary deposit accounts in PLN and foreign currencies, as well as term deposits available in a variety of deposit periods and sale channels. Moreover, the Bank offered its business Customers investment products adjusted to their profile and needs.

In 2021, the current account offered to micro-entrepreneurs was named the best on the market, which, together with ongoing promotional campaigns, contributed to an increase in new Customer acquisition in the second half of the year. In addition, the Bank promoted additional services to micro-entrepreneurs, i.e. an offer of payment terminals in cooperation with the Bank’s partner Elavon and a car lease offer in cooperation with Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o. Additionally the Bank extended the range of services related to convenient currency exchange by offering the FX Pl@net platform available 24/7. At the same time the Bank enabled its Customers the possibility of remote application and processing of grants as part of the PFR 1.0 and 2.0 Financial Shield programme.

The offer for current and investment financing is addressed both to micro and small enterprises (simplified accounting), as well as individual farmers and housing communities.

The basic credit offer includes: overdraft facilities (secured and unsecured), revolving/non-revolving working capital loans, cash loans (fixed term), investment loans and consolidation loans. Additionally, business Customers (micro companies and individual farmers) could use EU loans, preferential loans, guarantees and products allowing to manage foreign currency risk.

The Bank also offers products that minimise the risk of agricultural operations – seasonal crop insurance. By entering into a crop insurance contract, the farmer obtains insurance protection and financial security.

As part of the financing, Customers benefit from the Bank’s broad offer with a thermomodernization bonus from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and a 90% co-financing of the costs incurred for the execution of technical documentation allowing for thermomodernization investment, the co-financing is provided under the ELENA project based on the European Union Framework Program – Horizon 2020.

In 2021, the Bank conducted the „Business Offensive” and „Agro Offensive” marketing campaigns, which contributed to the increase in new sales.

In 2021, the Bank decided to continue selling loans with BGK’s de minimis guarantee under special pricing conditions – the guarantee secures up to 80% of the loan amount.

Bank guarantees

In 2021, the Bank issued 18 bank guarantees for the Business Banking Area Customers at a total amount of PLN 2.1 million.

Commercial volumes

As at 31 December 2021, Retail and Business Banking deposits on a consolidated level amounted to PLN 56,313,009 thousand and were by PLN 1,908,316 thousand higher than at the end of 2020. Current accounts increased by PLN 4,578,340 thousand. The decrease was recorded in terms of saving accounts (by PLN 697,275 thousand) and term deposits (by PLN 1,900,177 thousand).

The percentage structure of the main product categories changed: the share of current accounts increased (by 6.5 p.p. to the level of 55.3%) with a parallel decrease in the share of savings accounts (by 2.5 p.p. to the level of 34.3%) and of term deposits (by 3.8 p.p. to the level of 9.5%) and overnight deposits (by 0.2% to the level of 0.9%).

In Q4 2021, as a consequence of the increase of interest rates, the trend observed throughout the year of an increase of the share of current deposits compared to time deposits was reversed. In the scenario of a continuation of interest rate rises, this trend will intensify.

Deposits and Loans in Retail and Business Banking*

in PLN’000 31.12.2021 31.12.2020 change y/y
in PLN’000
change y/y
Current accounts 31,160,552 26,582,212 4,578,340 17.2%
Savings accounts 19,300,990 19,998,265 (697,275) (3.5%)
Term deposits 5,363,338 7,263,515 (1,900,177) (26.2%)
Overnight deposits 488,129 560,701 (72,571) (12.9%)
Accounts and Deposits 56,313,009 54,404,693 1,908,316 3.5%
Consumer loans 10,447,106 9,201,591 1,245,515 13.5%
Investment loans 6,404,482 6,536,144 (131,662) (2.0%)
Overdrafts 2,818,811 2,761,117 57,694 2.1%
Mortgage loans 26,555,347 22,397,224 4,158,123 18.6%
Lease receivables 2,724,712 1,879,183 845,529 45.0%
Credit cards 1,036,825 1,163,185 (126,359) (10.9%)
Other loans 8,060 5,193 2,867 55.2%
Net loans and advances 49,995,342 43,943,636 6,051,706 13.8%
* The value of deposits and loans in selected segments is based on data from the management information systems as they provide more detailed product information. For the sake of comparability, the data as at 31 December 2020 were presented in accordance with the segmentation for 2021. The value of deposits excludes balances of some credit institutions which are considered interbank deposits in management reporting, whereas in financial reporting they are recognized as Customer deposits. In addition, the balances exclude accrued interest before maturity.

The net loan portfolio of the Retail and Business Banking segment on a consolidated basis as at 31 December 2021 amounted to PLN 49,995,342 thousand, an increase of 13.8% (PLN +6,051,706 thousand) compared to the end of 2020. In value terms, the largest increase was in residential mortgages (PLN +4,158 123 thousand, +18.6%).

The gross volume of FX mortgage loans (withdrawn from the offer in 2008-2009) in the analysed period amounted to PLN 4,569,608 thousand (PLN 4,872,443 thousand at the end of 2020). Loans granted in CHF accounted for 99.2% of this portfolio. The recorded decrease of the portfolio value resulted from repayments and strengthening of PLN versus CHF (the exchange rate increased from 4.2641 at the end of 2020 to 4.4484 at the end of 2021). The value of the portfolio denominated in CHF decreased by 9.9% compared to the end of 2020.

Gross profit of Retail and Business Banking segment

In 2021, the Retail and Business Banking segment had a negative gross result of PLN -710,148 thousand (compared to a loss of PLN -313,616 thousand in 2020) mainly due to charging results with the cost of provisions for risks related to CHF mortgage loans litigation (it was higher by PLN 877,148 thousand y/y). Excluding this negative impact, the segment’s gross result would have been PLN 335,157 thousand as compared to a loss of PLN 145,460 thousand in 2020.

This was possible because of the improvement of net interest and fee income, the reduction in the credit risk cost ( as a consequence of the lower negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy and on Customers), and as a result of the reduction of the BFG costs in comparison to 2020.

The Retail Banking segment recorded significant growth in products and service sale in 2021, in most cases above that of 2019. This mainly concerned mortgage loans (+18.4% y/y), cash loans (+34.8% y/y) and personal accounts (+25.2% y/y), as well as investment products (+13.8% and +35.3% excluding investment deposits).

The result on banking activity of Retail and Business Banking in 2021 amounted to PLN 2,390,190 thousand and was 6.7%  higher compared to 2020. This result accounted for 49.7% of the Group’s banking result in the period under review. The Personal Finance area generated 30.9% of the result on banking activity of the Retail and Business Banking segment.

Gross profit of Retail and Business Banking segment*

PLN ‘000 12 months ended
12 months ended
change y/y
PLN ‘000
change y/y
Interest income 1,747,419 1,714,399 33,020 1.9%
Fee and commission income 557,486 468,236 89,250 19.1%
Trading and other income 85,285 58,040 27,245 46.9%
Income on banking activity 2,390,190 2,240,675 149,514 6.7%
Result on impairment allowances (148,295) (512,572) 364,277 (71.1%)
Provisions for legal risk of CHF portfolio (1,045,304) (168,156) (877,148) 521.6%
Operating expenses and depreciation (1,154,202) (1,223,999) 69,797 (5.7%)
Allocation of costs (580,917) (483,811) (97,106) 20.1%
Operating profit (538,529) (147,862) (390,666) 264.2%
Tax on financial institutions (171,619) (165,753) (5,866) 3.5%
Gross result of the segment (710,148) (313,616) (396,532) 126.4%

* Information based on the segmentation note included in the Consolidated report of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Capital Group for the period ended 31 December 2021. 

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